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  1. Yogo Gohei

    Is Kaezin playable?

    I think you guys are playing him wrong. I see his duel used as a built in eject button more often than anything else. Defend with him. Force your opponent to play cards to get bigger so they can break, and then lose his duel to leave so he can swing in your next conflict.
  2. Yogo Gohei

    How to Counter Kanjo District?

    Scorpion has Fawning Diplomat. Good luck to the rest of you!
  3. Yogo Gohei

    New Previews

    I love how the crane is being sold as "anti-phoenix" when literally everything about it screams "die scorpion, die!"
  4. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/543-l5r-lcg-rules-discussion/
  5. It is worth mentioning that dishonoring Haughty shuts this down.
  6. I sincerely hope that the new scorpion stronghold lets you play with more than 10 conflict characters. After the imperial cycle, where nearly every good scorpion character was conflict, that deck restriction is extremely painful.
  7. This is legit. I forgot that "Yokatsu is actually a Kolat Master and secretly pretty evil, dontcha know!" was retconned in much later, and at this point in the story he was just a big guy with a horse. Since Nu5R has made no mention of the Kolat whatsoever yet, it is safe to assume Altansarnai will not follow Yokatsu's path.
  8. Entirely depends on the situation, which is why I like the LCG dueling mechanic. Dueling lets you play mind games now, which hasn't been true in L5R since the CCG changed it's dueling rules at the beginning of Lotus waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2005. You can fake people out by throwing a duel where you are only 1 up, bid 1, and wait for your opponent to throw their honor at you. Sure, you lose the duel, bit if you are playing an honor/dishonor deck your card lost to PD was just reworded to "Action: Your opponent gives you X honor." which in many cases is better than whatever they take. Also, if you bid 2 instead of 1 you will completely throw off your opponent's math and possibly end up tying the duel Edit: And if you have Bayushi Manipulator out, you can do both!
  9. I understand that this is a joke, but just for clarification: If Chags exists in this story line at all, isn't he a young kid right now?
  10. Is she? What traits does she share with Yokatsu that are not just generic "unicorn" traits? Hotaru and Kachiko have, essentially, the same relationship that Hotori and Kachiko had. She is filling a similar role in the story that he did. What does Altansarnai have?
  11. Hiroue is a new character. Bayushi Miyako (Old5R) and Shosuro Miyako (Nu5R) are completely different characters, and are not even from the same generation. Bayushi Miyako was born Toturi Miyako after Toturi ascended to the throne. Also, she was definitely not a ninja/shinobi.
  12. Yogo Gohei

    “Broken” cards

    Take it from experience, losing a PD that you yourself threw is extremely painful. You are down two cards, one of which is the best card in your hand, and have nothing but a small amount of honor to show for it. Unless you are under tight honor pressure, or the duel is literally unwinnable, actually fighting a PD isn't a bad idea.
  13. Yogo Gohei

    “Broken” cards

    Yes So... The duel is irrelevant because you only play the card when you know you can win the duel? Doesn't that make the duel extremely relevant since, if you don't know you can win the duel you don't play the card? That sounds like a play restriction to me, and a pretty heavy one at that.
  14. Yogo Gohei

    “Broken” cards

    Getting a guy out that can auto-win a duel is not trivial, and without that guy out PD is less-than-great. It is a very good card. I wish it let each player chose their participant. But I am not sure why everyone seems to think that the "duel" part of it is wasted ink. I play scorpion, and have found myself in situations where I simply cannot play it. They don't happen a lot, but they definitely happen.
  15. With the exception of being very stupid around "Endless Plains" or "Feast or Famine", I am having a lot of trouble coming up with a "flipped the wrong province" scenario where you just straight lose the game on the first turn. And if you invest heavily into a single guy and swing wildly at Unicorn, Lion, or Dragon you are asking for it. Everything else I can come up with is just a wasted attack with a few other negative repercussions.. Which sucks, but is hardly the insta-lose that people seem to think is an issue. I still hate the face down province mechanic (see previous post) but let's keep things in perspective.