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    BCumming got a reaction from Venompuppy in Hank Pym   
    Kang/time travel, alternate universe, clones, etc. - it's not like comic books don't have all kinds of tropes to create these shenanigans.  
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    BCumming reacted to Duciris in Rulebook for Red Skull Pics   
    So there are 8 campaign only player cards.  2 rewards per scenario (not withstanding the final scenario)?  Do you choose 1 each time, or are they both added?
    Nope!  Each player gains 1 of the unique 0 cost upgrades after defeating Crossbones.  They have the  "Setup" keyword.
    Defeating Absorbing-Man, scenario #2, unlocks the other 4 the same way.  This second set are "permanent," "setup," and double-sided.  You can flip them to their "improved" side after scenario #4, Zola.
    New Keywords:
    Incite X – When a card with the incite X keyword is revealed, place X threat on the main scheme. Permanent – A card with the permanent keyword cannot leave play Piercing – An attack with the piercing keyword discards any tough status cards from the target before dealing damage. Ranged – An attack with the ranged keyword ignores the retaliate keyword. Setup – A card with the setup keyword begins the game in play. 265 Cards:
    92 Player cards 15 Villain cards 168 Encounter cards Looks like EXPERT CAMPAIGN involves not healing at the end of each scenario!  Each player may choose to permanently (for the remainder of the campaign) add 1 random card from their obligation set (4 cards that act like weaknesses in Arkham Horror) to their deck fully heal at the start of the next scenario.  These cards are player-backed encounter cards that can only be dealt with by the card's owner!  You do not replace an obligation when you draw it.
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    BCumming reacted to Derrault in AntMan   
    No reference to being the bigger man? 0/10. 
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    BCumming reacted to Ywingscum in AntMan   
    It is the hero card.  So it doesn’t get shuffled in the deck.  
    I may not sleeve it at all.  Or I might get a pack of side sleeves.  
    It seems durable, but he also wants to flip a lot.  So I guess the proof will be in the pudding.
    But I am excited and think it’s a super neat idea.
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    BCumming reacted to Ascarel in Reprint gripe   
    It's funny because in that case I think we both shall be eternally unsatisfied with Marvel Champions, but for opposite reasons. 😂 This doesn't imply we will ever dislike the game -- in any case I know I won't. But the game clearly tries to fit a newer kind of middle ground between deckbuilding and story-driven gaming, with simultaneously less of both. But aiming for wider audiences does force you to compromise. I think FFG is doing a fine job. The game is what it is. We can't fault them for our itches that needs more scratchin', so to speak. 
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    BCumming reacted to FearLord in Reprint gripe   
    Anecdotally my brother in law enjoys these types of games a lot, but isn’t willing to spend the time or energy on understanding the meta or deck building. KeyForge was excellent for him as it allowed us to play complicated card games together, but on a more level playing field (than the alternative of him making a sub par deck from cards he liked the look of or me making both decks). He owns several decks of his own and he doesn’t really own anything ‘gaming’ of their own.
    I play a lot of miniature games and board games, but a lot of my friends don’t enjoy card games because if the deck building component - it’s surprisingly off putting to some people. I’ve introduced Marvel Champions to people as more of a board game, and everyone has found it fun to play that way...
    I’d have no quarms about recommending the core set as a game in the box to people, but I wouldn’t recommend that for say legend of the five rings (which needs more than one box for one thing!)
    I haven’t seen much in the way of advertising for it, but I believe they did include print ads in physical copies of Marvel Comics and I have seen it sold in book stores...
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    BCumming reacted to Deadwolf in Wave II Heroes   
    They definitely overvalued the effect of 1 damage to all enemies in the core set.
    Spiderman's Swinging Web Kick is still used as the baseline for signature damage events tho.
    So, Giant Stomp is clearly above curve but it is clear that this was done on purpose. They said on stream that because his events are form locked, they are more punchy.
    The 1 damage to all minions is a situational effect and hard to get actual value from, so I think the card is fine.
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    BCumming reacted to Duciris in Wave II Heroes   
    It's 1 damage to all minions.
    Also interesting, Scott Lang has a hand-size of 6, "Tiny" has 5, while "Giant" has 4.  After playing Hulk, a hand-size of 4 ratchets up the difficulty to play cost 3 cards - baseline, it's your whole hand.
    Nadia Van Dyne has 6, 5, & 5.
