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  1. Ok I think this is my last question, and I'm sure it's a no brainer, but my wife and I have different view points, so here for clarification. When you acquire asset cards, and they say "action" in bold, does it cost one of your 2 actions at the begining of your turn to use these or do you get to use your 2 actions first then use these cards? I'm under the impression that it counts as 1 of your 2 actions, but my wife thinks you get 2 actions plus these cards. Which of the 2 is it? As for stats Runko....0/3 Lol.
  2. Thanks for the reply LordPyrex. That's what I thought, but wanted to be sure. Thanks for that info Meretrix. Currently I'm only playing the base game, but I like it, so I'll probably expand. It's good to know that info. Thanks everyone!
  3. Great Thank You! I found a question that I need help with. It revolves around the expedition spaces (Amazon, Jungle, Antarctica, Pyramids, Himalayas, and Tunguska). Do they count as a city (by that I mean like Rome or San Francisco) so that you can prepare for travel from them?
  4. Disregard this. I apparently am blind and it's clear in black and white in the rules. Even though I've read them twice, 3rd times a charm I suppose. Sorry to bother everyone.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am sorry if these have been answered before and I did not see the answers. I am new to Eldritch Horror and it's vast complexities. I played it for the first time yesterday (by myself) with 2 characters so I can get a feel for the game and answer any questions my friends will have. There is still a question I have though that I can't seem to find answers to. I looked in the manuals, FAQ's etc.. but still didn't answer my question, so I am hoping some of you may be able to assist me. I am only playing the base game, no expansions (yet). Here is the question I have: Q: If you are occupying a town space (e.g. San Francisco etc...) that has a gate spawned and a monster on it, and you fail to defeat the monster during the encounter phase, do you still spawn the event card for San Franciso (green cards) or the gate (portal card) as part of the encounter phase in order to close the gate? I know you can choose either the gate or the city as a choice but in this scenario, you would obviously want to close the gate. Or do you not get that encounter card until the enemy is defeated on that space? Again total noob here, so any help would be appreciated....my mind was literally melted yesterday after reading through the manuals etc... I played for 3.5 hours before I had to remove the game from our dinner table so I did not get to finish, but I know I would have lost lol. Thanks All for the assitance!
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