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  1. Here is my favorite jank for fun. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v4!s!166:241:27:25:;166:241:27:25:;166:241:27:25:;166:241:27:25:;166:143:27:15:&sn=TAP SWARM&obs=coreasteroid5,core2asteroid4,core2asteroid5 Not a lot of people have 5x TAP though
  2. Agreed with the 52/57 point setup above. He is still powerful I have flown against him many times at local tournaments. There were 2 identical at last night's tilt. Both were paired bossk although I think asajj is the stronger Wingmate for all purpose versus straight damage output.
  3. I ran that 20 point sienar test pilot x5 a couple of times and it can be great but the low ps makes getting the cruise off on the i initial joust very, very hard. I played around with a thread tracer in their to help but it was always good just not great. And after thr initial encounter i aleays broke formation and scattered which could lead to the swarm leader being less effective. To sum it up: the list can definitely work but be aware that any good player is going to take advantage of your low ps and inability to get a target lock on initial engagement.
  4. RACs ability is Nice but two crits is nastier than one, and when you kylo your probably not getting a target lock. So RAC ability allows you to change 1 eye to a crit and Palp allows you to change one blank to a crit. Often ending up with 2 crits and a hit. And if RAC somehow finds himself at range 3 of a fully primed cruise missile you will be very glad for Palp to push through the blinded pilot as RACs ability is no good at range 3. Don't get me wrong RAC is extremely viable without Palp. Palp just makes him a different version of scary and is refreshing for long time gunner users.
  5. Darth Vader(35) [Darth Vader(29), Veteran Instincts(1), Engine Upgrade(4), Advanced Targeting Computer(5), TIE/x1(0)] Rear Admiral Chiraneau(64) [Rear Admiral Chiraneau(46), Veteran Instincts(1), Engine Upgrade(4), Dauntless(2), Emperor Palpatine(8), Kylo Ren(3)] There is my usual setup ^ With QD I'd do this: "Quickdraw"(35) ["Quickdraw"(29), Fire Control System(2), Adaptability(0), Special Ops Training(0), Pattern Analyzer(2), Lightweight Frame(2)] Rear Admiral Chiraneau(64) [Rear Admiral Chiraneau(46), Veteran Instincts(1), Engine Upgrade(4), Dauntless(2), Emperor Palpatine(8), Kylo Ren(3)] I dropped VI to adaptability because RAC really wants to win the bid if there is an enemy PS10 on the board. Where as QD isnt as 100% reliant as Vader is in winning the PS.
  6. I love flying RAC-VI-Kylo-Palp-Dauntless-engine upgrade. Pair him with vader or QD as Ace in the Hole at 36 or under and your good to go. RAC can last two turns against a 2 ship list easy if he plays his cards right with dauntless. Leave QD or Vader back for endgame. RAC fly in and bumps one, dauntless to kylo blinded pilot the other and shoot the other with a double crit. You hit them they can't touch you. It's a blast but requires dauntless. And after the blinded pilots are gone a PS10 Decimator with boost for an action is scary... prioritizing arc dodging over a kylo if you can avoid all shots. I highly recommend Vader or QD with VI. Nym is here to stay and without VI on these two they are in trouble.
  7. Did pretty well. Beat a DenNym, Ghost/Biggs, and Kylo/Vessery/Tiefo. Ended up going with 4x cruise missile and 1x tracer. The list was a lot of fun, wish I could give better write ups. The tracer ended being really good for close combat when all my ties wanted to do a 4K but wouldn't get actions. The thread tracers went off and had myself a nice cruise missile fiesta:)
  8. Flying the 5x prototypes soon. I'll give some feedback. As for improvement on my 3x ps10 list id say, pattern analyzer on QD and run without a 2 point bid since they are all ps10. I don't own pattern analyzer though cruise missile on vader is nasty but I didn't fit a cruise missile on inquisitors only because he is throwing range 1 from range 3 anyway which ain't bad, and a cruise missile over that doesn't justify the cost to me.
