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  1. Guess I am really curious about the dueling and spell cards, we havent seen any of those. It is very interesting to even speculate how such could work/look like in this enviroment.
  2. The issue is, FFG develops way ahead and can balance only between cycles. Lannis were op like 2 first cycles? And those chapter packs in the first cycle only strenghten them. They need to focus and balance cycles well.
  3. I find the first post quite interesting. The point of view is drastically different from mine I guess as I see whole re-designing as truly in favor of : more interaction ( alternate dynasty and conflict, plus honor/dueling mechanic, plus rings mechanic... oh wow - a lot) clear/modern design (no economy being a huge part of deck , no build-up, etc) As far as numbers go, I believe that you can settle your concerns a bit. I guess there will be no huge honor swings in cards, the highest for now I believe is 3 (assasination) and that one is justified. As for honor - yes, goals have been adjusted to the numbers on the cards as well as to dials. Take in mind that if 3-4 skill ( old- force) is "high" now, it used to be pretty much low. The same goes for honor, what it was to gain/lose 30 honor, may be very well 12-15 now We need to see way more cards and an actual gameplay to be able to evaluate. Still an interesting topic though.
  4. I completely agree with the Lanni's being OP during the first year of the game, it was such a shame. I still remember Berlin regionals with 14 of 16 (top) being lanni and 15th had lanni banner... That being said... Concern about balance is real, as far as clan loyalty may balance this out, I do not want to see such situations occuring in future tournaments. Those who know me are fully aware that I am super hyped about the newL5R but FFG needs to improve their balance and OP by quite a lot.
  5. To me, it was clear that it will come with 5, just after the TC interview with developers. Brad clearly describe usage of those tokens. I doubt about the provinces having such a deep connection with rings, those symbols are more likely to be there for deck building purposes.
  6. Exactly. Imho there will be less 1 victory condition focus. Honorable/tricky clans will be able to win in at least 2 if not 3 ways.
  7. First you need to get that character being honorable. Not to mention that if he passes out with 2 glory this most probably give you 2 honor... take duels into account now.... I do not believe that we will rarely see honor win/loss, just my wild speculation though
  8. I had the same feeling about holdings blocking the province. I am quite content now, after some serious thoughs. First of all - yes there is no province destruction so you dont lose your flips from loosing a conflict, which is fine, you may lose some flips in exchange for some nice ability/defence/even card cost reduction though and its up to you how you will balance this, so at the end of the day - its not that bad really, lets just hope FFG will give us strong reason behind giving up those flips (strong holdings obviously) I would guess that 1 holding and 3 flips are a steady character spawning grounds and you have some fate to move around conflict cards etc
  9. Oh I already mentioned that topic in another section. As @Winterson mentioned, no one should be able to blatantly ignore honor. Honor is no longer kind of non-interactive clock you play against. You can draw even 8 or 9 cards, but you need fate to play those. You will not have both - board and card advantage (true card advantage = number of cards available to play which you can afford to play as well) As one of the DT - Nate mentioned : you will find yourself switching from board adv through card adv and honor advantage turn by turn.
  10. There is not only that. FFG already stated that this will be their largest print as the lcg goes. This is pretty much logical as there is a reasonable target audience and its their license to keep and to evaluate the ground for rpgs and their strongest point - board games. If they will be able to spread the IP popularity, then its only good for both, us and them. And as they are not in danger of loosing this license, they need to arrange long time plan. Hope this will be success for them. Hope that they will also improve their OP for us.
  11. This guy just commited seppuku. Clearly hating that L5R is not a copy of ccg, and then whining that "dumb" people will buy the same game over and over, this is GOLD
  12. I am not sure if claiming = getting benefits. But yeah, you are right on this, arcticle mentiones that "winner claims the ring". But why defender should claim it as it's been already assigned and cannot be assigned twice, dunno. Maybe for wording purposes (as in provinces ... "unclaimed ring....")
  13. I know that enlightment victory is your very thing. I believe that if we will ever see it, it will be written on a Stronghold. There is absolutely no way for now, to claim more than 3 rings. (2 normally, but theres crab province) I guess they could combine Stronghold + Province + Holding + Philosophy cards to obtain your desired win condition. Which I would also like ofcourse, but I really don't know if they are willing to do so.
  14. Well, ignore option is kinda obvious as well. So its never too late to use it I guess. Unless you claim "what's been seen cannot be unseen".
  15. I miss Naga soooo much. And there is such a little hope for them to awake...
  16. There is a lot of people eu based. Including me. There were few people among hundreads we know, that had your attidute towards changes. After careful study, most of people recongnize ups and downs and claims that there is a lot more ups. Just a few, one or two we have contact with, have such a hatred attitude agains FFG and their sacred cow. What is your sacred cow? Your vision of how L5R LCG should look like. Any differencies with that vision are very unwelcome. What is more, you are being rude and offensive here. As soon as you will let it go and accept that there will be no l5r (ccg alike) being released now, the better for you. I tried couple of times to point out flaws in your thinking, being ofcourse ignored. Manner up, keep it cool and stay open minded. In other case - restrain from writing such offensive posts. I hope you will understand.
  17. I guess I was never truly loyal to just one clan. LCG model fits perfectly for me as... Guess I searched to taint every one of them! Scorp/Crane/Dragon shall be my priorities then. Hope everyone who is totally loyal with one faction will find more options with rapidly deployed dynasty packs.
  18. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/4/26/crafting-a-dynasty/ Fresh spoiler incoming!
  19. Imho it goes like this : There are 5 rings in pool, available to both players. As soon as first attacker assigns a ring to a conflict - it is done, doesnt matter if he wins (and claims the effect) or not. Second and further attacker won't be able to assign the same ring which has been previously assigned. edit : ofcourse there are provinces and other effects which switch rings, so after assignment of the ring, your opponent would be able to change it thus you could assign that ring in another conflict, assuming that your opponent won't beat you to it.
  20. You could also dig Dragon, those had quite a nice balance between magistrates, courtiers, kensai and monks. A little bit of all. Hope we will find tatooed ones, kihos, duelist and more there.
  21. To be honest, each of clans ( which we have at the release ) had a shugenja family, even crab (Kuni)
  22. Imho, best box for my needs (which was like 4-6 decks and tokens) was released with Forgotten Legacy. Really handy, not too big, not too small, just perfect. Wish it could be a little bit sturdier.
  23. Will you make some sakura blossom alike topings for your chesecakes at the release? Every release event should get one You can gain imperial favor for this.
  24. L5R community is by far most passionate in card/board gaming I've ever met. Glad and proud to be the part of it.
  25. Taking previous (from another lcgs) attachment mechanics into consideration, there is very high chance we will see at least some of our attachments getting back to our hands when character passes away.
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