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  1. AoR and EotE characters start with 4+2 free ranks in skills, FaD characters only get 3+2 (and a force rating).
  2. You would still be able to install a fifth mod or even more. But like you said it would always require a DP and GM approval. And the GM will most likely upgrade more and more difficulty dice. Everything past formidable is impossible but there is more than "one impossible".
  3. Hi Oggy, I asked this the devs 15 months ago. I just copy & paste from the "FFG Developers Answered Questions". Cheers Rules Question: concerning Armor Insert attachment (Cyphers and Masks) ... The main confusion comes from the sentence "Turns any article of clothing into armored clothing (see page 184 of the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook)" and how this interacts with armors/cloths that have special features. If I take Banal Apparel (upgrade the difficulty of any checks made to identify the wearer once) or Cargo Clothing (may cary upt to 3 items of encumbrance 1 or lower) for example, and add the armor insert attachment to it, do I retain those specials? Or are those features lost because the attachment turns the clothing into armored clothing as described in the Core Rulebook? In addition, what happens to the number of hard points? Does the clothing/armor keep its original number of hard points or are they set to 1, as armored clothing in the Core Rulebook has 1 hard point? ... Answered by Tim Huckelbery: "Hi there! It’s as written—your existing clothing becomes armored clothing, and its stats become just those of armored clothing. However, it would be a cool possibility to discuss with the GM as to creating variants that are designed to be fitted into Banal Apparel or Cargo Clothing. Hope this helps and thanks for playing!"
  4. Hi Oggy, the H-7 "Equalizer" blaster pistol's innate Superior quality increases its damage to 8, although it should only have 7. (This was confirmed in the devs answered questions.) I see you already fixed this, I must have started the wrong version, excuse me please. Cheers
  5. As obligations/duties/morality can give you extra XP it does not make sense to do this after the "spend XP" step. Not sure if you mean you already know how big obligation will be, and you only decide on the story part of it. But on the other hand you need to know the party size as well to be able to determine the (extra) obligation.
  6. I had a close look at those sections just now, and in my opinion it is very overpowered and unbalanced. As you say, the crafting system can be used by skilled mechanics to unbalance or even break the game. You can get weapons and armor that are better than anything in the books. But here a powerfull crafted lightsaber hilt is combined with a crafted or refined crystal. And the crystals are normally already very powerful and can even be made more potent by modifications. And on top of all of that come now those extra boni. Concussive for example might be the most powerfull quality in the game. In the crafting rules you need 2 triumphs to be able to add it to a weapon. Integral attachment, which most people use to add superior to the weapon, requires two triumphs as well. Here light side attunment can add concussive for just two advantages. Everyone will use this. How is a GM supposed to design an encounter when everyone is stun locked into infinity? And just 4 advantages or a triumph to add superior to the lightsaber. This all is way more powerfull than the already existing crafting rules. I realy like your refining and corruption/purification ideas. They are great story wise and for character developement and they intensify the story how a player character finally gets his lightsaber. But mechanically I would not add more than a boost die. Concerning the synthetic crystals, I think the material costs and the costs for compressor are fitting nicely and it is a great alternative for a character to get his crystal in a galaxy ruled by the empire. The blade break ability is too strong in my opinion. I would require two triumphs for something that powerfull. With just one triumph it would happen too often and I think it would be a disapointing encounter if the nemesis loses his lightsaber in round one. Most of the crafting options here are way too powerfull as well. You can add +1 damage only once under the normal crafting rules - here it is multiple times, for example. I would get rid of all options except "exact replica" and maybe "convincing fake". Getting an Illum crystal like this without having to roam the galaxy or one crystal of your chosing for two triumphs seems quite balanced to me. With the modifications of the crystal itself and all those mods for the hilt it would be just way too powerful, when these three components add up. As a plan B you could substitute the hilt crafting and some mods for your rules, but all of them is just too much.
  7. I would do it as discribed in the F&D Core Rulebook p. 283 "Resisting Force Power Checks". It becomes an opposed check, and it is up to the GM to determine which skill is used by the attacker and which skill is used by the defender. The default skill for the Force user is discipline, but you could use any other skill that makes sense. The skill check is (usually) made for the attacking/acting character. So in your example you would (usually) not roll Athlectics to defend against the pull on the weapon, but the Force user would have to roll against a difficulty set by the Athlectics skill of the defender.
  8. Thank you for sharing this resource :-) Two things I noticed 1) p. 5, 6 the 2nd Tainted Nightsister Crystal is the Thontiin Crystal. 2) p. 2 the Christophsis Crystal is misspelled Crystophsis Crystal.
  9. I have been thinking about this for a while, but after re-reading the core rulebook I do not think it would work. It is statet, that Breach 1 ignores 1 point of Armor, and that this means that it will also ignore 10 points of Soak. It does not state that it also works the other way around. For Pierce it only says, that each point of Pierce ignores one point of Soak. So Pierce 10 is only this, Pierce 10, and not Breach 1. As Pierce has no effect on Armor, Pierce 10 cannot ignore Armor 1. Correct?
  10. As easy as using any other type of lightsaber. Saber Swarm does not add to the Linked 1 quality of the double bladed lightsaber. It sets linked to a fixed number = force rating. You can Saber Swarm a lightsaber of your preference while dual-wielding a double bladed lightsaber in your offhand to preserve its Linked quality.
  11. It is difficult to answer how a crit is defined, if it is a spell effect or not in this case. However, it is clear that you could not activate a crit multiple times. The talent allows you "to trigger up to three different qualities". Different. Not 3x the same.
  12. In two-weapon combat only the primary weapon is used for building the dice pool and the combat check and you can spend two advantages or a triumph to hit with the secondary weapon. Due to this, you do not get the extra advantages from a Bantha Sight or Superior on your secondary weapon. In the same way Accurate on the secondary weapon has no effect. You are better off using a damage increasing attachment (Blaster Actuating Module, Amplifying Chamber, Mandalorian Chamber, ...) on the secondary weapon. In addition I would not use the paired weapons attachment. You need one less advantage but it costs you 1 HP on both weapons. The Bantha Sight for example, will produce the same result with its extra advantage and only one HP, but is more versatile and you could use the advantage differently to adapt for different situations if needed (Boost, Crit, strain recovery, ...). As you included the Bantha Sight already, I would use a custom grip on your primary weapon. It would remove the last setback die from your Hair Trigger and add a boost die. The HP on your secondary weapon would then get another damage increasing attachment. If you want a good mix of damage and critical hits, use a blaster with a crit rating of two for your secondary weapon, like the Equalizer or the Geonosian blaster pistol. Add the Enhanced Xciter (instead of Paired Weapons and Bantha Sight) for Crit 1 and Pierce 3 and the Hair Trigger. Let your tech friend tinker a Blaster Actuating Module on it. Your primary weapon would be modified for advantage generation and accuracy. Dragoon + Hair Trigger + Bantha Sight + Custom Grip (+Tinkerer (Superior)).
  13. I know this passage, but I think it is wrong to put damage=pierce. Adversaries rarely have more than 3 soak, so weapons with a higher Pierce rating usually waste most of it. In addition there is reinforced armor that completely negates pierce. Besides, especially for those weapons with a higher pierce rating, you get better results compared to puplished weapons if you take 100 bucks/ pierce rating. Let's take the gauss rifle (SotB) as an example. Its price is 2000 in the books. Your App nets 3525, but would only net 2025 with 100/pierce.
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