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    BCumming reacted to Janaka in So Hulk is out   
    Woot!!!! Got my Hulk pack.
    The folks in the next street who received my package (postman's error) tried to bring it round to me later that day but I was away on holiday; so they left it with one of my neighbours who lives in my street. That neighbour knocked on my door a couple of hours ago to bring me my package. Happy days!
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    BCumming reacted to FearLord in So Hulk is out   
    If your argument is that they called her Ms Marvel because they though that would sell better than “Stretchy Girl” or something like that, then I fully agree. It can be very difficult to establish new characters into Marvel, of any background - see Gravity, a white male character I remember Marvel trying to push reasonably hard as a modern Spider-Man type, who stuck around as a bit player to some extent, but didn’t exactly make much of a splash.
    I would argue that the launch of Ms Marvel is anything but lazy - they worked extremely hard to create links to the wider Marvel Universe - establishing a connection to the former Ms Marvel (which explains why the character would take on the name) and the Inhumans. What do the Inhumans and Mar-vell have in common? Their powers come from the Kree... They also clearly pushed the character cameos early - stories with Wolverine and Spider-Man? Shameless popularity boosts, sure. But part of what was definitely not a lazy strategy to give the character a fighting chance.
    Personally, part of the reason I read Marvel is the established shared universe that these characters inhabit. Names that tie new characters into that shared mythology are a good thing, not a bad thing for me. They could have made her very unconnected to the wider comics - she could have lived miles from New York and existed in her own little corner of the world where she didn’t really have to interact with the wider / more established characters and stories, but that would be far less interesting to me.
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    BCumming reacted to t4leswapper in So Hulk is out   
    Marvel is and always has been about two things: making as much money as they can while telling the stories they want to tell. Sometimes there's a push and pull there, but if you think any of the recent decisions have been about anything other than those two things you will have a really, really difficult time understanding the decision making process at Marvel.
    There's still no need to invent bizarre conspiracy theories that rely on creative companies doing anything for any other purpose than making as much money as possible while telling the stories they want to tell. And hey, sometimes a company is telling stories I don't want to read. That's fine. I don't have to read them. What I don't do is invent some bizarre theories about why that company is telling those stories- they are always doing it because they are trying to make money while telling the stories they want to tell.
    And sometimes that means that stories change over time. It's a lot harder to make money by selling racist stories now than it was in the 50's, for instance. That doesn't mean that people writing newer stories are pandering. That simply means that societies change over time and what was once acceptable may not be as acceptable now. You can call that pandering if you want, but it's sort of bound up in the fundamental underpinnings of reality: times change, people change, societies change.
    And by the way, if you are actually wondering why Marvel started writing more stories with awesome girls and women in them. That's easy. There are a lot of girls and women in the world. They read. In fact, they read more (on average) than boys and men. Marvel likes making money. It would be sheer idiocy not to write stories with awesome girls and women in them- at least if Marvel wants to make money (and they do) it would be. It's not rocket science.
    But perhaps you do have some sort of point here (though so far it has been incredibly difficult to discern unless it really is that Marvel should stop writing stories with awesome women and minorities in them). Why should Marvel refrain from growing its audience? Why should Marvel not attempt to capitalize on the successes of the MCU (which is very popular across a wide range of demographics)? Why should Marvel not innovate? Not change with the times? Why should Marvel decide to be hidebound and regressive and only appeal to a shrinking audience of people who are uncomfortable with stories featuring awesome women and minorities? How is that a successful formula for a current company?
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    BCumming reacted to HirumaShigure in Rise of Red Skulls - Official Content creator spoiler season   
    Not to get things twisted but I love how they captured the theme of Mockingbird keeps leaving him but coming back to Hawkeye. Ex-wife but current girlfriend. 
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    BCumming reacted to Derrault in So Hulk is out   
    Which is a very similar notion to how Ms. Marvel chose her name...because she is so huge a fan of Captain Marvel that she took on Danvers form instinctually on gaining her powers. That's a nice homage, and it made for a memorable character journey, a new hero getting to meet many of those they idolize.