  9. "Quickdraw"(36) ["Quickdraw"(29), Fire Control System(2), Adaptability(0), Special Ops Training(0), Lightweight Frame(2), Cruise Missiles(3)] Darth Vader(33) [Darth Vader(29), Advanced Targeting Computer(5), TIE/x1(0), Guidance Chips(0), Adaptability(0), Cruise Missiles(3)] The Inquisitor(29) [The Inquisitor(25), Veteran Instincts(1), Autothrusters(2), TIE/v1(1)] I flew this list last week was a lot of fun did ok 2-1
  10. Yea would be fun to run 5 cruise missiles but need the tracers for the locks :/
  11. Sienar Test Pilot(20) [Sienar Test Pilot(16), Guidance Chips(0), TIE/v1(1), Cruise Missiles(3)] Sienar Test Pilot(20) [Sienar Test Pilot(16), Guidance Chips(0), TIE/v1(1), Cruise Missiles(3)] Sienar Test Pilot(20) [Sienar Test Pilot(16), Autothrusters(2), XX-23 S-Thread Tracers(1), TIE/v1(1)] Sienar Test Pilot(20) [Sienar Test Pilot(16), Autothrusters(2), XX-23 S-Thread Tracers(1), TIE/v1(1)] Sienar Test Pilot(20) [Sienar Test Pilot(16), Guidance Chips(0), TIE/v1(1), Cruise Missiles(3)] Thinking about trying this list out tonight thought I'd get some input. The idea would be to fly in formation until the 3 fully modded cruise missiles are off and then scatter and hope for death by a thousand paper cuts. Contemplated the idea of Prockets instead of the thread tracers and keeping chips on the 2 with Prockets. Or keeping chips on the tracers to ensure they hit. But I like that autothrusters keeps them all at 20 and allows for more mobility in the end game if those 2 make it. Open to all suggestions, getting ready to fly it at a casual tournament tonight in about 8 hours.
  12. I think this three ship list can be very successful and honestly I don't see much wrong with your list. I would make some small changes mostly based off preference. Namely predator for expertise and remove stealth device on omega leader. I understand why you chose those 2 items. But the scenario for predator plays out like this. Quickdraw focuses for action, shoots, predators one dice, acquires a TL for to max. With expertise it plays as such: QD TLs for actions, shoots, gets full rerolls not just one dice, expertise triggers for focus, acquires TL from FCS, and Tomax uses it. I just feel for 1 more point you get full rerolls. Granted though you might not get any rerolls on a QD return fire shot that is where predator gains a small amount of ground. Stealth device may be worth it only because Tomax is clear priority number 1 target which allows the chance for OL to make it to the endgame a little higher, where he thrives. And if you can make it there with a stealth device still on, well good game. Remember though green dice are fickle. "Quickdraw"(43) ["Quickdraw"(29), Fire Control System(2), Ion Pulse Missiles(3), Special Ops Training(0), Targeting Synchronizer(3), Lightweight Frame(2), Expertise(4)] "Omega Leader"(26) ["Omega Leader"(21), Juke(2), Comm Relay(3)] Tomax Bren(30) [Tomax Bren(24), Crack Shot(1), Extra Munitions(2), Plasma Torpedoes(3), Guidance Chips(0)] Just my thoughts on this setup. The Ion missile in place of stealth device can assist in ensuring your beta strike is as mean as your alpha strike.
  13. Yes it is a lot of points. 3 focus tokens, a TL, calculation, and weapons guidance means I'm reliably hitting really hard while he is alive. Others mod could be cheaper but I don't know that any other setup is as guaranteed to land dmg.
  14. Inspiring recruit on oicunn.
  15. I mentioned this list a ways back in someone else's post but since then have flown a couple times and have to put it out there: this list is A) One of the funnest lists I've ever flown. and B) Good enough to win LGS Tournaments. To be clear it's not going to beat the Scum Meta, don't fly it at your LGS champs. However this list has now beat every rebel list its faced to include dash/miranda. It has beat a Decimator/QD list (which is my LGS champs main). And it's beat all humdrum 3 ship imp lists its faced. So I ask you, for your input on potential improvements and your feedback after flying it on the enjoyment Kylo Ren(50) [Kylo Ren(34), Recon Specialist(3), Experimental Interface(3), Fleet Officer(3), Calculation(1), Weapons Guidance(2), Collision Detector(0), Sensor Cluster(2), Kylo Ren's Shuttle(2)] Captain Oicunn(50) [Captain Oicunn(42), Determination(1), Rebel Captive(3), Tactical Jammers(1), Systems Officer(2), Inspiring Recruit(1)] Main idea is to run Oicunn in front of the shuttle and allow the shuttle to spam the focus. Systems officer for the times that Oicunn AND Kylo are bumped butt to nose, which will and probably should happen ijn this list.
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