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  1. IRL, I'm an areligious lawyer who doesn't work out, or like interacting with people. Imperial scribe who may or may not be a Shosuro spy.
  2. Ouch, The Art of Peace looks like it will absolutely wreck Lion swarm... Still confused as to how we're supposed to tell dynasty and conflict cards apart based on their fronts. Most conflict cards have the little influence bamboo, but Way of the Crane doesn't have any.
  3. Nah, you're thinking of a control deck. "I will destroy/negate the effects of all your cards until you concede in shame and frustration" is absolutely a victory condition in Magic.
  4. I got into L5R in...Ivory. Yeah, it wasn't a great time. I have a ton invested in Magic: The Gathering so I'd rather get into an LCG than another CCG. The biggest draw of L5R for me has been the stories that grow around narrative prizes, clan loyalty, community, and so forth. It's a completely different incentive from M:TG which is just "play the deck [in your playstyle] that is the best at winning." In M:TG I tend to enjoy swarm aggro, tempo, and prison. The clans that appeal to me most thematic wise are Lion and Scorpion, which I'm told matches pretty well. The LCG format makes it a lot easier to build a deck for everything, though, so I might just do that.
  5. What's really weird is that it was a real mask in WIP #1 and #2, but then they peeled off the middle for whatever reason...kind of missing the point of it being a mask.
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