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    BCumming reacted to DarthofZA in So Hulk is out   
    Unless the reason had absolutely nothing to do with Kamala Khan being a woman or a Muslim, I could understand why people would assume it had something to do with being bigoted against woman and Muslims. But lets not rehash any of that. I have zero context into it, and don't really need it.
    I will say, that within my circle of friends, I am the only one that has read any comics with Miles in them. Then again, I've been reading about 40 comics a month for the last 15+ years, so I've read many. Having said this, I would say I've read maybe 20% of his comics. 
    I've read 100% of the Ms. Marvel comics, and everything I've been aware of her appearing in. I've always found her comics to be brilliantly written with fantastic art. I've love her from her start, and continue to enjoy her to this day. I know of 4 others that have also read most of her comics if not all, and only 2 of them were because I urged them to (and once they started they didn't stop).
    So in my, arguably extremely small sample set, Ms Marvel is a hit, and extremely popular. I don't know any other Marvel comic that is read by more than 2 of any of my other friends, so within my circle of friends, she is without a doubt the most popular Marvel character. Based on how consistently good her comics have been, I find it very hard to believe that she isn't one of Marvel's most popular characters. And yes, I know Miles is more known, but he has had 2 TV series, a Movie, and been around for a lot longer. Kamala has only had the comic.
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    BCumming reacted to t4leswapper in So Hulk is out   
    Of course more people have heard of Miles than Kamala. Miles had a major motion picture. Kamala hasn't had her series yet and the AAA video game with her as main protagonist isn't quite out yet. That doesn't change the fact that Kamala is a popular character with an excellent comic that is in the narrative space of the old Spider-Man comics.
    As for the regional nature of my teaching experience. I suppose that's a hypothesis. I've taught in Texas, Arizona, and New York. So the region I'm limiting my experience to is the South/Southwest/New England.
    It's just so weird that people feel the need to invent conspiracy theories whenever a newer character gets used. 
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    BCumming reacted to t4leswapper in So Hulk is out   
    In terms of her book being so high selling, I was just going by the NYT bestsellers lists. She's perennially a top 3 on the best sellers list. She debuted at number 1. In terms of no one on the dev team knowing who she was- their comics knowledge wasn't particularly expansive. They each had their favorites, but it's not like they kept up with all of Marvel. Having taught at middle and high schools, however, I can assure you that Ms. Marvel is incredibly popular among teenage comics fans. 
    As Boggs pointed out, her narrative space is pretty much the classic Peter Parker narrative space from those 60's and 70's comics. It's no wonder that today's teens are just as enamored of Kamala as we were of Petey.
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    BCumming reacted to urloony in So Hulk is out   
    We've been through this before with Kamala.  Despite Disney's claim, Kamala is far from the best selling book and is in fact one of the worst selling books Marvel has had.  This can be shown objectively.  They claim digital sales are high, but that is not something anyone in the public can confirm, because the numbers aren't published.  The only reason I doubt them, is because no one on the Dev team had a clue as to who Ms. Marvel was, I'm sure they still thought it was Danvers, and had to have it spoon fed to them by reading her comic line in order to develop the character.   
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    BCumming reacted to Whingewood in Tabletop Timesinks: Marvel Champions content   
    The Rise of Red Skull spoiler season began yesterday and we’ve been able to join in!   https://tabletoptimesinks.com/2020/08/09/rors-exclusive-spoiler-skilled-investigator/  
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    BCumming reacted to FearLord in In-Flight Report and Expansion Discussion... Discussion   
    They’ve confirmed to content creators apparently that Ant Man will be a second October release, which if everything goes to plan means the announced schedule now looks like this:
    August - Hulk Hero Pack (Aggression)
    September - Rise of the Red Skull Campaign Pack (5 x Scenarios, 3 x modular sets, Hawkeye [Leadership], Spider-Woman [Aggression/Justice]
    October - The Once and Future Kang Scenario Pack (1 x Scenario and 3 x modular sets) and Ant Man Hero Pack (Leadership)
    November - Wasp Hero Pack (Aggression)
    December - Quicksilver Hero Pack (Protection)
    January - Scarlet Witch Hero Pack (Not announced, but willing to bet Justice) 
    February - Galaxy’s Most Wanted Campaign Pack (5 x Scenarios, 3-4 modular sets, Groot [Protection], Rocket [Aggression]
    Presumably that will be followed up with a scenario pack in March (not clear if this will tie to a Guardians or be something a bit different) then 4 hero packs from April to July (Almost certainly Star Lord, Gamora and Drax with one additional Guardian or cosmic hero thrown in) and then a new Campaign box in August. Unclear what the theme of this would be - X Men is possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a cycle of more street level stuff like Daredevil, Luke Cage, etc with maybe X-Men in the cycle after that...
