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  1. Rogues Rule

    problems of a heavy

    "A hunting barrel can only be used on a blaster rifle." So no, that would not work.
  2. Rogues Rule

    A Crew In Need of a Ship

    The ship names Dawn Beat and Amanda Fallow are mentioned in “The Last Command”. That’s all. Nowhere does it say that those two are YZ-775’s. Same goes for the No Luck Required. It is never stated in “Emissary of the Void” that it is a YZ-775. Maybe some guy later said: “Those three are now defined as YZ-775 freighters, because we need more YZ-775 freighters in the SW universe, so that in 10 years from now two guys have more arguments for senseless discussions and can plague others on a SW forum for eternity ”, but it was never in the book itself. So yeah, definitely you could prove that there are at least three in fiction…
  3. You could still use the force jump twice as a maneuver plus once more as an action for a total of three force jumps.
  4. Rules Question: concerning Armor Insert attachment (Cyphers and Masks) ... The main confusion comes from the sentence "Turns any article of clothing into armored clothing (see page 184 of the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook)" and how this interacts with armors/cloths that have special features. If I take Banal Apparel (upgrade the difficulty of any checks made to identify the wearer once) or Cargo Clothing (may cary upt to 3 items of encumbrance 1 or lower) for example, and add the armor insert attachment to it, do I retain those specials? Or are those features lost because the attachment turns the clothing into armored clothing as described in the Core Rulebook? In addition, what happens to the number of hard points? Does the clothing/armor keep its original number of hard points or are they set to 1, as armored clothing in the Core Rulebook has 1 hard point? ... Answered by Tim Huckelbery: "Hi there! It’s as written—your existing clothing becomes armored clothing, and its stats become just those of armored clothing. However, it would be a cool possibility to discuss with the GM as to creating variants that are designed to be fitted into Banal Apparel or Cargo Clothing. Hope this helps and thanks for playing!"
  5. Rogues Rule

    Another Character Generator

    I would like to second that. Would it be possible to include the option to chose either the bludgeoning melee or cutting edge melee category when crafting a powered melee weapon? Thank you for your impressive work.
  6. Rogues Rule

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    You cannot ignore half of the sentence, I'll fix that for you ;-) You just said it yourself: ultra-low-output power generator plus a Kathracite or Danite. Ergo: ultra-low-output power generator + Kathracite = a Training emitter. Donovan's stats could represent a Kathracite with a standard lightsaber's power generator just fine.
  7. Rogues Rule

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    The Ataru Striker "only" gets linked - so he must direkt all those hits against one single target. If he kills it, mega-kills it or monster-kills it does not make a big difference (apart from minion groups). The guy with the autofire weapon can direct his attacks against everyone within range. Which is usually long range and not engaged range as with a lightsaber. Besides, there come at least two autofire weapons with Breach 1 to my mind.
  8. Happy New Year! :-) And thank you for the constant effort you put into your cards and share them with the community.
  9. However, reading the arguments here, I think it might be a little bit counterintuitive that the Z-6 is the one which ended up with Prepare 1 ;-) BTW, this came up at our table two weeks ago: Does the Quickdraw talent reduce the Prepare rating by 1? I think it only states this clearly in Genesys. How do you guys handle it in Star Wars?
  10. As two months have passed, could you (or anyone else) get more insights into how this attachment is supposed to work?
  11. Rogues Rule

    Best stun blasters?

    The Marksman-X Blaster Rifle (No Disintegrations) gets only reduced to medium range instead of short range when the stun setting is used. The LBR-9 Blaster (I think that is the one 2P51 is referring to) has long range and more damage, so this should be the best stun blaster. Is there anything like the old Deck Sweeper Blaster, yet?
  12. I think an Innate Talent (Sniper Shot) is a nice representation for the Rangefinding Macroscope. However, the range finder armor attachment in dangerous covenants (p. 54) also gives you Innate Talent (Sniper Shot), and only that, but costs 1500 Credits. So for the sake of balance you should probably increase the cost.
  13. Rogues Rule

    Home Brew Weapon Review

    "A silly custom weapon for fun"? But you want to introduce it to your game? If the 3 hard points include the 2 for the lightsaber crystal leaving 1 hard point free, I would say it looks pretty balanced, go for it in your game. If this is not the case and you mean 3 hp + 2 for the crystal, I think it is way too much for a smaller hidden weapon. Anyway, you could use a standard shoto with a shadowsheath attachment to get a quite similar weapon without the need of houseruling one.
  14. Good points made here. I was only confused by the 4 and double checked it in the books. The encumbrance of armor is only reduced by 3 when worn.
  15. You are missing, that Force & Destiny Characters only get 6 (plus up to 4) career skills and five free ranks in those career skills. EotE and AoR Characters will get 8 (plus up to 4) career skills and six ranks in those career skills. So the benefit of not needing to take additional Duty or Obligation is already balanced out by less career skills and less free skill ranks. On top of that the force skills will eat up a lot of XP, that is missing for talents and skills.