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  1. Well, very good points here. Thanks for your comments. Also, we can consider that efficiency is unharmed by reactive permanents (allies, upgrades and supports), as you play them in the first turn and wait for the right moment to use them. Black widow, Nova, Armored Vest, energy barrier, indomitable and med team are available permanents right now. In the near future, Unflappable may become a very good adition. Playing reactive events turn 1 would be much less efficient. It´s not only Get behind me, but also Preemtive strike, Expert defense, and Counter-punch. Also, in the case we are discussing, we add to this list both backflip and Enhanced spider-sense. In these cases, I agree that the best would be not to keep them at all turn 1, and use them as resources. This would change the flow to a more efficient one. Being so, I would reinforce consistency trying to add more copies of cards that have similar effects (like enhanded spider-senses and Get behind me), as they are situational and we are not going to keep them for the right moment. In the case of spider-man, I will give a try to Get behind me... in multiplayer at least.
  2. Hello all. Just wanted to begin some discussion on the archetype. I have been working on the protection aspect lately, and tried to find the best hero option for it. The theme would be to protect and support teammates, clearing the path so they can work on their duties (mainly beating down the villain and everything that he can throw on us). Aside from taking some punches on behalf of the rest of the team here and there, I also though on controlling the villain´s deck so that we don´t frequently face nasty surprises (get behind me being the main staple). I found Spiderman to be a good option (just like many other people did) due to: - excellent defense. - good healing capability once Aunt May begins producing some cookies. - Theme support in backflip and enhanced spider-sense. - Good synergy with get behind me (you draw the extra card, and also black cat can draw it). I would really like the concept work, but I find a main issue on it: reactive strategy seems to me pretty unefficient, even with Spidey. I mean: when playing other heroes, you get your 6 cards, then you ideally play all of them (either as resources or for the effect), and then replace. That´s 12 cards. In reactive protection decks, you get 6 cards, and then you ideally play 4-5, keeping 1-2 in your hand in order to answer to villain actions. You replace and that´s 8-10 cards. This means every turn you get 1-2 less cards in a protection deck. In this game, that means less tactical options, but also less resources available… True that with spider-man, you get 1 card for being attacked, but that does not compensate the unefficiency, for various reasons: - Usually you will draw 1 extra per turn but often will keep 2 (rather than 1) cards in hand. - You get that extra card in any other spider-man deck (aggression, energy…) in the same numbers (1 per turn). This means any other aspect will be more card-efficient. - Other heroes get the extra card for free (carol danvers does that), absolutely beating your efficiency. On the good side, spidey makes get behind me a much better card (reducing her cost), but I wonder if that is enough. I don´t mean playing spidey or playing protection is not recommended… but I just kinda would like to read your thoughts on this, and ways to reduce the unefficiency in this archetype. Or maybe, being able to spot the advantages of the build that compensate for it. I do think Spidey is a very good option for a protection deck, but what I am questioning is the virtues of the protection aspect, I suppose. Have you tried spidey prot? What are your impressions?
  3. I also like Leadership above others. Added to the reasons already explained here, I tried to check which aspect provided most and best energy resources, helping the obvious sinergy of those resources in the Danvers deck (rechannel hero action, photonic blast, energy channel). We find at the moment that leadership adds 6 cards that include energy resource, and 3 of them are non permanent (which is better imo). Aggresion adds only 3 (2 of them permanent) Justice adds 5 (4 of them permanent) Protection adds 6 (5 of them are permanent) When measuring which is the best aspect, I agree that this question does not match the importance of the sheer quality of cards, but I mention just to add another reason. Leadership cards are good too, and I find the ally deck quite versatile and fun also.
  4. https://l5r.gamepedia.com/Shinjo_Shono
  5. Hello again. New post, this time about DoV (of course). Enjoy! https://theinnofthebroodingtempest.wordpress.com/2018/04/13/but-the-future-flows-a-guess-on-the-future-after-disciples-of-the-void-i/
  6. Glad to see some news for the future, but I am disappointed for the 6x6. I enjoyed much better the relatively slow evolution of the monthly releases. There are some people saying they dont disagree with 6x6, but they dont like the gap bitween cycles... please consider that both things are connected for sure. The gap is probably a requirement of the previous 6x6 release, and its effect in design and development process I dont know if this allows for a better balacing in card design, better production chain, or whatever. It would be nice to hear their point of view on the matter. As far as I know, I still dont like it. Yearly costs are similar to a monthly release chain, but for me the game experience is worse, as it is like a helter skelter in the meta.
  7. Dont get me wrong about Tadaka. I think he is powerful indeed. I just believe his impact will be more in the meta than in play. He will not be able to win so many games by himself once people begin diversifying their effects. This may be quite good for the game, indeed, but will mean Tadaka being a not so determining character in a particular game... Specially as he eventually will leave the table at one point due to Mono no aware (fact), which can be accelerated by AFWTD, Meditations, Mono no aware (card), and others. I agree with the Imperial advisor point of view on the impact of Tadaka in the meta (excellent articla btw): http://imperialadvisor.com/wp/2018/03/29/phoenix-clan-pack-disciples-of-the-void/
  8. Tadaka seems a powerful character, but I have seen these kind of effects in other games and they were not so heavy once in play... and in those games character did not grow old and died by natural means... I find it is a solid card with a good mechanic. Is he the Scorpion gravedigger? I don´t think so...
  9. Hello again... Some impressions on the last two Koteis. https://theinnofthebroodingtempest.wordpress.com/2018/03/23/history-is-fixed-impressions-on-some-successful-decks-in-the-cork-and-paris-koteis/ I wolud like everyone to enjoy. Regards.
  10. Nice discussion. For me and playing Phoenix, I have found Master of Gisei Toshi being of great help. Mostly, the games I get her I have good options. But the game I don´t, I likely lose. There are other tools (Ready for battle, Shiba Yojimbo, and others) that are working well for me in that pairing, but Gisei Toshi is by far the most relevant, and I mulligan for her as soon as I see the red stronghold.
  11. And unless I am wrong, you get one extra fate when you charge Yaruma into a Restoration. Am I?
  12. Hi! Going back to the Phoenix deck after two weeks. https://theinnofthebroodingtempest.wordpress.com/2018/03/02/not-on-my-watch-a-lion-clan-influence-pack-for-l5r-lcg-and-ii/ Enjoy!
  13. Nice read! Have you tried to include some more drawing effects in order to be able to press on the honor count and still get some card advantage? It is working quite fine for me, and all you are lacking right now is maybe fertile fields... Also, did not you find embrace the void particularly a dead card against dropbears (which are so popular nowadays)? Thanks for sharing!!!
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