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  1. caseycheesecake

    Finding Spoilers

    It's not Ogodei, it's Chaggatai.
  2. Kotei results don't back up your claims, Ishi Tonu.
  3. I hope so. We haven't been competitive since launch...
  4. Balanced stats are bad in Unicorn. High glory is bad for almost every clan. Together they create the ultimate troll community card! There's a reason we don't play Yumino. Even with this new steed, we won't be playing Yumino.
  5. Keeper of Fire is the best keeper role and the ONLY time Unicorn would had the possibility of getting it. Literally nobody wanted Keeper of Water and Seeker isn't very good for Unicorn yet.
  6. Just saw the picture in Mandarin. 1 Str, 11 honor, 7 fate, 10 influence. Win a conflict with more participating characters, bow the stronghold, sac a cavalry to delcare an additional military conflict (paraphrase). Same city as Lion's.
  7. It's a Unicorn SH. Text leaked already.
  8. caseycheesecake

    Iron Mine need a Nerf?

    They could make a ruling that holdings automatically discard on broken provinces so if you're going to have an Iron Mine, at least have it ONLY on unbroken provinces which are able to be attacked and destroyed by the opponent. Iron Mines flipping on broken provinces are impossible to counter.
  9. caseycheesecake

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    1 fate for 1 stat and a straight+move every round? That's better than Sashimono.
  10. caseycheesecake

    All and Nothing preview

    So...Crab are basically evil?
  11. caseycheesecake


    With Banzai and Captive Audience, Unicorn playing more than 1 Assassination is suicide. Scorp can play all 3 no sweat.
  12. caseycheesecake


    Agree. Unicorn has ZERO in-clan honor, dishonor, attachment control, or event control. We start with the lowest honor and only have Yurts to get honor (which benefits you as well...). Other than our lack of stats and abilities, we're at the bottom because our only chance is victory through Military conquest. Unless you tech a jank honor-run deck or splash Crab for WC - both auto-losses against Policy Debate - you simply can't beat Crab who is better at Military and Scorpion who can dishonor us in two-three rounds AND beat us in conquest. If Unicorn could reliably honor themselves (high glory), it would go a long ways toward being competitive.
  13. caseycheesecake

    Tainted Lands Preview

    Iuchi Daiyu may be the next Unicorn 5-drop - Deathseeker, Shugenja, Daimyo?
  14. caseycheesecake

    Another Twitch Broadcast

    Showing spoilers!
  15. /groans Unicorn has 0 self-honor or enemy dishonor. Scorp has, what, 12 enemy dishonor?