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  1. 21 minutes ago, JJ48 said:

    Did it say that they didn't realize it until now?  I figured they had known about it already, but they decided to go along with it because they had already agreed to the marriage before finding out.  It just wasn't until this situation arose that they thought to back out of the deal, justifying it by saying that the deal had been altered by the Lion.

    A lot of old lore (early RPG books for sure) imply that the Unicorn in general are somewhat naive when it comes to non-Unicorn customs in the Empire.  It's quite plausible that the Unicorn assumed things would work one way while the Lion would take advantage of that assumption.  It's shady to use honor and tradition to trick someone into a deal that's not as beneficial as expected at face value but it's really dishonorable to break a deal once it's done. Kudos to the Ikoma for coming up with such a dastardly scheme.  I look forward to trampling their armies into the ground over it!

  2. 3 hours ago, Ide Yoshiya said:

    Interesting that she's not a Battle Maiden, given the title and the regiment's reputation for fine poetry. Still, I can live with this I can do so much more than live with this.

    I dig badass Utaku Battle Maidens.  I also dig badass non-Utaku warrior women.  I'm going to enjoy FFG's versino of my Clan.

  3. 6 hours ago, L5RBr said:

    Yes we will have to wait for the rulebook to know how it works.

    Just seems nonsense to me a card that forces the Lion (who all know will focus on militar to win and be very weak on Pol to work fine) to have a balance. 

    If you focus entirely on your strengths, you can only blame yourself when you run into a card that exploits your weaknesses.

  4. CCG enlightenment was either non-competitive or too good.  However if the LCG ever adds a card that says "you win if you can claim all five rings this turn" I'd be impressed if anyone ever got that to work.  For starters you're going to need a way to generate another conflict.  However if your deck can consistently win three attacks in a turn given the opportunity, you probably don't need another card to tell you that you're winning soon.

  5. 4 hours ago, Kakita Katai said:

    We get dueling cards, we just aren't allowed to be good at it. Like Duelist Training, I just don't see how the weak military clan is supposed to do military duels. Starting to wonder if dueling was thrown in last minute.

    Same complaint was always trotted out in the old CCG whenever a non-Crane (or whatever Clan in question) had a personality with more Chi.  Simple solution: don't expect to win a duel unless you can't lose.  Add buffs like Honoring, attachments, and Banzai-type cards to ensure the odds are in your favor.  Bully dueling sucks when you're on the receiving end of it but it's the most effective way to guarantee otherwise risky duels.

  6. 1 hour ago, Fumo said:

    In fact that's probably another sacred cow I'd like to see butchered. Clans/families as monolithic entities where everyone thinks the same thing and acts the same way (roughly).

    100% agree with this.  I want to see samurai jockeying for position within their own Clan or family, as well as their place in the Empire.

  7. 4 hours ago, Yandia said:

    After today fiction I would assume that Akodo Arasou is not in the set and Akodo Toturi will be the Lion Clan Champion.

    Arasou dying before release but still being a card in the set isn't breaking any new ground for L5R.  Ide Bantu was killed in a fiction shortly after his card was previewed but definitely before it was released. :lol:

  8. 11 hours ago, Iuchi Toshimo said:

    While the Unicorn do have some over-sexualized women, I'd say a vast majority are full clothed/armored and trampling fools. Some examples from each family except Ide (because they reproduce by budding and didn't get any female characters until very late.)

    Horiuchi Meimei

    One of my favorite cards of all time!  Affectionately known as "Bad Touch Grandma" in my group, this ancient lady had a habit of removing enemy units with Touch of Death or Sake House Brawl, then hoisting an Iron Tetsubo along with maybe a Paper to Steel or Scouring Flood to go smashing provinces all on her own.  Many of my opponents learned to respect their elders the hard way. :D

  9. I used to copy images into Microsoft Word and fiddle with the image size from there.  Can't recall the exact sizes but I was able to get nine cards per sheet of paper.  A standard playing card is about 3-7/16" by 2-7/16" so a little bit smaller than that is your best bet.  Cut out the card and put them in sleeves along with a real card of some sort to get the proper backing.

  10. 8 hours ago, BlindSamurai13 said:

    I want a Dynasty/Samurai Warriors L5R Edition video game now. 

    I have wanted this for years!  The Clan War Era would be perfect for it, and FFG's timeline very well could be too once we see what happens.  Kamoko should start on horseback and have a special attack based on Hachiman while Hida Amoro needs a special rage mode that makes him do more damage with more kills scored but also makes friendly units look like enemy units.  Doji Hotaru/Hoturi, Dojo Kuwanan, Daidoji Uji, and perhaps Daidoji Nerishima for the Crane.  I could go on and on!

  11. 17 hours ago, Wintersong said:

    Horiuchi: FFG, Katrina,... if I had spare money, I would pay thousands to have little gentle Shoan back (and not appear just to throw her into Shadowlands or something <_<). Ancestral Typos of L5R FTW!!!^_^

    I'd chip in for that!  Heck, I paid hundreds of dollars to get my Horiuchi card made at the Nebraska Kotei one year.  My discretionary funds are smaller nowadays but I don't need my 401K as much as I need my favorite family back.   :D

  12. 10 hours ago, Builder2 said:

    I guess I meant is I'm not sure whether it could be about beards. Facial hair, while not unheard of, is not a partcularly common trait among Rokugani people. I was thinking about perhaps Legend of the Sharp-Dressed Samurai, because every girl's crazy about them.

    I had a Sharp-Dressed Crab deck around Jade Edition and it was a blast.  Always wanted to remake it in later editions but never got around to it.  Might be able to do that again with the ??? Fashion card from Crane. 

  13. 10 hours ago, agarrett said:

      This sort of, kind of, relates to stereotypes, I guess, but I'd hope it is not resolved without bloodshed. The stereotype (see, I'm working in the thread topic ;) ) for L5R players is that we want our clans to be peaceful, but the story - and the stereotypical samurai - needs violence to work well. Especially at the tail of AEG's ownership, we saw a lot of conflicts resolved peacefully, usually as a result of player choices, and I think the story suffered for it. I'm hoping FFG is willing to allow a lot more bad blood to develop between the clans.

    Give me all the conflict I can get in the story!  That just makes things interesting and we all want interesting stories.   Bad blood between Clans or characters of different Clans is a great reason to get involved in some good-natured trashing talking between players.  I don't want to actually fight a Lion player or a Scorpion player or anyone else in real life but it's fun to have those "My Clan just beat up your Clan" moments.  We have to be careful not to let any of that bleed over into real life.  Players are just like anyone else in the real world - they come in all varieties.  I know (insert Clan here) players that are fun and pleasant and I know players of that same Clan that are total jerks - it's not the Clan player part of them that makes them that way, it's the rest of their personality.  Same goes for players of other Clans, mercenary players, dabblers in everything, and any other category of player. This applies to real life too - religions, political leanings, sports fans, jobs, etc.

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