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  1. KB is better with a bid 1 (aka: dishonor) strategy since the core box may as well be blank 95% of the time, so might as well take a box that does something. Core is better with a high bid (aka: military) strategy because it lets you get some of your honor back and lets you spend time at <6 honor (for the other cards that care about that) without being in as much fear of accidental death.
  2. You do realize KB still works if you have more than 6 honor right? You still get to straighten a guy, they just don't get the +1/+1.
  3. Err... no? As best as I can tell, the new box becomes the "dishonor box" and the core box becomes the "military box". This is hilarious to me because I am pretty sure that this is the exact opposite of what FFG had in mind.
  4. If one player has info on the opponent's deck, but the other player doesn't, that leads to an unfair situation. Each deck should, in theory, be equally as likely to surprise it's opponent. Scouting disrupts that.
  5. Plus FFG has stated publicly that they will not be elemental locking any clan aligned dynasty cards. I like to think that they learned their lesson on this, but time will tell.
  6. At which point, exactly, did you "expect free roles"? The one-role-at-a-time system (which was recently replaced) was announced in literally the exact same article that the roles themselves were mentioned for the very first time. I am not sure how you can have expectations about something that you didn't know exists.
  7. It isn't an analogy. I said they were the same people that make both requests. I am not saying that both requests are absolutely-identical-in-all-ways.
  8. People that want "open roles" are the same people that, when learning D&D for the first time, ask "Which alignment lets me do whatever I want?"
  9. I think you guys are playing him wrong. I see his duel used as a built in eject button more often than anything else. Defend with him. Force your opponent to play cards to get bigger so they can break, and then lose his duel to leave so he can swing in your next conflict.
  10. Scorpion has Fawning Diplomat. Good luck to the rest of you!
  11. I love how the crane is being sold as "anti-phoenix" when literally everything about it screams "die scorpion, die!"
  12. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/543-l5r-lcg-rules-discussion/
  13. It is worth mentioning that dishonoring Haughty shuts this down.
  14. I sincerely hope that the new scorpion stronghold lets you play with more than 10 conflict characters. After the imperial cycle, where nearly every good scorpion character was conflict, that deck restriction is extremely painful.
  15. This is legit. I forgot that "Yokatsu is actually a Kolat Master and secretly pretty evil, dontcha know!" was retconned in much later, and at this point in the story he was just a big guy with a horse. Since Nu5R has made no mention of the Kolat whatsoever yet, it is safe to assume Altansarnai will not follow Yokatsu's path.
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