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  1. Crawell

    Rules Reference updated - Dec 21, 2017

    Oh, that makes sense. My bad for posting first thing in the morning before properly waking up.
  2. Crawell

    Rules Reference updated - Dec 21, 2017

    “A player cannot bring into play a unique card owned by his or her opponent if that opponent controls an in-play copy of that card.” So this makes same clan match-ups much more tricky. And what happens if my opponent has a copy of The Imperial Palace in play and mine flips up? This change seems an odd one. It’s doesn’t seem to be connected to any of the various game issues and rules questions that have been raised in the last few months.
  3. Crawell

    Minor Clans in Existence in LCG Lore

    The story inside the "For Honor and Glory" pack confirms the Mantis, if any further confirmation was required.
  4. Crawell

    Any results yet?

    Clan Role is going to be determined by the Top of Clan after Friday's Tournement.
  5. Crawell

    Any results yet?

    In the Kiku Matsuri the Hatamoto title was reserved only for players that ended the day 5-0. Players who end day 1 of the Gen Con Tournement as Top of Clan are also made Hatamoto, if they haven't already reveived the title from the Kiku Matsuri.
  6. Crawell


    The Gen Con events guide advertises that the L5R Parade starts at 11.30am proceeding from Georgia Street to the Fantasy Flight Games event area in ICC Hall E.
  7. In the Smokeless Fire article it states the deck building rules and suggested deck list presented are for use in both of the GenCon tournements and the honored preview event. So unless they announce a change after Fridays Top of Clan picks we should be able to choose which role we use in London.
  8. I could be wrong, but I believe you can use hashtags on Facebook as well now. At least, the Honored preview event let you enter using Facebook or Twitter by using the correct hashtag on either site. EDIT: Never mind, just reread that it specifically says tweet your support.
  9. So, There's been a lot posted about the mechanics of how the Roles will effect the different Clans, but is there a story impact to the roles that are selected? Or am I reading too much into that first paragraph: So if you want Hida Kasada to reach out to allies and build the Crab defences to endure the shadowland onslaught, you need to pick Keeper of Earth, but if you want him to launch a daring raid into the heart of the shadowlands you need Seeker of Fire. If you want Doji Hotaru to unleash the Harriers it's more likely to happen under the ethos of Air, while Void could lead her to refocus the Crane on rebuilding their lost farm lands and reclaiming their power in Court. Is this the implied effect of the roles? and if so, which role would you like your Champion/Clan to embody - mechanics aside?
  10. Crawell


    Mine was a photograph of some Crane paraphenalia and a couple of my 40k Eldar figures which I painted and posed in a Crane scheme (I modelled my Wraithlord in a Dueling pose) and Tweeted that with an exposition art haiku: Mashing up genres Wraithlord in Crane colours kills With one perfect strike
  11. Crawell


    It appears I'll be helping defend the honour of the Crane in London! I've not had the details yet, but I've just had a message saying I have an invitation
  12. Tsukune was Voice of the Masters before she was Champion. Is it possible that that's what this card will represent? I mean if you wanted to choose a focus character through which to view all aspects of the complex leadership structure of the Phoenix the Voice would be it.