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    BCumming got a reaction from KimJoshIl in Ant Man experiences   
    No.  Ant-Man (Pym) only gets pym counters for the amount that was overpaid and reducing his actual cost of 0 cannot go below 0.  Thus he doesn't combo well with Team-Building Exercise.  He does work well with Team Tactics since it gives +1HP beyond the pym counters so he could be a free 2THW, 2 ATK, or block.
    Scott wants to flip a lot so anything that rewards that is excellent.  His helmet is great and definitely makes him better but not seeing it early isn't as bad for him as Hawkeye not getting his quiver. My favorite part of the helmet is effectively eliminating the hand size penalty for being in Giant form since you get to draw a card by going Tiny.
    Haven't watched Ant-Man and the Wasp since release so I forget the specifics, however totally agree that he's just plain fun like the movies.  Even if you don't know much about him or have any particular love for the character he's still enjoyable.
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    BCumming reacted to Duciris in Shipping Now (Marvel Champions)   
    By some weird anomaly, the Upcoming page has been updated!
    Marvel Champions: Wasp - [January] Marvel Champions: Quicksilver - [February] Marvel Champions: Scarlet Witch - [February] X-Men: Mutant Insurrection - [February]
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    BCumming reacted to darthweasel2 in Core Game Hero Challenges Iron Man   
    loving the thought processes. At some point I may set out to actually try and accomplish all of them. Wearing all 7 is piece of cake, do that nearly every time out with Iron Man. Be a while before I try number 3 just because challenge almost reads "win the game by making it as difficult as possible."
    For remove 10 threat and return all 7 pieces both The Leadership thing Cody mentioned seems a strong play.
    I think these days the 10 thwart is eminently doable with things mentioned. Leadership with 3 avengers allies out and 3 Honorary Avengers does it. This is one of those "game the game" tasks where I would sit on Honorary Avengers as opposed to play or discard. Futurist lets him cycle so many cards would not be hard to do. 
    Returning all 7  does go hard against the grain for me just because of my playstyle. I am seldom going all out trying to build the best possible deck, largely because I try to keep every hero built and don't want to move cards around a lot. With that said, I will take tuned but not absolutely optimal desks and play them as well as I can. Iron Man is designed to get the suit on quick and get aerial every turn. Discarding armor instead of playing it is fingernails on the chalkboard. 
    Still, I can see a world where Avengers Mansion, The Triskelion, Avengers Tower, Futurist are burning through the deck, as he said using allies (or the second deck) to keep thwart in hand yet still around 10, toss armor to pay for Allies, use stark tower to pay for that piece, play it...it could be done. I am getting more interested. Cheap allies...Stinger, Ant Man, Wonder Man, Squirrel Girl...It has slots for both single and multi-player. Single seems tougher just because how many quests get over 10 threat without you losing?
    I actually kind of like the idea of beating all three in one go.  We have a campaign game Friday...or rather two campaign games, we have 8 people playing, 4 working their way through every villain in order on easy and 4 on expert and this week is round 2, Klaw and I am rolling Ant Man there..but I may actually spend a few attempts. This is actually starting to seem fun.  
    Appreciate the contributions, keep them coming
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    BCumming got a reaction from darthweasel2 in Core Game Hero Challenges Iron Man   
    2) Teamwork and Earth's Mightiest Heroes can help too.  EMH is better with stat boosts that last beyond one action while Teamwork is only going to a a bit of extra Thwart.  Side note - this pretty much has to be done in multiplayer since threat caps on the main scheme are too low to ignore for long while side schemes are more punishing in solo too.
    3) This is going to be tough until we get cards that let use sacrifice cards in play so that you can lay down some Tech cards early and be functional in hero form until you get the Tower out.  Protection has the edge of Tech cards in-Aspect while Justice or Leadership might be more necessary to deal with the extra threat of spending more turns than usual in Alter-Ego form.  For letter-of-the-law players, they'll need to find a way to indicate which boot or gauntlet is which to ensure they bring each boot back and not just the same boot twice. 
