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  1. Although donuts are a wonderful idea, I think he is more into cheese. A lot of cheese. Maybe "Maître fromager"?
  2. When the Bryar pistol got official stats for the first time for the D20 Star Wars RPG it was not more powerful than a sporting/light blaster pistol but it had a much greater range (200 meters vs. 80 meters). In D20 SAGA it was only as strong as a sporting blaster pistol, too, but could charge up a shot for a bonus damage die. Maybe it would be more fitting to base its stats on a light blaster pistol than on a heavy blaster pistol? I think I would make the bryar's stats up as a light blaster pistol with accurate and range: long and modify it with an overcharge valve. Or just use the stats of the X-30 Lancer (but with a stun setting) and put an overcharge valve on it.
  3. From the Developer Answered Questions thread in the Edge forum.
  4. As GM Fred's link shows, you would need two actions. However, you can commit more than one dice to the same effect/upgrade, e.g. use enhance and commit three in one action to increase Brawn by three.
  5. This is discussed about once per year 😉 And the rules are clear, that you cannot hit the original target twice. No need to bother customer service here.
  6. Hi Ogg, I think I found a small mistake/bug with the lightly armored hull attachment (starship crafting). In the book it has 2 "Increase passenger capacity by one Mods". The character generator says in the description 2 "Increase passenger capacity by silhouette Mods", but what it actually does is 2 "Increase passenger capacity by 100 Mods" and I ended up with +200 passengers on a very small ship 😉
  7. The magnetic weapon tether only works if the weapon is still in engaged range. With Sum Djem you can put it anywhere within short range, preventing the use of the magnet. And which GM would prevent a player from using a talent he bought for 20-25 XP and could finally make some use of?
  8. Now that you say it, there is also the convertible heavy blaster pistol in Cyphers and Masks, but I am not sure if Ahrimon wants to use ranged (light).
  9. A few ideas that come to my mind: A) You could use the DDC-MR6 Modular Rifle (Special Modifications). It comes with a base range of only medium and is made to exchange attachments on the fly and has a lot of hard points. Just narrate it as a carbine/ carbine-like weapon. B) Modify your armor with a range finder (Dangerous Covenants) to get a rank of the sniper shot talent. C) Adapt the crafting rules a little bit to craft your own long range carbine.
  10. Would this not be a Makashi Duelist? I did not look at all the specs in detail, but when you cannot be disarmed but on the other hand easily disarm everyone else... what else do you need?
  11. Why Sage and not Seer? 2x Rapid reaction synergizes nicely with 2x Quick strike talents of Ataru, Dodge, 2x Grit, 2x Toughend and so on. For Sage I mainly see knowledge and social talents. (?)
  12. That is a possibility, too. :) My first thought was that guy is farting a lot. Maybe even sithed his pants.
  13. Good points and I love your idea with the underslung scattergun :-) However, damage increasing attachments as Superior or the Augmented Spin Barrel do only increase the basic damage of the weapon never the damage of the Blast weapon quality, correct? The laser sight can only be used on a "weapon that does not possess the Blast quality".
  14. If you want to deal crits and blast like insanity, you could combine the spread barrel with a modified Enhanced XCiter attachment on a blaster rifle. This way you lower the crit rating to 2 and the blast benefits from pierce 3, making it even more powerful. And as a bonus you prevent discussions concerning two "barrel attachments". (Use a Geonosian Blaster Rifle (Long Arm of the Hutt) to get to crit 1.)
  15. "A hunting barrel can only be used on a blaster rifle." So no, that would not work.
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