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    BCumming reacted to Abyss in Ronan the Accuser modular set available in the play resources section!   
    I think this is a good way to release it. Ronan is clearly WAY (WAY) above the curve; it's definitely a challenge set for the kind of people who think the game is too easy. And so I think it's fine not taking up a slot in a standard release, where the game is targeted at a more casual level (that's not an insult, I'm definitely in that category).
    If they keep doing this, they can then collect them in a 'challenge pack' PoD expansion once they've got a half dozen or so sets. Or if they do 'Return to' style expansions from Arkham (I think LOTR had something similar as well), they can include it when they redo Guardians. 
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    BCumming reacted to Deadwolf in In-Flight Report and Expansion Discussion... Discussion   
    People haven't had major issue in Transformers TCG and you can get side loading sleeves that work with these.
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    BCumming reacted to maniakmedic in In-Flight Report and Expansion Discussion... Discussion   
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    BCumming reacted to Jonathan4290 in Thor is Terrible   
    When everything goes perfectly for Thor he is rocking a hand of 9 in hero form ( base 4 + Asgard 1 + engaging minions 4) and has access to 2 resource generation through God of Thunder, all from his signature kit. FFG did a stream where the designers played Mutagen Formula and you can see some crazy turns Thor had. He was using Do9R and Get Over Here constantly to gather minions and crush them all with his lightning.
    Math-wise, I consider Odinson to have a practical handsize of 6 given the shenanigans you can do with the hammer discard and recall. For Thor, if you engage a minion every 2 turns, your average handsize is 5.
    Now if you're against Ultron, you pretty much always have a minion engaging you and your handsize is basically 6 anyways but depending on scenario, difficulty, and modular set, you may not engage on average 1 minion every 2 turns. But that's why he has cards to help you engage minions.
    Also, Thor's ability gets better and better the higher difficulty you play at as you draw more encounter cards.
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    BCumming got a reaction from Jonathan4290 in Thor is Terrible   
    This right here.  Thor's weaknesses are on full display in solo whereas in multiplayer you can see his strengths more often.  In solo, a slow start or poor luck developing your board early can be game-ending.  That's not really any different from Iron Man.  Thor is definitely a high-variance character that's somewhat scenario-dependent as well so there will be weaker match-ups and swingy turns.   He starts a bit behind most other heroes so his floor is lower however those turns where you get a minion in the previous villain phase and another during your turn can be incredibly impressive.  I would even say Mighty.
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    BCumming got a reaction from Derrault in Can we talk about Iron Man?   
    I don't play Iron Man enough to go into depth on his synergy with Aspects, other than the extra Tech in Protection, so I'll leave that to others.  What is worth noting is the synergies within his own cards and how much damage his cards are capable of.
    For damage, his kit contains three Repulsor Blasts, two Supersonic Punch, two Powered Gauntlets, and War Machine.  That's half his hero cards!  He needs it since a base ATK of 1 is hardly exciting but it also works reasonably well with how he plays.  Repulsor Blasts are indeed high-variance but that can be played into with deck construction and I find them best used either on the boss or early in the turn on big minions so I know how much extra damage I need to apply if Repulsors don't defeat them.  Supersonic Punch is perfectly playable without Aerial but oh-so-sweet with that extra damage.  Powered Gauntlets are great pingers that get a bit better with Aerial - they can't be big chunks of damage because of how reusable they are.  War Machine isn't great unless you're in minion-heavy scenarios.  Since he has a lot of damage-dealing capability in his own cards I like to play him in Aspects that round him out rather than do more of the same, so I really like IM with Protection and Justice while avoiding the redundancies in Aggression.
