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  1. Relative starting honor is likely determined by lore of the setting.  Lion, Crane, and Phoenix are traditionally more honorable than the others so they should be at the top.  Dragon being equal to Crane and Phoenix is odd but not entirely unwarranted, while Scorpion not being the absolute lowest is a bit odd too but it would just let them use their stronghold to steal honor from other Clans right away.  If the honor scale were greater then I'm sure we'd see more variation in starting honor.  I don't get why Unicorn only gets +0PS as their stronghold is good but not so good that it needs a horrendous drawback like that.  My hope is that it was misguided intent to represent the Clan with nomadic tendencies in its past by having weaker permanent structures. 

  2. 1) If you're just getting started, try bidding 3 a few times.  Decks that care less about their honor can consistently bid a bit higher but decks that really need to be higher honor than the opponent (just Lion really) will likely bid 1-2 throughout most of the game.  It gets interesting when two decks that don't care about honor both start bidding high and then one bids low to put honor pressure on the opponent, or when a deck that's threatening honor win realizes they're not going to make it and draws 5 cards for a big push against the opposing stronghold.

    2) I'm aggressive with Dynasty cards so I often have 0-2 Fate left over for the conflict phase.  That's probably fine for demo games but you'll notice your needs more as you get used to the game.  Pay attention to what Rings have extra Fate on them too as initiating a conflict with one of those Rings can mean paying for cards despite spending big in the Dynasty phase.

    3) Being at 5 honor and under is low while having 20+ honor means your opponent can't be reckless about giving you more.

  3. 12 hours ago, shineyorkboy said:

    You monster! Because of you Spider won that season!:angry:

    I don't think Spider won a Kotei that season, much less the whole thing.  But yes because of me the Crab lost their main candidate for Warlord of the Colonies.  A shame that no-one ever followed through on their bounties for removing Hida Kaiji from contention, though I did it all of my own volition anyway.

  4. 1 hour ago, Wintersong said:

    War with the Lion is inevitable so from that front there will be curved blades. And from the Crane front, fans. Koans from the dragon front?:huh:

    I expect straight fans from the Crane, though our curved fans are better.  Not at all worried about getting straight koans from the Dragon.

  5. 9 hours ago, Foxtrot Four said:
    • Crab. Enlightenment by Any Means would likely appeal to them as well as the abandonment of Honor as an ideal would appeal as well. [Only downfall is that they already have a Kolat infestation, both in fiction and out of it lol]

    I had a Crab Enlightenment deck around Jade Edition era called Enlightenment Through Superior Firepower.  Mostly military but could play all the Rings and win by Enlightenment.  It was a blast in multiplayer games.  Fond memories...

  6. Tournament results that have an immediate impact on the metagame besides providing more netdecks are a fascinating idea.  I'm excited to see how it pans out, especially because the same role cannot be selected by the same Clan twice in succession.  Maybe Scorpion with Keeper of Fire is the best deck out there but in a few months it will literally be unplayable without bans or errata.  Then the deck evolves or gets put on the shelf until the role is available again.  Sounds like a good shake-up!  

  7. 11 hours ago, Wintersong said:

    The Unicorn now may is not totally like the Unicorn in old (i.e. maybe they don't care about hiding the meishodo nature). I was hoping for stepping far away from Moto Horde but we will see...

    Anyway, so Daiyu is father to Shono, Haruko and Yasamura. Still had time to father Shahai? No more Shahai? Shahai is now someone else's daughter?

    Shahai could be Daiyu's child from a different mother.  Might be fun to see her as an evil half-sister to the heirs, if she's even around at all.

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