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  1. @SgtDurandal has run a variation of this nightmare against me many many times and I have yet to find much success. He brings a high bid and last/firsts with his ISD round 2/3. With his ISD at speed 3 there is nowhere that is safe at the beginning of turn 3. Often he won't even get a shot off at the end of turn 2 but guarantees his positioning for turn-three-double-arc-death to whatever ship he deems key. Often the turn three ISD move will be a squad command so that Marak/Jendon etc can weaken the target ship before the ISD unloads. On my best days I can get a 5-6 or 6-5 against this particular build. Nothing yet has proven to be super effective against it.
  2. He is a hard counter to QLT, but I'm not sure that many people build lists worrying about QLT and how to get around it. I could be wrong. And the nerf was necessary for sure. It's just too bad he got nerfed into obscurity.
  3. Even at 24 points, in a world that has Sloane and Merek and Jendon, I would not want him back with his original ability. He was just everywhere and very hard to mitigate. Nowso maybe even more. I really think he needs to be a mechanic to get more TIE bombers into lists at this point.
  4. Unfortunately the glory days of Rhymer are gone. He now teaches at the Empire Top Gun school waxing nostalgic about past missions with the parents of the new up-and-comers. I can see bringing his power back if it worked exclusively on TIE Bombers. That would give the Empire an alternative bombing ball to work with and avoid Sloane problems.
  5. Long range Kittens, with something to modify the red dice like DTT or TRC, are surprisingly destructive. When I see 2 or three of those in a fleet I have to seriously plan for them or they end up wreaking havoc. Their nav chart is great for circling and the yaw at the end really helps line arcs up. Once you have them to the speed you need you can CF and circle. The side arc being the main arc is so much more helpful than either the Neb-B or the CR90 with their main arc being in front since you never have to point it at its target. Sure they could be better but they are much harder to kill than a Neb B (and especially a CR90) if they accidentally get into close range. Especially if they have Advanced Projectors. There is nothing more annoying than having to pour multiple high damage volleys into a little ship to even get to the hull. Disclaimer: I have never actually flown one of these. I have only been on the receiving end @SgtDurandal and his death-dealing Arquitens.
  6. Hey now! I love squads! I can’t win without them apparently. But the rules didn’t abide the way we’re playing them. That was all. And that’s about all I feel like saying since this whole thing ended months ago.
  7. Every so often, it's overrated. Unless you're referring to some newfangled dance.. in which case no. I play with plastic starships. I can't dance.
  8. Highly scientific ranking of upgrade cards based on infinite parameters that are hard to compare to each other.
  9. Well this is much deeper than I thought this thread would get. I suppose, in something like this, you'd have to go on general perceived usefulness. You'd have to take into account the cost, slot it uses, effect it has, etc. Mostly I thought it would just be shoot from the hip opinion but alas, here we are.
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