    As for Aerial and his own synergies, they go hand in hand.  Tony does want to be Aerial for maximum effect but it's hardly necessary to do on every turn.  He has the potential to get more from Aerial than Dr. Strange, Thor, or Captain Marvel which is a balancing factor that makes IM's Aerial more of a hoop to jump through.  Right now Tony's Aerial capability is tied to Rocket Boots but it's easy for him to find them (Alter Ego ability, Stark Tower), they're super cheap, and you don't need both Boots in play to do even better Aerial.  Having a Mental Resource ready when you need it can be tricky so Enhanced Awareness, Quincarrier, and good planning with Pepper Potts can help there.  I get good use from one or two copies of Enhanced Awareness in the deck, depending on how much I expect to need Aerial.  Obviously Energy resources are nice for a big Repulsor Blast, just remember that's only 3/40 cards that when deckbuilding and make room for some Mentals since they're often more useful on a turn by turn basis.  So what does building the armor really do for IM?
    Arc Reactor - the most important single piece IMO since it doubles the amount of actions your identity card can take Mark V Armor - extra HP, ranges between decent to lifesaver Mark V Helmet - reusable threat removal that can get better with Aerial Powered Gauntlets - 1-2 damage doesn't seem like a lot but you can have two out and each copy will do 1-2 damage every turn until the end of the game which can really add up with Aerial Rocket Boots - your Aerial enabler! The decision to go Aerial on a turn is directly related to both what you want to play from hand and need to accomplish on the board.  If the only card in play or in hand that cares about Aerial is a single Powered Gauntlets then it's rarely worth spending the resource to lift off.  On the other hand, having both Powered Gauntlets, the Helmet, and a Supersonic Punch in hand can turn that one Mental Resource into six (four from Punch plus one each from Gauntlets) extra damage and extra threat removed if there's more than one scheme in play.  That's not even a best case scenario or terribly difficult to set up.  And while IM's armor cards don't all interact with each other to form an unstoppable juggernaut, getting more pieces out means more actions that can be taken (besides the action-less Mark V Armor).  
    In the end, IM absolutely ramps up effectiveness as he builds throughout the game and does at times need some good decision-making to get the most out of him for a turn versus building more.  That's why he's fun to me and I hope he'll be more fun, or at least interesting, to you.
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    BCumming reacted to urloony in Can we talk about Iron Man?   
    Great thanks!  I'll check it out.
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    BCumming got a reaction from rsdockery in Hall of Heroes Interaction?   
    The off-screen Punisher gets credit?
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    BCumming reacted to SpiderMana in What should FFG do about allies as heroes and vice versa?   
    They aren’t gonna do this. There’s no reason for them to do this. There’s nothing stopping you from playing this way yourself.
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    BCumming reacted to CaptainJaguarShark in What should FFG do about allies as heroes and vice versa?   
    Nah. It's all fine as is. They prepared for this by making those allies which are part of a hero's 15 a wild resource. If the ally is an aspect or basic card, you could always bring a backup card in the case that you play with someone who has that ally as a hero, or just let it be a resource card.
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    BCumming reacted to Shanturin in What should FFG do about allies as heroes and vice versa?   
    They are under no obligation to do anything, however printing an alternative signature card would be simple and elegant solution to what some may perceive as an issue.
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    BCumming got a reaction from SpiderMana in Hall of Heroes Interaction?   
    The off-screen Punisher gets credit?
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    BCumming got a reaction from Leotrekkie in Guesses on the Story Box contents?   
    "The Doom of Richards!" starring Victor Von Doom.
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    BCumming got a reaction from Derrault in Guesses on the Story Box contents?   
    "The Doom of Richards!" starring Victor Von Doom.
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