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    BCumming reacted to Abyss in Wave II Heroes   
    I think it makes sense in context - all of the allies he's leading are characters related to him, rather than unrelated characters. So it's more 'Here's Scott and his related characters' rather than 'Here's Scott leading the Avengers'.  (Course, it would have made even more sense if it was Hank......or Janet for that matter) 
    Anyway...so Giant Stomp. This just completely ****s on comparable cards, right? Like She-Hulk is over there in the corner crying over how bad Ground Stomp is compared to this. Granted, it's not necessarily a bad thing - there's always going to be some power issues with a new game - but I think it'll be interesting to see whether there's going to be power level differences with the new heroes, and what that means for the Core/Wave 1 heroes. 
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    BCumming reacted to maniakmedic in Rise of Red Skulls - Official Content creator spoiler season   
    I am ridiculously excited about this box. I have admittedly become a bit bored with the scenarios available, so I'm super pumped to double the amount of scenarios in just one month. And then there's the new deckbuilding with Spider-Woman and the fact that Hawkeye just looks like so much fun to play. And the new cards to deckbuild with. The possibilities with a leadership deck that pumps up ally Iron Man are so good.
    I just got the email that they are processing my order, so now I'm even more excited.
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    BCumming got a reaction from Duciris in Wave II Heroes   
    I can't wait for Thor to bond further with Mjolnir thanks to TBE.  I kind of like how TBE doesn't stack with other copies of itself since that means I'll be less-inclined to use all three physical copies in one deck.  Tricky part will be figuring out which two decks besides Thor will get a copy!
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    BCumming reacted to Duciris in Wave II Heroes   
    I'm just realizing how powerful Team-Building Exercise is.  I realize you can only use 1 of them per card played, but as every hero to date and most of the allies so far (in Leadership) all have the trait Avenger...
    I guess it's not that powerful because they're not "reduce the next card..." so they can't be stacked, and no event shares traits with a hero yet, but still.
    This card is going to be huge in Thor decks where half his cards (including Mjolnir) have Asgard, as do both sides of his hero card.  He can use this to drop every one of his non-event signature cards into play, plus Valkyrie, Jarnbjorn, & Heimdall.  I mean Mjolnir only costs 1 resource.  Odinson & Hammer Throw (from play) already bounce it back into your hand, now this bounces it into play (and you can have 3 of them)!

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    BCumming reacted to darthweasel2 in Designer Appreciation Moment from the Casual side   
    So I am a huge fan of the game. We have played with as many as six at a time and seven different people have played my version. One liked it enough that he bought his own copy and he and my nephew play quite a bit (the rest of us play every other Friday night, whoever can make it).
    In my current work position, I often have videos running in the background and as such have watched a lot of stuff like the Team Covenant playing some of their various "Heroic" attempts, interviews with Boggs and Grace by Bad Publicity, play throughs by others, some reviews, and FFGs own release videos and play throughs.
    First and foremost, I love that all three designers seem like people I would enjoy the smurf out of sitting around a table crushing Doritos, drinking Mt Dew and just having fun playing a game. From moments like Caleb playing the shield throw and talking about the thrlll of it to Evan's classic "seems good" to Boggs talking about some of the design stuff and wanting to redo the flipping from Risky Business...they feel like people my gaming group tends to be, maybe more interested in having a good time together playing a cool game than in maybe building the tightest, highest tier deck.  
    I also like that they have made a base, casual game that works really well for everyone from my 15 yr old nephew and his friend who have little to no experience on up to my brothers and I who used to be medium to high level players in an old ccg that died in about 2010...I peaked at I think 15 in the world in that one, know how to build a tight deck and find those hidden combos, just am at a place in my life where I think it is fun to play the out of the box starter decks a few times before I fool around with them. I really like the game is modifiable enough that I can play a very sub-optimal Hulk/Protection deck that lives to do retaliation  and burn through the deck to get Hulk Smash...and still feel like I am contributing.
    I also really appreciate the scenarios out right now. I hear a lot of people not caring for Risky Business and Wrecking Crew. I am firmly on the other side of the fence. Those are probably my favorite two scenarios. This has little to nothing to do with how easy or hard they are and a lot to do with the "feel" for us. Since we are playing co-op and not competitive, we tend to gravitate towards those for the flipping villain/alter-ego and switching which villain is active stuff as opposed to the straight "keep threat low, bash the villain" that the other 4 feel like.
