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  1. But honestly put, the entire design of this surprises me, but I'll have to playtest it. He seems confident enough in Lion's innate Military skill that a much larger chunk of his deck is devoted to bolstering their political options. I wouldn't have thought to do that, and instead was more or less leaning into forgoing Political entirely, but it seems like it served him well.
  2. The Lion would never add gaijin curry. What do I look like, a Unicorn!?
  3. Can you proc both? I thought since both were Reactions with the condition of winning a conflict, you could only proc one based on winning said conflict.
  4. So, as a Lion-main, I've been really excited for the fact that Lion got a new Stronghold to play with. I've been experimenting, however, and it seems pretty tough to get Hisu Mori Toride to be super impactful on any of the games I'm playing. The big thing, for example, is that, HMT's effect is fairly conditional, whereas Yojin no Shiro has a very straightforward 'Bow --> Positive Effect'. What sort of tech are people experimenting with to get Hisu Mori Toride to work? -Akodo Toshiro? -Charge vs For Greater Glory? -Sashimono and/or Captive Audience? Breakthrough, perhaps? -Focusing on building Tall instead of Wide? Has anyone found any serious success with it? I really want to like it because I love the art, but do we just not have enough yet to make it worth running over Yojin no Shiro?
  5. Does anyone else remember the April Fools joke that AEG pulled a few years back, before the release of Emperor Edition? Long story short, the big selling point of EE was that the starter decks would have four themed strongholds out of the box, and each clan was to get full support for each of the four themes. Each week leading up to the release of EE, a new theme for one of the clans was spoiled/revealed on the main site. Come the week of April 1st, the Dragon clan got the theme they had never known they had always wanted... Zokujin who practiced the unique style of swordsmanship... N'tn. The N'Tn Swrdmstrs was one of the best gags I think AEG has ever done.
  6. It might be far out, but Doji Kurohito, Hida Kuon, Moto Chagatai, and (my favorite) Ikoma Otemi are some of the most iconic personalities to their respective clans.
  7. I mean there's definitely potential there; in the original intro stories for both the Crab and Dragon (when FFG was releasing a new intro bi-weekly), they made sure to take their time to characterize Yakamo as reckless and short-sighted, while also establishing Hitomi as an absolute loose-cannon ready to go off. We're sooooo close, but it seems so far.
  8. I've seen them mentioned a bit before, so it's not technically answering your question as is, but I'd like a lot more focus on the people who go on to become the thunders. We've only had brief mentions of Hitomi and Yakamo, and absolutely no details (as far as I know) regarding their infamous feud.
  9. Between now and when L5R first came out, there have been numerous expansions, changes and swings in the meta, and some darn good Kotei matches. The biggest change, however, was probably the inclusion of the restricted list (a decision that, given the cards on the list, I support). However, despite the Restricted List changing things considerably (especially with the addition of the Neutral-faction, hitherto ubiquitous Charge!), there is one thing that seemingly hasn't. This thing I call... The Core 12. The Core 12 are 3x Banzai!, 3x Court Games, 3x Fine Katana, and 3x Ornate Fan. Charge! would have been on the list, had it not been placed on the restricted list. What I see when I see these cards are little(to-no) risk, extremely high reward. Generally, give or take 1 or 2 out of couple of the sets of three, you've still got some combination of these in every competitive deck. My question is... where do we see this going down the line? Is there ever going to be a point where clans will opt to run something other than these? How powerful would it need to be? Would it be possible to balance it? Thoughts, feelings, gut reactions?
  10. See, now this just shows that I know absolute nothing about Uni; I've played against Cavalry Reserves, and it still didn't come to mind when looking at BMR.
  11. I don't know if she'll always be a 3/3. A large part of how good she is boils down to your decisions weighed against your opponents. To me, that makes her a little harder to predict and less reliable.
  12. I... did not realize she was conflict, and now I have to swallow my words. She might be the best of the bunch imho now, given that Lion conflict characters are either overpriced (Spearmaster is good, but near impossible to put out) or come with an unreasonable condition (sorry Oathkeeper, getting an extra 2 military doesn't sooth the pain of possibly having lost a province). I see her alongside the Crone as being one of the only Lion conflict characters to see serious play.
  13. That goes hand in hand with my original post about how each clan is far more complex than the description given in the rulebook. The Phoenix only ever have the best of intentions, but, without a frame of reference (like, I dunno, allowing Tadaka to study with the Kuni for a bit), they have no way of understanding their own limits. It's why their 'virtue' is sincerity, or having justice and the rightness of intentions at the forefront of their actions. That doesn't mean they're right, only that they truly believe themselves to be. To me, that's one of the things that makes the story interesting.
  14. A surprising amount of honest assessment coming from the 17-time world champions of the World Humblebrag Challenge! But honestly, to answer the OP, it's sort of a complicated question. See, first off, each clan definitely has distinct overall flavor, and indeed, flavor, for me, would be the starting point to the choice: -The Crab are the stoic and hardy defenders of the wall, living, bleeding, and dying in a war that they get no, nor expect any, thanks for. -The Crane are the pinnacle of high society, determining fashion, music, art, and all manner of culture, while maintaining vast influence over the courts and the imperial families. -The Dragon are mysterious and monastic, living high in the mountains and contemplating the path to enlightenment, their true motivations often obscured and unintelligible. -The Lion are the proud right hand of the Emperor, serving as his military, and seek nothing more than a life of military service and, if possible, glorious and honorable combat to honor their ancestors. -The Phoenix are scholarly sages and wizards, choosing to study and perfect their knowledge of the elements and the spiritual world, all while making sure that Rokugan maintains spiritual purity. -The Scorpion are the underhand of the empire, choosing, like the crab, a life of thankless service as they tirelessly protect the throne from the invisible, unseen threats of corruption, plotting, and rebellion that the other clans refuse to acknowledge even exist in an honorable society. -The Unicorn are the outsiders, having left the empire centuries ago to assess outside threats, only to return completely foreign to the lands they once hailed from, and now trying to maintain a difficult balance of integrating into their old lifestyle while maintaining the unique traditions that they developed in their isolation. That's.... the short version. The long version is that each of those clans also has three-four very distinct families, which each have their own distinct identities within the clan. For example. I described the Dragon as 'mysterious and monastic'. That being said, the 'face' of the Dragon are the Mirumoto family, who, for all intents and purposes are a very traditional samurai family, who adhere to bushido and study the arts of war. While the Phoenix are scholarly sages and wizards, one of the most fundamental parts of their history involves the Shiba family who, like the Mirumoto, are a traditional samurai family. And that's not counting the Asako, a family of monks who seek enlightenment through a mixture of harsh physical pursuits and concentrated study of the elements. As if that didn't complicate things enough, the main family of the Phoenix, the Isawa (the aforementioned scholars) and the Asako... well, to put it bluntly, do not get along, and have actually feuded for years. That isn't to say that in being a traditional samurai family that the Mirumoto or Shiba are anything like the Lion who see themselves as 'typical' samurai. The average Mirumoto is likely to be heavily philosophical, contemplative, and able to engage in an intense conversation regarding spirituality and the nature of the universe, while the average Shiba is expected to be cultured, well-read, and have a deep understanding of the elements and kami. Tl;dr: Each clan has a distinct identity, but also has numerous distinct identities within those identities. I'd look a little more into the families of the great clans to get a better feel for the overall clan. ****, if you'd like, I could post a (very) long post that sort of gives a little more insight into each family. The clans themselves are great, but I think that the families give them even more flavor and give the average player even more appreciation for the nuance and thought put into an extremely deep overall story.
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