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  1. I, personally, think that Policy Debate should have let the challanged player pick his target among participating characters. Would only be a minor nerf, but would give you options to play around it. As it was printed, it seems absurdly strong.
  2. That they would slyly change the image and not draw any attention to it at all is absolutely shocking to me. But, yes, this appears to be official errata.
  3. smh at "Attach to a character" Thank you for that FFG. Very helpful.
  4. Looks pretty official to me. An actual announcement somewhere would have been nice.
  5. In the same vein.... Oh No... MATHS! - Realize that you screwed up a skill count three seconds after it caused you to make a really bad play. When it comes to that achievement, I am a superhero!
  6. I wish they had just dumped all 6 packs on us day 1. This "brand new environment that lasts a week" crap is getting old. Alternatively, they should have spoiled everything on day 1 and released at their current rate. That way we can at least proxy the full environment immediately. This trickle of spoilers and trickle of cards is trying my patience.
  7. Two things about Haughty Magistrate: 1) It has to be attacking, and does nothing useful on the defense. 2) It wipes out everyone with less glory. A lot has been made of Phoenix's glory stats. However, if you actually look at them, they have very few people with a glory of 3 or higher. If you attack with him and pump him with your stronghold, you are likely wiping out most of your guys along with your opponent. This will work well for winning conflicts, but won't work particularly well for actually breaking provinces.
  8. As soon as the character is no longer attacking, they are no longer a legal target. Attachment restrictions are constantly checked, and an attachment is discarded as soon as it is no longer legally attached.
  9. Someone much smarter than me pointed out a few weeks ago that this card will fall off the attached character at the end of combat, given current attachment rules, Someone else got word from Nate(?) that they would have this situation cleared up shortly either through errata or a change in the rule book. Has that happened yet? I ask because it's been a while and I wanted to make sure it wasn't forgotten and I didn't miss it. Thanks!
  10. He is anti-Lion / anti-Crane meta. If you have issues with those clans, play 1 or 2 of him and pitch him against everyone else unless you are in a pinch.
  11. So far, that's the only known card. It is profoundly likely that there will be more.
  12. It can also be useful to take the fate on two of the rings before your opponent can do anything about it.
  13. One LPB isn't too bad to deal with, as there are lots of ways to deal with it (Cloud, Hiroue, Ring of Water, etc.) If your opponent gets out multiples, you're gonna have a bad time. If they all have fate on them, you're gonna have a horrible time.