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    If you are going to keep team-building exercise, I'd consider increasing the number of Avengers from the starter deck list.  I think between Tiny, Giant and Avenger, the starter deck includes 10 cards total that can be reduced by Team-Building Exercise.  It's a reasonable number, but I think you can probably get greater value if you run closer to like 13-15 cards that will work off it.
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    BCumming reacted to darthweasel2 in Ant Man experiences   
    I legit think he can work with ANY aspect. A lot depends on if you are playing solo or group and your playstyle....and I am noting more and more that the last part is true of pretty much every character. Playstyle can make sub-optimal pairings work and strong pairings exceed all expectations, but where they don't mesh it can take a strong pairing and make it...bleh. I don't know if you  frequent Boardgame Geek or not but that is one reason I more or less quit going over there...they are so snarky towards people who play the game different than they do.
    One poor kid (I assume) was struggling with Dr Strange. The critiques he received and the insults to him and his skill were embarrassing. Not to him...to the people making them but they are not smart enough to realize what $%^& they look like. 
    But back on topic, Ant Man Aggression has tremendous potential. He can already whip out fantastic amounts of damage, Aggression turns the game into a race where most games should be 2-3 turns, maybe 4 and can work really well. With careful building you can stun-lock the villain almost guaranteed, aggression ties into that really well.  
    It does leave you susceptible to being stunlocked yourself, but having Combat Training, both Giant Strengths on the table, maybe the Jarnborn/Martial Prowess combo up...flip up (1d), Attack with mean swing (8d), Giant stomp...17d on a casual turn. And that is easily repeatable. He can definitely do fast damage with the best of them. 
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    BCumming got a reaction from aeixea in Scarlet Witch preview is online!   
    I'm fine with Wanda having two obligations and I wouldn't be surprised to see another hero get that in the future.  There's plenty of design space to explore with Obligations, what they do, how they're removed, and so on.  Future Obligations could summon or enhance a Nemesis, cause problems for other heroes, buff villains, or more - I'm excited to see what they can do.
    There are times now where an Obligation comes up and it's just too tactically risky to exhaust for removal.  Having meaningful options when choices come up is good design.  Her extra one could be very nasty at times and I think it's a good balance to a powerful character who can also manipulate the encounter deck.
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    BCumming reacted to HirumaShigure in Question about Ms. Marvel and The Mutagen Formula   
    It would be a whiff and to add insult to injury you'd get yourself an extra encounter card. In the case of Overrun, you'd get a permanent acceleration counter. In both instances you would stop once the deck ran out. You would not continue after the reshuffle. An additional card that has had similar questions: Thor's Defender of the Nine Realms. If no minions are brought into play by its effect, you'd get an acceleration token and not be able to remove the 3 threat from a scheme. 
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    BCumming reacted to SpiderMana in Effective Aspects of Ant-Man?   
    My first game with the Ant-Man pack, I've decided, will be Iron Man Leadership + Ant-Man Aggression vs Ultron.

    Iron Man finally gets some tech in a new aspect to play around with!  He's one of my favorite heroes to play, so I'm pumped about that. As for Aggression Ant-Man, it's a kindof janky build concept, but I really want to try it out. 😅 (Spoiler tag bc it's based on a card that was never officially revealed)

    As for which aspect he'll do best with? I don't honestly have any strong opinions. I think I've seen people talking protection for him, since he has a decent amount of healing from his helmet and Pym Particles in Giant form, plus a good DEF stat in Giant I believe? So that could be fun.
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    BCumming reacted to FearLord in Effective Aspects of Ant-Man?   
    He really wants to change form at least once per turn. Arguably he wants to use that to change between Giant and Tiny and not alter ego, so Protection (focused on keeping him hero as long as possible) seems like a pretty good idea.
    I could see Leadership focused on cheap Avenger allies and using Earth’s Mightest Heroes to ready him more to take advantage of how high you can get his ATK with both copies of Giant Strength and form changing cards.
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    BCumming reacted to Venompuppy in Scarlet Witch preview is online!   
