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  1. Kitsuki Yaruma never had a card. So he should not be an old face. Also, Dragon is not going to get an old face in the Phoenix expansion (unless there are multiple uniques).
  2. Except if you buy them online, there is no delivery fee in most stores if you spend over something (Zacatrus is 45 or 50€). So, buying 2 cores gets no delivery fees in spanish online stores. Same with expansions at the same time, as each is 15€.
  3. I stopped translating them to spanish after FFG Spain started translating them. You can always read O5R fiction at La Voz Akasha´ s La Biblioteca Soshi.
  4. Dios te oiga. Dragon is the only clan with no O5R characters in the Imperial Cycle. I expect they give us Gennai or Tamori (probably not this one, as he is the daimyo) in the Phoenix pack.
  5. There is something I don´ t like as a Dragon CLan O5R player. Every single clan except Dragon has received at least one old timer (Crab - Yasuki Taka, Crane - Doji Shizue and Kakita Yoshi, Lion - Ikoma Ujiaki, Phoenix - Isawa Kaede, Scorpion - Bayushi Yojiro and Bayushi Kachiko, and Unicorn - Ide Tadaji).
  6. Somebody previewed it in a spanish forum, but didn´ t state the place it was previewed in.
  7. Don´t know where it is previewed in.
  8. I noticed. Maybe she is a bit of a tomboy. Also, she is said to be Masashige´s hatamoto. In O5R she was the daimyo´ s daughter and Gaijutsu´ s granddaughter. Not sure she is either in this setting.
  9. Our Champion does not need to carry a soul other than his own, as he is a Kami.
  10. Yay for Hitomi! Yakamo can take his brother's place being an awesome standard.
  11. Even being worse than your clan, the Dragon keeps being better than your clan.
  12. 6 - Hitomi . She may be crazy as an ox, but she still rules (and kicks Yakamo´ s as-s)
  13. Not at all. Remember the Crane Thunder died before the 1st Day of Thunder. Still, it was able to reincarnate in the Crane twins. So, if Satsu kills Yakamo, the Crane Thunder could be reborn before the Day of Thunder.
  14. Not dead right now, but I have the feeling next week´ s fiction will remedy that. I think the fiction will deal with the duel between Yakamo and Satsu (therefore the voting part)
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