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  1. Unless the duel is game-winningly-critical, assume that the person initiating the duel is going to throw a 1 and bid accordingly. This plan of attack has yet to fail me in a game. Occasionally they will throw much higher, but that is usually more of a pleasant surprise.
  2. I think that the dueling mechanic is fine. I think that the duels currently available in the Core leave something to be desired.
  3. Boy will they be embarrassed when they see this card.
  4. Neutral in the same way that Otomo Courtier, Wandering Ronin, and Banzai are "Neutral". I played the CCG for almost the entire duration of its existence. The only complaints I ever heard about Shadowlands as a playable faction centered around their interactions with the dishonor victory condition. I have never heard of anyone having a problem with their existence influencing the story. This is news to me. Can you site any examples? The Spider Clan was very divisive and, frankly, kind of dumb. The Shadowlands as a playable faction were fine.
  5. Not complaining. Just informing. Fu Leng is a rather dapper fellow. I am fine with him gracing my screen.
  6. The developers are entitled to their fandom. If this is the sort of thing that will actually turn you off from using their platform, I would encourage you to reconsider. They are putting a ton of work and love into this project, I am not going to fault them for putting their own personal mark on it via url and skin.
  7. You can change it now, but only "in game"
  8. It would be easier to track if you cared about what was resolved (just look at the claimed rings) but the number of times that the resolved conflict does not equal the declared conflict is pretty minimal, and when it does happen you tend to remember that it happened. With such a limited number of effects in the game that can change conflict type I, personally, don't have too much difficulty remembering which ones were triggered. If you need a reminder, here is how I would do it: Take two Imperial Favors, put them in opaque sleeves with mil showing on one and pol showing on the other. Sit them off to the side face down. Then, whenever you declare an attack, flip over the appropriate "favor". If you buy 3 cores, you will coincidentally have exactly 2 spare favors just sitting around for this purpose.
  9. Banzai is easy. Just put it on the guy and leave it there. Strongholds are trickier, but you can also move the stronghold into your army to help remind you. Same with things like Sinister Soshi (just lay her partially over / under the card she is effecting). There are ways to remind yourself of what is going on. Some of them more hokey than others. I agree with what was said above. This game already has too many tokens. We really don't need / want to add more.
  10. The rules do state that you are supposed to say the skill totals out loud after each action. In the CCG I tended to do that by instinct. It is very helpful here as well.
  11. It wasn't down. The URL changed to https https://mahois.fun/
  12. And now the whole site is down.
  13. Corrected that for you.
  14. Slight edits to tweak tone as to not come off as an ***. Also, has been stated elsewhere, FFG staff generally doesn't read their forums. So trying to raise issues with them here is a dead end.
  15. Oh, this should be good. Pretty sure that was a joke. Even if your point is valid, and it probably is, being a jerk about it isn't going to do anything to help your cause. There are tons of little (and not so little) art mistakes throughout the old game and the new. Many of them far more blatant than this. Politely pointing them out, if done in the right channels (which the ffg forum is not), may allow them to improve the product in the future. Shouting about how everyone owes you, personally, some sort of explanation while proclaiming everyone in charge as incompetent probably won't get you very far. Politeness matters. Don't be a jerk. Also, just because the Magnificent Kimono is being worn improperly doesn't make the kimono itself any less magnificent.