    I personally think that Scarlet Witch is going to be amazing. Sure you'll deck out a lot more, but that never stopped people from playing all three of Iron man's repulsor blasts back to back with his 40 card deck in the past. 🤷🏻😂
    At least she mitigates the encounter cards and boost cards that you get. She might work better with aggression if you think about it. Kill him as quickly as possible, but also have some awesome events that mitigates everything the villain does. As long as you can kill him before your second acceleration, I think you'd be fine.
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    BCumming reacted to ObiWonka in Asgardian Man Achieves S-Tier with this One Simple Trick! Doctors Hate Him!   
    It has long been discussed that there is a power disparity between heroes, and that Dr. Strange is at the top, while Thor lands near the bottom for most*. Sure, Strange has an extra card available at all times in addition to his larger hand size, can cast multiple spells in one turn, Thwart while Confused, Attack (and Stun) while Stunned, has access to unlimited free healing and/or trivializes his own Alter Ego power, and has a nemesis set that basically doesn't interact with his talents. But that's all balanced by this.
    Strange can pay 1 to search for only one of his other 14 Hero cards:

    But Thor can pay 1 to search not only for 6 of his other Hero cards, but 4 other cards as well!

    That's a grand total of 10 cards if you play them all! Which is ...wait, that's still less than Strange and requires you to play a specific Aspect. Nevermind, folks,

    *These statements are based off internet discussions and may not reflect the actual experiences of the larger player base. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
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    BCumming reacted to FearLord in Rise of Red Skulls - Official Content creator spoiler season   
    Real heroes only get one chance to save the world, so I don’t really have a problem with it thematically...
    No one is going to come to your house and insist you’ve lost the campaign if you choose to ignore the rule though, so I wouldn’t worry about it - as you say like any card game you occasionally just get the kind of draw that it’s not possible to win with.
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    BCumming reacted to Noccus in Scarlet Witch preview is online!   
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    BCumming reacted to Hyperjayman in Marvel not in "Upcoming" releases?   
    Legit though i was on the NL5R forums for a second.
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    BCumming reacted to HirumaShigure in Marvel not in "Upcoming" releases?   
    The game is dead 
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    BCumming got a reaction from ObiWonka in Black Cat Theory Crafting   
    Very true, though Leadership has plenty of other good Allies to fill the gaps until Felicia shows up.  In particular, Goliath and Iron Man are tailor-made for doing the same sort of thing.  I agree with OP that Team Training and Reinforced Suit aren't me as necessary for her in particular since she's more suited to attacking, though they'll help when facing Concussive Blast, Thunderball, and indirect damage, or provide you with more cushion to thwart with her if needed.
    As for a Black Cat hero, I'd love to see her with a hero power or a number of hero cards that involve milling a card from your deck or the encounter deck for extra effect, a la Hulk Ally and/or that one Scarlet Witch card that counts boost icons.  I loved her first card in Vs. System since it did similar things.
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    BCumming reacted to darthweasel2 in Once and Future Kang   
    I find him pretty easy. Of course, a large part of my philosophy is threat mitigation. I lost one game early to threat on a very unlikely back to back unexpected scheme but other than that it has never really been a problem. And if one can keep threat under control, it is no issue dealing with his attacks, the only time it is an issue is when he gets the overkill +2 card, cannot think of the name off hand, but even there I often have ways to minimize the effect.
    One of my favorite games, I did not attack even once, I just kept using stuff like Counterintelligence, Attacrobatics, Covert Ops...Black Widow, with Synth Suit and a suite of Justice cards was often doing 1-6 points of damage almost every turn...not when she flipped down of course, but seldom needed to.
    But it does point to something someone mentions further down the thread, I note I have tended to have either Black Widow or someone like Spiderman, Hawkeye or Captain America who has a card that invalidates the big attacks. Since other than stage 4 he doesn't really flood you with minions, it has never been an issue to deal with the obligations, although some of them I kind of like when they hit...thin my deck 8 cards? Yes please! Unless it hits a key, unreplaceable card, that is doing me a favor. Depowered does require an instant flipdown but since I always have threat well under control, that is sometimes a good thing.
