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  1. 1. I can not be the only one who is disappointed that this is what we get instead of a pre-release event in stores. 2. UK is not Europe, just ask the British, they will agree!!! (This is even before the whole Brexit nonsense.
  2. Crab in casual games, Crab in events, Crab at home, Crab for life!
  3. Hi, seeing as we all know that the online system to get tickets for worlds could be better, and that there is no regional season to "earn" a ticket in advance, I was wondering if the old L5R World Champions/ Arc Champion should be treated as having won a regional this year and be able to get tickets in advance. It would be cool to get as many former World Champions together as possible. What do other people think about that?
  4. Hi, I just wanted to bring some positivity into the forum, by claiming that at the moment with SoR almost anything is viable. I have been playing on TTS a lot recently and I have seen good mill decks, aggro, the beginning of control that works, swarm decks, Palpatine decks. It is not like the beginning of Awekenings where there was Jango everywhere. I have seen cards played, that I had forgotten existed, because before SoR they made no sense. tl;dr congratulations to the designers of the game.
  5. ad 1) That was always a big discussion for the game. Interestingly enough I would say about 50% of the TOP players were incredibly loyal. The game was also complex enough that if you knew your clan perfectly, you could win against some insane odds. But you also had the usual "I will play whatever is strongest right now" people, as always. I think I met maybe a handful of "clan neutral" players in my time, it was very rare. ad 2) The clans used to be relatively balanced player wise. For new players it really depends on which clan is "easier" to get into. Neutral probably very few.
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