    I know a lot of people like a harder game and want more stuff like the heroic 2, heroic 3 level, and that is awesome. But people who play along the lines of our group tend to spend less time on forums and as such can be a lost voice. I just wanted to take a second to say to Evan, Michael and Caleb how much fun we  super casual guys are having. We can get away with nonsense like running Thor, Spiderman and She-Hulk as aggression, Cap America as leadership and Black Widow justice...and find a way to make it work. We can have fun against the basic scenarios and when I play solo I can ramp up difficulty as needed.
    I know appreciating Risky Business/Wrecking Crew is borderline heresy in the competitive community...but I love the work they put into it, love the scenarios. I love the way every hero feels like they operate different and fit the theme. Great job, keep it up. I speak for a very small group, just 7 peeps...but we wanted to make sure the designers heard from guys like us as well as the people who are pretty vociferous in wanting the game harder. Room for both and for us, at least, we think you are doing a phenomenal job.
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    BCumming got a reaction from Zakk1121 in Rise of Red Skulls - Official Content creator spoiler season   
    One of the two hero decks in the set is Leadership and Ally cards have much more name recognition or excitement than 'generic/thematic card name,' though I'd like to see what else Hawkeye's Leadership cards have to offer too.  Quite happy with the preview cycle as a whole and very much want to see FFG continue this sort of thing!
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    BCumming got a reaction from Duciris in Rise of Red Skulls - Official Content creator spoiler season   
    One of the two hero decks in the set is Leadership and Ally cards have much more name recognition or excitement than 'generic/thematic card name,' though I'd like to see what else Hawkeye's Leadership cards have to offer too.  Quite happy with the preview cycle as a whole and very much want to see FFG continue this sort of thing!
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    BCumming reacted to FearLord in Rise of Red Skulls - Official Content creator spoiler season   
    There actually haven’t been that many character’s called ‘Spider-Girl’ (although plenty of ‘Spider-Woman’ variants). The other one is an alternate dimension version of Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson’s daughter, May-Day Parker who is kind of a what if future character (although one that has appeared in cross overs).
    This version was originally introduced as the Hero Arana. Her back story is a slightly confusing war between 2 secret societies (The Spider Society and The Sisterhood of the Wasp), and her powers are originally magical in nature.
    She later loses them and becomes Spider Girl after a Kraven the Hunter storyline for Spider-Man. Kraven’s family hunts various spider powered characters and in the aftermath of this event Julian Carpenter (the second Spider-Woman, later known as Arachne) becomes the new Madam Web, and gives her costume to Anya.
    She basically loses her original powers and then gains new more Spider-Man like powers later (which is what is represented by her at this point).
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    BCumming got a reaction from HirumaShigure in So Hulk is out   
    Took some time to tinker with the Hulk deck in order to cram more Physical resources in it so now I like the way it looks for multiplayer.  That prompted me to split She-Hulk out from the Aggression deck she was sharing with Captain America and make one around her.  Since the true strongest Avenger likes Energy and also a good bit pf Physical for Jarnbjorn and Relentless Assault while Hulk hero is very Physical-focused, I made Jen's deck a little heavier on the Mental resources to lean into her slight Mental bias from Superhuman Law Division.  Toe to Toe gives her another tool to help with setting up a big Gamma Slam and it's cheap enough to play in the same turn if you've got a couple extra resources from somewhere.  While Bruce is going to be fun, I'm more excited to try out his cousin's 'punch smarter, not harder' approach!
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    BCumming reacted to IceHot42 in So Hulk is out   
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    BCumming reacted to TheSpitfired in As it stands now, how do you like the game?   
    Thanks for the answers everyone. Spidermana I realized as I read your answer I asked the wrong question but you answered in a great way. I think I was looking to see if there were "staple" cards in some of the packs but it sounds like it depends what aspects you like to play. My favorite for a long time was Iron Man with protection aspect, so knowing where the "staples" are helps, in addition to knowing that they aren't really needed if I don't want to get them. 
    That being said, I'm in for a penny in for a pound, so all the heroes I could find and green goblin scenario are on their way! Now I just have to hope my FLGS still has Thor when I stop in and I'll be golden. I might even get to play this week, so exciting!
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    BCumming got a reaction from TheSpitfired in As it stands now, how do you like the game?   
    1 - I consider all the hero packs so far as "must-have" thanks to the aspect cards they bring to the table, both for the main aspect and the extra cards for each other aspect.  The core set is good but the card pool is fairly shallow so there's not much difference playing a given aspect paired with a different hero.  To that end, at bare bones I'd recommend picking up at least one hero pack for each aspect to open up deckbuilding and variety.  Green Goblin villain pack is definitely the higher priority between the two villain packs so far.  I love the Wrecking Crew in the comics and their pack has a great feel but it's limited in customization and difficulty.  
