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  1. Haven't yet made up my mind on what to vote for, since everything but Movement needs a lot more love. Though Movement really could use more variety and effectiveness than the current state of 'obviously-telegraphed and thus easy for an opponent to plan around.'
  2. That's correct! Though Dragon Monks are bound to get more support in future expansions so maybe they'll feel more like what you want at some point. Don't let that or anything else stop you from playing the decks you enjoy now, or ever really.
  3. I dislike 6-in-6 weeks, primarily due to sorting and deck tuning. Don't see much point to changing a card or two in my deck every week for a month and a half so I would much rather do it all at once. Never played any other LCGs so I have no firsthand experience of 6-in-6 months but I would prefer that or a single large release every few months to the 6-week model.
  4. My theory is that Fu Leng owes his name in part to fellow villain Fu Manchu with a chance of association with H.P. Lovecraft's Plateau of Leng. There are a few Chinese-sounding names among Unicorn characters going almost all the way back to the beginning of the CCG. I think it was around Gold Edition when AEG directed Unicorn more towards Mongolian influence.
  5. Upcoming product announcement will be a use for the other 43-45 sleeves with the province back. You heard it here first.
  6. Unicorn - now easily in the top 7 most competitive Clans in this game.
  7. L5R is my first LCG and I've played dozens of CCGs throughout the years. How does FFG promote their LCGs to new audiences? Do they support and encourage demos? Do they ever make demo decks to give people a taste? Homemade CCG demo decks are usually pretty easy to build with extra commons and uncommons. Would a demo deck or Clan Pack even work without adding the tokens and dial?
  8. I want the following in an L5R app: 1) A calendar to announce and remind me of events in my area. Give it variable distance settings so I can be notified of basic OP kit tournaments within say 20 miles while also finding out about Koteis within 100 miles or maybe more if I feel like it. Give me 5 mile/km increments up to worldwide that I can select for each tier of event. Also remind me when new products release. 2) A deckbuilder with Influence-level measurement, integrated Restricted List, errata, and clarifications. Easy decklist export to PDF and/or email for submitting to Tournament staff is a must. Additional functions like tracking popular splash cards and Clans could be fun too. 3) A store-finder so people can find places to buy and play. Which ties in to: 4) An opt-in player finder to see other active players in an area. Should definitely give a good idea of players in or near that area, not necessarily broadcast where those players are right at this moment unless those players want to be found. Maybe have active players select a favorite store or place to play (pub, park, coffee shop, etc.), or even a few favorites.
  9. 2-Core decks are awkward but your best bet would be to take a 3-Core list and add in cards of similar cost to the missing 3rd copies. Otherwise add in cards you want to try out. 2-Core isn't a format to be competitive in so play around with some things to see if buying another Core set or a cycle pack or two will flesh the decks out the way you want.
  10. Give me L5R Dynasty Warriors and I will go out and buy a current console for the first time ever.
  11. Agreed that Unicorn's poorly-statted characters in Core and Imperial do make Unleash attractive. I'd prefer to play with more stat-efficient characters in general if I had the option so Unleash may become less relevant over the next cycle or two. It's also better with Force of the River and now we're running into the realm of combos that just haven't panned out for me. Especially when Unleash means packing Assassination as well is hard, on top of Captive Audience. Yurts can alleviate that mountain of self-inflicted honor loss but they do also help the opponent. So to me Unleash is going to be one of those roller coasters of 'sometimes unplayable' to 'occasionally game-winning' much like Way of the Unicorn.
  12. While I like the options available from having both a Keeper and Seeker role there's a good case for Unicorn to go double Keeper at this stage - mostly Talisman of the Sun and Keeper Initates. Keeper of Fire is what the majority on the Unicorn Facebook group wanted, or at least the majority of those attending GenCon. Feast of Famine is stupid good but in my experience Unleash the Djinn is not and it will sit useless in hand against any deck with dishonor pressure.
  13. Playable, yes. Consistently useful ability, no. If you are going first in a turn, Scout is your first purchase, and your opponent passes right away then either they have plenty of Conflict characters in hand (maybe confident in their ability to draw some) or they're so worried about you getting Fate back that they're misplaying. There are other times you may need to buy Scout without being able to trigger its ability and it has decent stats for the cost. Much like Meishodo Wielder it's definitely better to buy on certain turns but it's not always as obviously discounted as MW. Putting a fate or two on Scout is risky at the same level as doing so for all other 1-2 cost characters. It's not like Scout is so good that you need to keep it around as long as possible to maximize extra value and I'm happy if Scout takes an Assassination hit instead of one of my future Border Riders. IMO it's an okay card that's worth trying, not necessarily building around or milking the ability for all it's worth.
  14. Shinjo Scout is pretty much a Meishodo Wielder - a 2-cost that sometimes costs 1. The main difference is Cavalry on the Scout, which more than makes up for less POL. WotU and a good suite of Conflict characters (to pass first in Dynasty more often) both give Scout more consistency. Now is a good time to pick Unicorn up as they're starting to get a fighting chance in the competitive scene. I doubt we'll see any Unicorn Kotei wins this year but at least we should see some Pony players making the cut by performance instead of just being the best of a weak Clan.
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