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  1. They will bring us new huge ships if this format makes them plenty of money.
  2. I assume commercial/imperial fuel transports have a way of keeping the raw coaxium under stable conditions. It's just the underfloor smuggling compartments on the Falcon aren't exactly designed for temperature or movement sensitive cargo. Heck, an ISD is more than large enough to fit a small refinery on board.
  3. And how many of these have seen it, and how many are part of the fanboy boycott? Though given the polarity of opinion in SW fans over just about everything these days, maybe we should never expect anything more than 50%. For those above who've seen it and weren't that impressed, I think you do have some valid criticisms, however I don't think they break the movie. Maybe I like it because I went in expecting (but not hoping or looking for reasons) to be dissapointed and instead found it to be a coherent and relatively engaging film. We get it, you want Disney Star Wars to fail...
  4. Have you seen it or have you just seen the you tube outrage? Without spoiling the plot I can't offer much of a rebuttal, but nothing happened which wouldn't otherwise have been seen as humorous or entertaining had the hot button term 'pansexual'not been used in an interview. Anyway I really came here to see if the rumours of an obi was movie were true. I actually hope not and would rather see something new. Don't get me wrong, I like obi wan, but we have 4 films and 6 seasons of animation on him already.
  5. Just got back from the cinema (UK) and have to say I was impressed. Edit: now I'm actually awake and assuming you want no spoilers: Alden is much better than I expected (though he is still not Harrison, but that's OK). The plot was pretty solid with only a couple of minor what/why/how moments. The balance of action, humour and emotion is about right. There are also some good hints/insight at the state of the wider universe. I'll have to see it again to be sure, but I think this will end up pretty high on my favourite star wars list.
  6. WoofMcMoose

    Scum Aces

    But is not one of the goals of 2.0 to make the factions feel different. Why do scum need an ace force user?
  7. Not me, I can survive in space...
  8. Nice idea. Minor artwork error in that 'slippery' appears to be flying a Tornado IDS or GR1/4 not a Mig.
  9. It is working for me. For a moment I was hopeful it had been taken down to be updated at long last.....
  10. Looks like a good start! I've recently begun a C70 build too, though so far just have a triangle and 3 half finished engines. I may well borrow some of your techniques. What is the overall length and how are you planning to shape the salon pod? Great reference material here if you need it: Radiant VI film model.
  11. Looks like a fun scenario; I'll have to try it out. Whilst the focus is rightly on the run through the interior, I do wonder if a slightly larger setup area may help ease some of the initial congestion. Perhaps a little too enthusiastically I had a quick tinker in paint shop too: Straight_1 by Mark, on Flickr
  12. Phantom II is a prequel/clone wars ship too... http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sheathipede-class_transport_shuttle
  13. So the issue is the dice abstraction is not a clear measure of any single parameter. If n guns = n red dice, then: - what about ships with few but big guns? How do you treat HLC? - what about rate and pattern of fire? You could fix this with different dice for different weapons but then what about accuracy, how many of your shots hit? If 1 green dice per shot (I.e. each green dice is now a measure of the shot accuracy) then: -How is the innate agility of certain ships modeled. It should be harder to hit an A wing with a single shot than it is to hit the falcon with the same single shot? -What about patterns of fire? When firing linked the X-wing cannons converge on a single point. The falcon's quads fire in pairs. Sure the Lambda has lots o guns but some are fixed and some only pivot in 2D. Again you could fix this with moar dice and moar rules to separate firepower quantity, strength and accuracy and ship agility but then we are back to the many X wing 2.0 threads..... It pains me too that in the combat phase A wings don't feel like the agile swivel gunned pew machines they should be. Perhaps a swivel gun title is required along the lines of "when attacking, you may roll 1 additional attack die. After the compare results step if there are more than 2 uncancelled hit or crit results, cancel one of these results". Gives you more chance to pew, and preserves the possibility of a 3 hit at range 1.
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