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  1. It does change the board state. When I've heard them say actions weren't legal in the past it's been because they effectively made no change to the state of the game. We really need the rule book :|
  2. The Tsukune thing is still speculation isn't? FFG hasn't said anything about it yet that I am aware of.
  3. I heard the same as what Joe said from a live cast. Don't remember which one though.
  4. She can only bring him back one turn ;). But yes. That is amazing.
  5. Crab are probably going to try and run 10 personalities in their conflict decks I am guessing. And if we ever get something that allows us to run more we will.
  6. This card changes every conversation we were having about Crab meta after Wednesday's spoils. And there are still a lot of spoils to come. Yaheiko didn't disappoint! Really excited to play my Crabbies :3
  7. I mean maybe the story team will give a different answer but... it's freedom of movement and when you're getting hit by something the size of a freight train it really doesn't matter what armor you wear. You're still pudding afterwards. That being said usually everyone except the berserkers are usually pretty well covered.
  8. It's free. At worst it's a two honor swing and an honor is roughly equivalent to a card. Kewl beanz
  9. I think the reason I feel strongly for Kisada on this (besides my bias). Is that in a vacuum he is best equipped to win battles in a myriad of situations. Like Shosuko was saying. It's just consistency and results. They did a really good job of building the pragmatic nature of the Crab into this card. Hotaru and Toturi look good winning and people notice it. Yokuni is terrifying yet aloof and prone to eplileptic spasm that leave him vulnerable. Kisada wins at all costs. You tell your children stories about him before bed so they behave themselves. He grinds up your bones to make his bread and then he uses your guts for mortar on the Carpenter Wall. His card screams, "I don't care what you think about me and don't you dare $&@% with me." Thanks FFG! Sweet dreams don't let the tetsubugs bite.
  10. MECHANICS QUESTION/HIDA KISADA/HIRUMA YOJIMBO/CLOUD THE MIND Can you Cloud the Mind Kisada's (or Hiruma Yojimbos) text box? Or is their text considered a trait?
  11. Kisada's ability is better than literally all of their abilities combined. At least when you consider it's about winning battles, not profiting from the battles afterwards. Yokuni's is good but is situational on the board state and sometimes completely useless. Everyone who thinks Kisada is the worst is operating on this pretense that if they can remove him from the battle using two actions they somehow don't have to deal with anything else. As if the Crab player isn't going to have any other characters. They all cost 5. Kisada, much less conditionally and much more effectively, wins battles after he hits the table. He wins battles he doesn't even participate in. Do we even know if cloud the mind works on him? It doesn't blank traits. Have they clarified what traits are? In old5r that ability would have been a trait wouldn't it?
  12. I will say that the dragon cards are very good. But playing the game they are also very expensive. Putting fate on the rings while attacking almost always means giving your opponent fate. It's much harder to afford buying all the stuff you need in dragon while lion guys are really cheap and don't need extra fate. I think there is more of a trade off than it seems.
  13. Who knows there may even be better cards yet previewed! Though I doubt we'll see one much better for scorpion than this. But if there is a dishonor card that costs less influence it might be more tempting.
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