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  1. Hallo together, with the new death knights Waiqar gets a lot of new possibilities in order to provide a good list. So I'm trying with different lists, one replaced the lancers, another some reanimated or units of archers. But I'm not satisfied with my list development, a good idea is missing to me. So, gents, how are you use your knights in your lists. I hope we can discuss about several good ideas of implementing the knights into a list concept.
  2. Good work, I enjoy reading your battle reports very much. Looking forward to read another one of your battles.
  3. I really like the DKs, as unit and as miniatures to paint. But at the moment I'm not sure what task area they have. Thus Waiqar have already the lancers as a kind of cavalry, I'm looking for their unique selling point.
  4. I have two sets of the starting box. Yesterday I ordered Maegan, one box of Scions and two boxes of each from the command set, the archers and the cavalry.
  5. But is there any good combo for Waiqar to deal with unit upgrades without havving a range attack without accuracy?
  6. @Curlycross But for my understanding death caller can't deal wounds on unit upgrades, only on heros, there he is great. With two red dices I don't see a big chance to dial damage on an unit upgrade with the front line lancer.
  7. @Curlycross Interested idea to run both blocks in the same list. But what is the task of the executioner in this list, to hunt down enemy heros like the Lord or Kari, that were wounded before from the deathcaller. How do you excute unit upgrades, you have to run Ardus, is he involved in the same close combat? I use the executioner in lists with Maro because of his range attack.
  8. Great idea, when I finished my work today, I'll enjoy your journal on YouTube.
  9. What is the right build for Ardus? Ardus fury and Fortuna's dice, is that right? And a blue dice for flanking to create more surges?
  10. Great battle report, thank you very much for writing it.
  11. Imo it is good, that RW has not something like weather conditions. It was several years ago, that WHFB also get the option to use weather conditions, but it sucks. It was very unbalanced, very situational, and very often, we forgot the weather conditions in several turns of a game. So for me it was not much fun.
  12. Hello together, I´m trying a list with Maro. It distinguished in some items from the list of Oda204. I tested the list from Oda204 before, but i think, for me it worksbetter with the little changes. Here is the list: Faction: Waiqar Points: 200/200 Ankaur Maro # of Trays: 1 ( 40 points) - Fortuna"s Dice ( 6 points) - Violent Forces ( 6 points) = 52 total unit cost Reanimates # of Trays: 12 ( 64 points) - File Leader ( 6 points) - Front Line Carrion Lancer ( 5 points) - Blighted Vexillum Bearer ( 3 points) - Triumphant Cry ( 3 points) - Simultaneous Orders ( 2 points) = 83 total unit cost Reanimates # of Trays: 6 ( 35 points) - Executioner ( 6 points) - Profane Banner Bearer ( 5 points) = 46 total unit cost Carrion Lancer # of Trays: 1 ( 15 points) - Rank Discipline ( 4 points) = 19 total unit cost
  13. Hallo together, i'm looking for aryclic command dials. Is there anybody here, you can give me a link to a shop for these dials.
  14. @oda204 I have another question to the handling of your list, or in this case of Maro. How do you use him, will he raise reanimated the first turn? Or do you use him only as a distance damage dealer?
  15. @oda204 OK, the speedbumper tactics is known to me, but in Germany we use another wording for, it is called "Umlenker" I don't know the exact word in english, perhaps speedbumper ?
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