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  1. I don’t think you can use Void Maho. The Void doesn’t have any kami, because it’s... well, the Void; so it shouldn’t have any kansen either.
  2. There is the option to purchase the 2018 world champion deck, which only works if you want to play Crane. Beware that the restricted list and elemental roles have changed since the event, so the deck itself is no longer tournament legal. To fix that you will need other products, but it will be cheaper than the 3 core sets. However, since the meta changes, you might not be able to make a tier 1 deck, and your cardpool will be less flexible (and limited to Crane). I have found part of the appeal of the LCG format is having access to all the printed cards, and you wouldn’t get that with this method, so I’m not sure I recommend it, but it is an option. P.S. The first two “cycles” will rotate once the fifth is stated, but we just started the third one, and the clan specific expansions are legal until a newer version is released, so it will be a while till you have to worry about legality.
  3. I meant to say the erratas have been implemented before seeing whether restricting the cards could solve the problem. I find using the RL, if viable, would have been a more aesthetically pleasing solution. I assume the erratas will have a positive effect, since this cards were often described as a NPE, and it is possible that they found simply restricting them wouldn't be effective.
  4. I think some of the errata might have been a bit too hasty. Neither Restoration of Balance nor City of the Open Hand were on the restricted list, which is something that they could have tried to limit their power. To put an example, I think Restoration of Balance and Niten Master work well together, because both create a sort of “card advantage”. But if both were on the RL and you played Niten Master your opponent would have access to their entire hand to fight it, or if you played RoB, then you wouldn’t be able to use a character that stands so efficiently to get extra value off your attachments. Tadaka is a bit tougher decision, and they already tried putting it in the RL. His effect is one I don’t see ever becoming bad, though maybe it would become less effective as the card pool grows. As such every Phoenix card that works well with Tadaka would be a contender for the RL, even if it is balanced in every other way. On the other hand, quite happy with the inclusion of Steward of Law in the RL. I feel like the little bugger was a bit of an auto-include, though not having a cheap character with annoying combos available will definitely hurt.
  5. The action of Kyuden Ikoma seems good to me. The best comparison I can draw is the Crane’s Fū Sui Disciple, which does sometimes get you extra utility from your low cost characters by launching solo attacks that punish your opponent for stopping them. Of course, Kyuden Ikoma doesn’t require you to pat for a character, is more consistently on and a targeted bow is more powerful than Disciples’ effect. On a similar note Embrace Death could be a real pain, since it will at least create a small fate advantage and you’ll always have to be weary of it when defending. Of course, you could instead say the developers know Lion is so weak they figured them losing would be an easy condition to fulfill 😏.
  6. Because of how Rokugan works isn't it possible for no one to believe it but still have to play along or risk losing face? You can't exactly call the Imperial Advisor a liar in public, especially if she is a member of the most politically influential Clan.
  7. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/17/words-of-steel/ So no mythical creature as the 6 date card. It is also the first one to have glory greater than 0
  8. That is debatable, since the Steel Chrysanthemum is a thing in this timeline too, though we don’t know if the details have changed. Normally if a ruler wanted to attack a powerful group at least a similarly powerful group would need to benefit, so the ruler would still have supporters. However in this case his actions actively hurt 5 out of 6 clans plus the Imperial families and he still retained his power. I know he was eventually killed, but I think it wasn’t because he abused his power, but because he was behaving dishonourably.
  9. The question then is what will happen with Toturi. If he announces the edict, then the support of the Emerald Champion and Lion Champion keeps the regency from looking like a Scorpion plot and the situation defuses too. Even if he doesn’t get killed by Aramoro something would need to happen.
  10. I think the “Sotorii murdered his father because he is a violent emotional trainwreck” plot is more interesting than “Sotorii is a sociopath who wants to be Steel Chrysanthemum II”. Plus, even if the peeks at his thoughts aren’t enough to make him exactly likeable, now future stories can make use of that characterisation without it feeling like “surprise, he is only mostly a monster”.
  11. Honestly didn’t think Sotorii had it in him, I was expecting him to go cry about it in his room. On another note we have a new instance of some parts of an inner monologue being italicized while others aren’t. This time it happens with Kachiko too, so I guess it probably just differentiates instances when we are told exactly what they are thinking from when their thoughts are being narrated. However, if you want to read something else into it, note that whenever a characters refer to themselves in the second person, the text is in italics.
  12. Love the new “unicorn” 😂. I like the new crane, seems like it wants to go in a deck running Kakita Yoshi. Does someone know who was the ‘former Imperial Advisor’ mentioned in its flavor text? I can’t recall if they have mentioned who held the title before Kachiko.
  13. Unless I'm mistaken Daisetsu hasn't passed his genpuku, which is the reason Shoju has to become regent. That means there will probably be at least some years before the official coronation during Sotorii's character could change as a result of no longer being the crown prince and/or tensions might arise due to the Scorpion regency. It is possible that the situation blows up when the edict is revealed, but is not the only way it could go. Things could initially seem fine yet gradually deteriorate.
  14. I do think Satsume's peer could be someone who is not in a position of prestige as he is, but someone he considers his equal in skill, intellect or some other quality. However, even though we haven’t had a fiction with Kage as a first person narrator, we do have his card and he lacks any trait that suggests he could be a kolat. I know that is not very strong evidence, but it doesn’t seem like cards hide that sort of information (for example Togashi Tadakatsu's card has the ‘Heretic’ trait). Yasuki Taka was also a kolat member in the previous lore, but his inner thoughts don’t suggest he is this time around, and his card also lacks kolat related traits. Regarding Kakita Yoshi his inner thoughts during a flashback in ‘Court Games’ have him mention that Satsume is probably in Yomi while his sister is in Meido. Someone who rejects the Celestial Order is unlikely to think on those terms so unless he was double-thinking he probably isn’t kolat.
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