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  1. Very true, though Leadership has plenty of other good Allies to fill the gaps until Felicia shows up. In particular, Goliath and Iron Man are tailor-made for doing the same sort of thing. I agree with OP that Team Training and Reinforced Suit aren't me as necessary for her in particular since she's more suited to attacking, though they'll help when facing Concussive Blast, Thunderball, and indirect damage, or provide you with more cushion to thwart with her if needed. As for a Black Cat hero, I'd love to see her with a hero power or a number of hero cards that involve milling a card from your deck or the encounter deck for extra effect, a la Hulk Ally and/or that one Scarlet Witch card that counts boost icons. I loved her first card in Vs. System since it did similar things.
  2. Most, maybe all, of those signature heroes are a wild resource which is a good but not amazing effect. Smart design to build that into the game.
  3. Nope! They are completely separate so your hero deck needs to have 40-50 in addition to the invocation deck.
  4. I could see him using health as a resource of sorts. Some powerful cards that deal damage to him as well, or are medium power if you don't spend any health to boost them but strong if you do. He'll heal a lot regardless, whether it's built into his identity card or hero cards. 3 ATK on his hero card would be perfect but I wouldn't give him any way to raise it with his hero cards. Even though ATK doesn't translate to pure strength, it would be ridiculous to have him be obviously better than Hulk, Thor, and She-Hulk there and Thor as a printed 2 is a stretch even for game balance. 1/3/2 stats in hero form since he's capable of defending himself even though he doesn't do that often in the comics, 4-5 REC in alter-ego mode. I dig the idea of having him nemesis deck be all minions from his many, many enemies.
  5. Playing more cards that don't trigger Spider-Woman's ability ("Power Of" cards) and adding more of each Aspect card might improve consistency of Finesse from 95% usefulness to 99% but you're going to get noticeably more hands where you draw only a single Aspect's worth of playable cards, not to mention greater odds of drawing a "Power Of" card that doesn't match any other Aspects in your hand. And at 50 cards instead of 40, you're not going to consistently draw into your Finesses as early either. Don't get me wrong, play however you want to have fun - just be aware of the tradeoffs you're making.
  6. Only played one game against him so far, 3-player with Captain Marvel Justice, Captain America Aggression, and Hawkeye Leadership. Normal Mode but with the extra three Expert cards because of miscommunication. He got Exo-Suit right away and we took way too long to deal with it, there were turns with explosions of minions, big bursts of threat, or other messes but we won in the end. Can't say too much since one game is a small sample size so my advice is to be flexible and deal with whatever hits the board during his turns - attachments, minions, or side schemes - before dealing damage to him. He's likely to ignore Tough but otherwise allies look like they ought to block well against him.
  7. I like everything I see here, especially that new Thor! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/9/8/the-unstoppable-wasp/
  8. Looks like Aggression is the Aspect with most synergy for him (Martial Prowess, minion control, etc.) while the other three are best for covering his weaknesses. Justice for handling threat since he's deficient there, Protection's healing and damage prevention cards would be a lot better for him than the 'defend to do X' cards, and Leadership covers threat and survival through putting more bodies on the table. The deck that comes in the box needs some tweaking to suit him better, like adding a couple more cheap Allies in place of Events or cards you don't need three copies of. If the two reprints of Lead From the Front were Maria Hill and Squirrel Girl, he'd be in much better shape. His version of Mockingbird is amazing for keeping him out of harm's way though it's expensive to do so.
  9. I know enough about Hawkeye from the comics but have a lot more exposure to him from the EMH cartoon and the MCU. Long story short, I was happy to have him come to the game though not terribly excited. Played a couple solo games with him last night against Rhino and he feels right. He's all about arrows and having the right one for the job. He's squishy like an un-enhanced human would be. He's not great at thwarting or defending but can deal a lot of damage if he gets to focus on that part of the game. Much like in the comics, heavy hitters like Thor/IM/etc. are the flashy ones while Hawkeye absolutely gets the job done.