    2 - I enjoy playing all aspects, probably Aggression the most and definitely Leadership the least.  I don't play much solo anymore so from what i remember Aggression and core-only Protection struggle in solo yet can be tons of fun with at least one other player around.  Now that each aspect has at least one hero pack, the card pool has opened up how aspects can play so you can really build an aspect more to boost a hero's capabilities, shore up their weaknesses, or anything in between.
    3 - Thor is my favorite new hero pack which comes from being one of my favorites in comics.  While it's odd that he's less straightforward than you'd expect, he can be a beast in the right scenarios.  Ms. Marvel and Dr. Strange are close runners-up thanks to their neat hero cards, playstyles, and goodies for Protection.  The good Dr. comes with more new and awesome Protection cards than she does so that's notable enough to mention when budget is a concern.
    4 - Each hero has been enjoyable to play and build for so I don't have a clear-cut favorite in game.  Haven't played Hulk yet and expect he'll be fun too.
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    BCumming reacted to aermet69 in Rise of Red Skulls - Official Content creator spoiler season   
    Retaliate may not be all over the place (yet), but I think people undervalue Ranged on allies. While it many times won't do a thing, retaliate is a real killer for allies taking a whole turn off of it's actions (or even killing it, thus you need to consider using it for actions or blocking).
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    BCumming reacted to HirumaShigure in Rise of Red Skulls - Official Content creator spoiler season   
    I'm looking forward to when we get A SHIELD traited hero for Team-Building Excercise. We have SHIELD traited Alter-egos, but TBE is a Hero action. It'll be nice to get discounts on our Basic SHIELD allies and Helicarriers.
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    BCumming got a reaction from FearLord in So Hulk is out   
    Establishing connections is a great thing.  I picked up my first Ms. Marvel comic because it had Lockjaw on the cover and I love that dog.  Read a couple pages and they were great so I had to buy it.  Got home, read it all, and knew I had to get more.  Wasn't long before I picked up everything I could find and added her to my weekly pull list at the comic shop.  She's well-developed, well-written, and most importantly, fun to read.  If someone says they don't like Ms. Marvel (or any character for that matter), that's a personal preference and that's fine.  When someone goes on and on about why a character they don't like is bad, despite popular and critical opinion otherwise, motives become suspect. 
    I greatly dislike coffee.  Can't stand a strong coffee smell and need a ton of chocolate, whipped cream, or other pleasant things to handle the taste.  I don't start arguments about how coffee is bad because tea is the original heated caffeinated drink and how anyone who likes coffee is wrong, nor do I find or invent facts to prove that my opinion is "correct."  I just don't understand why some people can't just admit their dislike as a personal preference and leave it at that instead of doubling down when called out on it.
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    BCumming reacted to Janaka in So Hulk is out   
    Woot!!!! Got my Hulk pack.
    The folks in the next street who received my package (postman's error) tried to bring it round to me later that day but I was away on holiday; so they left it with one of my neighbours who lives in my street. That neighbour knocked on my door a couple of hours ago to bring me my package. Happy days!
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    BCumming reacted to FearLord in So Hulk is out   
    If your argument is that they called her Ms Marvel because they though that would sell better than “Stretchy Girl” or something like that, then I fully agree. It can be very difficult to establish new characters into Marvel, of any background - see Gravity, a white male character I remember Marvel trying to push reasonably hard as a modern Spider-Man type, who stuck around as a bit player to some extent, but didn’t exactly make much of a splash.
    I would argue that the launch of Ms Marvel is anything but lazy - they worked extremely hard to create links to the wider Marvel Universe - establishing a connection to the former Ms Marvel (which explains why the character would take on the name) and the Inhumans. What do the Inhumans and Mar-vell have in common? Their powers come from the Kree... They also clearly pushed the character cameos early - stories with Wolverine and Spider-Man? Shameless popularity boosts, sure. But part of what was definitely not a lazy strategy to give the character a fighting chance.
    Personally, part of the reason I read Marvel is the established shared universe that these characters inhabit. Names that tie new characters into that shared mythology are a good thing, not a bad thing for me. They could have made her very unconnected to the wider comics - she could have lived miles from New York and existed in her own little corner of the world where she didn’t really have to interact with the wider / more established characters and stories, but that would be far less interesting to me.
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