    I suspect a lot of it could be playstyle (which I include deckbuilding as part of) because I actually rank Wrecking Clue more difficult than most people. And that likely has to do with I am so well equipped for threat that sometimes my damage dealing suffers a little bit. I have a pretty strong suspicion that if you and I were to rank the scenarios by difficulty there would be some pretty huge differences...I think most people find Zola tough and I think he is the easiest of those scenarios in Red Skull for example. That certainly is not the wider consensus as far as I have seen.  
    As an aside, and specifically in regard to deck builds...I had a Hulk build I really liked, it was Leadership which allowed him to thwart at will. But the group I build the decks for, the guy playing Hulk likes the "I am just picking which way to do damage" aggression build and since he plays Hulk in our group sessions, I built it that way for him. I believe Sub-Optimal Orbital Leap and Chase Them Down are the only two thwarting cards in the deck. When I play as Hulk, which is rare, I will be the first to admit I play him poorly. The guy I built him for, by contrast, is magnificent with him. He found combinations I did not even realize were in the deck and Hulk is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Time and I again I have seen him make plays that I was like, "that is awful....oh wait, that was brilliant" and a lot of it has to do with playstyle. When it was Leadership he was a drag on the group but I was very effective.
    I bring that up because it bears on which scenarios I think are easy and which are tough. The ones that tend to require a lot of threat quickly (Absorbing Man, Crossfire, Ultron, the last stage of Kang) are far more likely to cause issues for me than scenarios that build up threat quickly. When 4,5,6 side schemes come in on one villain turn, I never stress because I will generally clear them up that turn or maybe one more. Pop in 6 or 8 strong minions? I may give a different answer....I suspect you are a much stronger attacking player than I am just based on what you mentioned above.
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    BCumming got a reaction from Duciris in Black Cat Theory Crafting   
    Very true, though Leadership has plenty of other good Allies to fill the gaps until Felicia shows up.  In particular, Goliath and Iron Man are tailor-made for doing the same sort of thing.  I agree with OP that Team Training and Reinforced Suit aren't me as necessary for her in particular since she's more suited to attacking, though they'll help when facing Concussive Blast, Thunderball, and indirect damage, or provide you with more cushion to thwart with her if needed.
    As for a Black Cat hero, I'd love to see her with a hero power or a number of hero cards that involve milling a card from your deck or the encounter deck for extra effect, a la Hulk Ally and/or that one Scarlet Witch card that counts boost icons.  I loved her first card in Vs. System since it did similar things.
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    BCumming reacted to Deadwolf in Reprint gripe   
    Going off card numbers and the gameplay stream,
    Ant-Man, and Quicksilver only have 5 reprints, Wasp has 6.
    Ant-Man and Quicksilver have reprints of First Aid and Armored Vest respectively instead of power ofs, Wasp has Quincarrier +Power ofs
    So it does appear that the number of reprints is going down.
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    BCumming reacted to darthweasel2 in Experiences vs Crossbones   
    for what it is worth, Caleb acknowledges the mistake in their Ant Man and Wasp playthrough against Crossbones, suggests going with the intended Assault but also adds they are modular, it doesn't exactly break the game to use a completely different one.
    For what it is worth, I find Patrol much easier, your mileage may vary
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    BCumming reacted to maniakmedic in Quicksilver!   
    It's funny, but every time they announce a new hero that I'm really "meh" on, once they do the actual reveal and conversations start happening about how the character will work in practice with the cards we already have, I get really excited about playing them. Quicksilver definitely falls into that category for me. I can actually visualize him speeding around and taking hits for other players, or dealing out damage and thwarting multiple times due to his innate hero ability and "Always Be Running". If you can get a good enough rhythm down with him, "Serval Industries" pretty much guarantees you can keep at least two ABRs in your deck at all times. Can you imagine the turns you could have if you can get your deck down low and manage to use SI to keep ABR, "Maximum Velocity", "Double Time", and "Speed Cyclone" cycling into your deck without completely running through it?
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    BCumming reacted to FearLord in Quicksilver!   
    Not true - Ant Man has a Wasp signature ally, and Wasp has an Ant Man signature ally. The other versions are just extras.
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    BCumming reacted to Tonbo Karasu in Quicksilver!   
    What they have done with Ant-man and Wasp seems to indicate the are on top of that issue.
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