  10. One of the neat things about Champions' structure is that it's wide open for mixing, matching, and tweaking to make up scenarios. If we want more mileage from our Nemesis sets then we just have to figure out ways to bring them to the forefront - put include them in Villain decks as modules, start with one in play like a Villain's sidekick, or make them the focus of a new scenario. I had a shower-thought about the latter: Lethal Legion Setup: choose two unused Nemesis sets per player. Each Nemesis and Side Scheme starts in play while the other cards get combined with the standard (and maybe Expert) Villain cards, along with a modular set or two or maybe more. The Nemeses' health values get multiplied by the number of players so in a 3-player game, a Nemesis with 5 health becomes 15. Their Side Schemes will be the Main Schemes with Target Threat equal to 3x or 4x the amount of Threat they start at - probably best to ignore Crisis icons on any of these and replace that effect with an Acceleration Token or extra Encounter card. Play: The Nemeses will have an 'active Villain' mechanic similar to The Wrecking Crew to determine which one of them schemes or attacks. Randomly determine which one of them begins the game as active. At the start (or maybe end?) of the Villain Phase, the active villain will change to the next Nemesis down the line of Nemeses. And for more chaos, whenever a Nemesis deck card is drawn as an encounter card the active Villain changes to that Nemesis so they can do their thing. When any one Nemesis Scheme hits its Target Threat, the enemy wins. Heroes win by defeating all Nemesis. Notes: The Encounter deck won't be normal-sized so it may need to be propped up with extra modular sets or maybe seeing more of these Nemesis deck cards and going through the deck faster will be part of the fun. Numbers are fast and loose here - add more health or ATK or SCH to the Nemesis to make them more challenging, or adjust the Target Threat of the schemes if they're too difficult or easy. Modular sets with named minions could be a good stand-in for a Nemesis as well - Scorpion, Tombstone, M.O.D.O.K., and so on.
  11. Highly unlikely to be a hero/villain pack but at this point we don't have anything concrete. He seems to be a standard hero pack, which definitely means not enough space for a full villain deck as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see a hero pack come with the same character as a modular set to put into a villain deck, however I'd expect that to be for someone more prominent/infamous as both villain and hero in the comics.
  12. Success! FLGS had a dozen available and FFG HQ had three when I swung by to check them out.
  13. I've heard reports that their stock has been good for at least the last few releases. Honestly haven't checked FFG HQ in months since my FLGS is even closer. They've gotten enough stock to put on shelves since Dr. Strange (maybe since Thor/Widow?), so that's where I'm starting tomorrow.
  14. Yep. This right here is why I didn't pre-order RotRS from FFG after doing so from Thor through Hulk. I don't mind receiving things a day or two after street date but when I live in the metro area of which FFG's headquarters is a suburb and my pre-orders don't arrive until at least a week after release date, I'll take my chances driving 20 minutes to FFG to buy on release date.
  15. Okay, so Lola and Jessica are similar in broad strokes while Jessica wins functionality hands-down. Guessing roles in Arkham are more strict than they are in Champions? I like how Justice decks can still sport a few Aspect attacks and contribute that way while Aggression can help out a bit with threat management. Leadership obviously does both well anyway while Protection can't do much to help with threat in-Aspect but the very nature of it leads to less scheming and has a few ways to deal damage. Neat to see SW's got her own pseudo-Eye, and a pair of them at that. Hawkeye will be nice to have but Jessica looks a lot more fun to build and play with!
  16. Card text: "Hero Response (thwart): After the villain attacks you, remove 1 threat from a scheme for each damage you took from the attack (to a maximum of 5)." So the villain is attacking you and you block with an ally. If that villain's attack doesn't have overkill then you take no damage and would remove no threat if you play the card. If the villain's attack does have overkill then you take the amount of damage past what is needed to defeat the ally and could remove that amount of threat, to a maximum of 5 as stated on the card.
  17. All her stuff has been spoiled as of this evening so at the risk of ruining a tiny bit of the surprise, I think you'll enjoy her pre-constructed deck. As someone who's never played Arkham Horror, what made Lola not work out?
  18. I sure hope my FLGS got stock or that there's a copy I can buy at FFG HQ because I'm psyched up to play, even if it has to be solo for a while.
