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  1. As far as I know, they just replace the link on the unicorn story post and that's it.
  2. DSo, I was abou to read the unicorn story when I got another sneaky preview, probably the best at the moment!! https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/55/13/5513e628-0128-4a37-8408-8e19a18fa6a1/the_world_a_stage.pdf Enjoy that lovely talk between Ka chiko and Shoju
  3. I just want to know if they going to bring back Legend of the Burning Sands at some point and if it would be compatible wit L5R. I am not holding my breath, but I expect at least a RPG book, hopefully.
  4. Well, as far as I can remember old5R had most of its archetype named after keywords really, like scout mantis or crab heroes. Some of them where base on the deck composition like all star unicorn or faceless spirit based on the main victory focus like honor/dishonor bomb. Sometimes you knew what the archetype was gonna be just looking at the fortress, so there was no need to named (looking at you, Shiro Kitsuki). I just don't remember any special name coming from other card games at all. Maybe that what would happen once the game is released, the traits could just give you the tool to name the archetypes.
  5. Omoni!! He-it has such a interesting background. Half goblin - half mam, always wondering if still a man at all and loyal friend and servant of Daigotsu. Reflesh the goblin species in a way that even the crab clan felt worrisome. Plus its exp and sensei card were such a monsters. Still having and open deck that is just hilarious to play.
  6. Bristol, UK. Looking for somebody to play, really. When I use to play before (I am originally from Madrid, Spain) there was quite a big community and some of the biggest koteis in Europe. Don't know anything about the english scene, but really looking for it.
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