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  1. Love the new “unicorn” 😂. I like the new crane, seems like it wants to go in a deck running Kakita Yoshi. Does someone know who was the ‘former Imperial Advisor’ mentioned in its flavor text? I can’t recall if they have mentioned who held the title before Kachiko.
  2. Unless I'm mistaken Daisetsu hasn't passed his genpuku, which is the reason Shoju has to become regent. That means there will probably be at least some years before the official coronation during Sotorii's character could change as a result of no longer being the crown prince and/or tensions might arise due to the Scorpion regency. It is possible that the situation blows up when the edict is revealed, but is not the only way it could go. Things could initially seem fine yet gradually deteriorate.
  3. Doji Tori

    Children of Bushidō

    I do think Satsume's peer could be someone who is not in a position of prestige as he is, but someone he considers his equal in skill, intellect or some other quality. However, even though we haven’t had a fiction with Kage as a first person narrator, we do have his card and he lacks any trait that suggests he could be a kolat. I know that is not very strong evidence, but it doesn’t seem like cards hide that sort of information (for example Togashi Tadakatsu's card has the ‘Heretic’ trait). Yasuki Taka was also a kolat member in the previous lore, but his inner thoughts don’t suggest he is this time around, and his card also lacks kolat related traits. Regarding Kakita Yoshi his inner thoughts during a flashback in ‘Court Games’ have him mention that Satsume is probably in Yomi while his sister is in Meido. Someone who rejects the Celestial Order is unlikely to think on those terms so unless he was double-thinking he probably isn’t kolat.
  4. Doji Tori

    Children of Bushidō

    I remain unconvinced about RPG canon being true in the LCG. Not only there seem to be some contradictions regarding Satsume, as pointed out in this thread, but the timeline doesn’t seems questionable too.
  5. So much win mere likes do not make it justice (I don’t even know why I enjoy it so much). Also, you probably just made Ishi Tonu quite happy.
  6. I’m too quite certain this adventure is the first time the Kolat have been mentioned or involved in the plot in this continuity.
  7. Or maybe like a mafia group that has gotten powerful enough that, despite being known about, they are difficult to eliminate due to their connections and sheer size of the task. Some samurai would know about them, but it would be dishonorable to say the law was incapable of dealing with them. It is very likely Hotaru hasn’t been told the whole story, if at all. Again in “A Crane Takes Flight” she internally wonders if Kachiko could have done it in her behalf. So either she suspects Kachiko has Kolat conections and doesn’t even want to think about it, or she doesn’t know the Kolat were responsible.
  8. In “A Crane Takes Flight” Kuwanan clearly mentions the Emerald Championship having already taken place: Meanwhile the adventure document states that: It seems unlikely to me that both events would be so close in time.
  9. Are we certain the information in the adventure is canon as far as the LCG lore is concerned? There seems to be a contradiction regarding the timeline. At the end of the adventure Agasha Sumiko makes an oficial statement regarding the death of Satsume. This event would take place before the Emerald Championship, as she is still filling in as acting Emerald Champion. However, we know Hotaru was present at the conclusion of the Championship, which must have happened at a latter point, yet in “A Crane Takes Flight” she tells Kuwanan that the Emerald Magistrates hadn’t made their report by the time she left Otosan Uchi. We also know Sumiko was at the city at least shortly after the championship, though Hotaru could have left by that point. Still seems unlikely she wouldn’t have heard the news. So, either Hotaru lied to her brother's face (possible, but she didn’t seem to have a reason to do so) or there are some discrepancies there.
  10. Doji Tori

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    In the old lore the Crane did define half of what a traditional magistrate (read: not Kitsuki) was supposed to be like, with the other half defined by the Scorpion. As such the position of magistrate was highly valued within the Crane and they had a reasonable number of them. The new Crane province in the Elemental Cycle suggests this could still be true. It can be assumed that this are the people Kuwanan wants to put on the case. But as you said, why? Their methods are likely to be very similar to those of the imperials. Maybe he suspects the Emerald Magistrates are under the control of the Imperial Advisor. Alternatively, since he assumes Satsume's death was the Scorpions doing, his plan could be to try and counter their shady ninja stuff with the Crane's own shady ninja stuff by calling the harriers in.
  11. Doji Tori

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    Probably far more worrying for both Kaede and the possible child are the stress and lack of sleep. Honestly, they may be high ranking samurai, but in this fiction Toturi and Kaede made me think of a young working class couple that went back to making ends meet after a short honeymoon (only “keep an empire from falling apart” instead of “make ends meet”).
  12. Doji Tori

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    It’s not only that they aren’t in a good position. Right know we don’t know of any Crane that has the Emperor’s personal trust, with the possible exception of Kakita Yoshi, who is already Chancellor. He is not simply choosing a regent, he intends for that person to mentor his son. I think the Emperor approached the situation from an emotional perspective, and so he chose a close friend like Shoju (I could be wrong, maybe it was an objective decision).
  13. Doji Tori

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    We still don’t know how Daisetsu himself will react to the news. If Heart of the Garden is any indication he enjoyed, and knew how to exploit, the freedom that came with not being the next in line for succession. His entire way of life will change once the edict is made public.
  14. Doji Tori

    The Bright Flame of the World's Glory

    This is part of the RPG’s 4th edition “Emerald Empire” so, of course, it may be entirely irrelevant now. If it carries over to new Rokugan, I think we can assume they were past that initial negotiation stage. In that case the book calls what happened an embarrassment for both families, but doesn’t specify how severe a breach of etiquette it is, or how common it is for it to happen. However, I guess if it were something truly outrageous the book would mention it. I do agree that the criticism of Yoshi is a bit overblown, with his words not being out of the ordinary in court. In fact when he says that the Mantis spotting ships sent to help the Crab would doom them (one of his most criticised actions) Taka actually agrees with him. What I would criticise the most was that he was needlessly antagonistic without anything to gain from maintaining that attitude (perhaps discouraging Taka from attempting to request an audience again, but that seems flimsy), simply because he dislikes Taka and/or the Crab or because he thinks he can get away with it, tough one could also accuse Taka of that.
  15. Doji Tori

    Wildcats and Dragon Teeth - Dragon Fiction

    Now what we really need is a fiction in which Sotorii and Yoshi interact, and let the hate meters explode. Jokes aside I think it would be interesting, partly because it seems to me that Yoshi is the character most analogous to Satsume, partly because seeing someone as stuck up as Yoshi deal with such a brat could be hilarious.