  19. If maximizing her stats is your primary objective, Aggression and Protection seem to have the most cheap cards to play but many of Protection's would be in the villain phase so you'd really only get the DEF benefit. Leadership has some good cheap ones but they're mostly contingent on having allies in play, and the cheap allies aren't sturdy enough to take more than one hit and stick around. IMO that leaves Justice as the best pair with Aggression for this strategy. Aggression gives you Skilled Strike, Press the Advantage (RotRS), Chase Them Down, Toe to Toe, and Jarnbjorn as main options. Maybe 1-2 each of Mean Swing, Battle Fury (a readying effect), Counterattack, and Martial Prowess to round things out. You'd likely pick the most generally-useful cards here since Justice's cheap stuff is mostly conditional to play or has other limitations. Interrogation Room, Followed, Spycraft, and Skilled Investigator (RotRS) are the 0-1 cost cards you can run and I wouldn't put more than 1-2 copies of any in my deck so this is where I start looking at more 2-cost cards. Quake, Heroic Intuition, For Justice, Surveillance Team, Counterintelligence, and Under Surveillance would mostly be 1-of in my deck except for For Justice. I haven't seen all the details for the other new Aggression and Justice Events she comes with so there's more to think about when we get that information but I think this is a pretty good place to start. For a base this cheap, I wouldn't use "Power of" cards at all and that'll give the deck more room for Aspect cards that trigger her buff. One certainly could play three different Aspect cards on good turns but that isn't likely to be the norm and only 4/40 (10%) of your deck will be off-Aspects to give you that potential +3 buff all around. Depending on how easy it is to ready her, focusing on buffing might not be the best bang for your buck. Honestly, that's why I'm more interested the the cross-Aspect combos she's capable of. There's merit in analyzing all possibilities so I hope this is the sort of fruitful discussion you're looking for.
  20. 41 is possible and the ratios of drawing X card(s) at certain times are barely different from 40. That said, I consider the starting point Basics for most decks to be Energy/Genius/Strength, 1x Avengers Mansion, and 1x Helicarrier so that's five cards right there. At five Basics you get 20 Aspect cards to play around with, of which ten of each seems solid. As intrigued as I am by her deck-building possibilities, I'm waiting to get my hands on the product so I know what all her Hero cards and pre-constructed deck comes with before I dig into customizing. I greatly enjoy deck-building and try to keep a deck for every Hero pre-built so she's probably going to start off as my home for janky combos between Aspects using cards that would otherwise mostly sit in the pile of extras (Enraged + Med Team? Sign me up!). First Aid and Honorary Avenger are the main Basics that jump out at me as being useful enough in the right builds to justify running fewer Aspect cards in an Ally-focused build. Nick Fury and Mockingbird are great but might not make the cut there as neither of them are the kind of Ally that needs to stick around for best value. The "Power of" cards probably don't find a home in my Spider-Woman build since the targets to provide double resources will be noticeably fewer than in other decks. Assuming a 10/10 split in her, do I really need to have a pair of "Power of" cards for the 10 (8 plain Aspect cards + 2 of her Hero/Aspect) other cards of that Aspect in the deck? If I'm running a lot of expensive stuff in an Aspect then I'll consider one or two of the "Power of" for that Aspect but I highly doubt I'll ever play enough expensive stuff to justify E/G/S and four "Power of" cards. Seven cards that only provide resources can make for some ugly hands when too many of them show up together, which is why I usually cut the "Power of" cards from resource-rich decks like Black Panther and Captain Marvel. I believe we still have yet to see if Jessica has a unique resource card along those lines and I wouldn't be surprised to see if she has her own version of a "Power of" that makes double resources for any Aspect card. Even if my hunch is a bust, we probably don't want more than one copy each of two different "Power of" cards unless the deck also really wants Wild resources to fuel cards like For Justice and Relentless Assault.
  21. Kang/time travel, alternate universe, clones, etc. - it's not like comic books don't have all kinds of tropes to create these shenanigans.
  22. I can't wait for Thor to bond further with Mjolnir thanks to TBE. I kind of like how TBE doesn't stack with other copies of itself since that means I'll be less-inclined to use all three physical copies in one deck. Tricky part will be figuring out which two decks besides Thor will get a copy!
  23. One of the two hero decks in the set is Leadership and Ally cards have much more name recognition or excitement than 'generic/thematic card name,' though I'd like to see what else Hawkeye's Leadership cards have to offer too. Quite happy with the preview cycle as a whole and very much want to see FFG continue this sort of thing!
  24. Took some time to tinker with the Hulk deck in order to cram more Physical resources in it so now I like the way it looks for multiplayer. That prompted me to split She-Hulk out from the Aggression deck she was sharing with Captain America and make one around her. Since the true strongest Avenger likes Energy and also a good bit pf Physical for Jarnbjorn and Relentless Assault while Hulk hero is very Physical-focused, I made Jen's deck a little heavier on the Mental resources to lean into her slight Mental bias from Superhuman Law Division. Toe to Toe gives her another tool to help with setting up a big Gamma Slam and it's cheap enough to play in the same turn if you've got a couple extra resources from somewhere. While Bruce is going to be fun, I'm more excited to try out his cousin's 'punch smarter, not harder' approach!
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