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  1. Speaking from previous playtesting experience (original L5R), balance is much more like 'is X card/deck too weak/powerful or have a negative play experience' than ' everything needs to be approximately equal.' Perhaps Thor is a bit under the curve but his hero cards and deck are still functional, and he seems more than capable of having huge turns here and there. Also, I doubt that the playtesting guidelines require that all heroes are optimized for solo play since this is primarily a multiplayer game. Haven't played him yet but expect to do a bunch of solo once I get pandemic preparations complete. Wrecking Crew being easy/beatable is very accurate to the source material.
  2. I've heard that FFG ships individual pre-orders around the same time they ship to distributors, which seems to be about a week before intended street date. Factor in 1-3 days of shipping to most U.S. residents and the estimate of 4 days prior to release makes sense.
  3. I'd keep a fair share of mental resources in Iron Man to power those boots for Aerial goodness. There are more cards in his kit that care about Aerial than there are that care about energy resources.
  4. That'll teach you to put Tiger Shark in your mouth.
  5. I would very much like to try an Aspect-less deck but don't want to disassemble any of my existing decks to do it. My plan was "Tony Stark built this in a cave" but my friend's theoretical 'Ms. Marvel only has an allowance to work off of' version amuses me greatly as well. Even if there was enough design space to warrant a fifth Aspect eventually, there's no specific need for parity in amount of cards for each Aspect since the game is cooperative. As long as there are enough cards to fill a full deck, I'm fine with a fifth Aspect that starts with maybe as many cards as any single other Aspect had in the core set. Heck, they could even do something silly like an April Fool's Day release of Deadpool or Slapstick and tease a new Aspect with the joke being that we actually get that Aspect, albeit in a one-shot fashion.
  6. Heroes/Allies: Howard the Duck, Beta Ray Bill Villains/Minions: Blastaar, Syphonn, Absorbing Man, Volcana, Dragon Man
  7. I love deckbuilding and prefer to tune my decks to the hero so I keep as many pre-built decks around as I can. My Protection Iron Man plays very different from my Protection Black Panther and both are ready to play. Since there aren't enough cards available between Core, Cap, and Ms. Marvel to have decks for all 7 Heroes at once, I'm excited for the day when there are enough random Basic cards that I can build a deck with no Aspect so that I can have full decks for all existing Heroes at that point. Even if that Basic deck will be bad. I also like the idea of going the Smash-Up route and building 25-card Aspect modules then making random combinations to play, however I haven't tried this yet.
  8. My group did that by accident on our first try against Klaw. It was exciting and terrifying!
  9. I don't know about official release dates but my FLGS got Captain America back in stock a week ago and still had some available yesterday for me to buy. That amount of stock seems like a full-fledged release to me.
  10. When I first looked through the encounter decks I was surprised to see only one Caught Off Guard in there since it really felt like a 'basic' disruption effect for villains that could have been given a second copy like Advance and Assault. There is potential to make certain villains lean extra hard into particular kinds of board hate. If they want to make a villain who excels at getting rid of allies and persona supports, Carnage springs to mind.
  11. Jane Foster and MJ have a lot of history with Thor and Spidey but I wouldn't say either are the defining relationship in their respective hero's history. Aunt May defines Spidey's values more than MJ and Thor's tumultuous relationships with Odin and Loki are much more meaningful to the character. Does that mean Design is also doing it this way to leave the door open for Jane/Thor or Jane/Valkyrie? I sure hope so! Jane/Thor got me back into collecting comics and her story arcs were excellent so I'll buy her hero pack if they make it.
  12. Haven't yet made up my mind on what to vote for, since everything but Movement needs a lot more love. Though Movement really could use more variety and effectiveness than the current state of 'obviously-telegraphed and thus easy for an opponent to plan around.'
  13. That's correct! Though Dragon Monks are bound to get more support in future expansions so maybe they'll feel more like what you want at some point. Don't let that or anything else stop you from playing the decks you enjoy now, or ever really.
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