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  1. I was going to talk about this. It sounded very "Arabian-esque" to me, and not Mongolian. So, I was thinking if the Moto (or anyother people the Ki-Rin found in their travels) were gonna look more Arabian then Mongolian. Well, the "Unicorn" side of the Burning Sands look Mongolian yet. As a Phoenix player, that doesn't even care. But well... And well, my idea was make the desing/AMA team knowing about this. If they are making a honest mistake, ok. But I think it's my duty as a fan to alert about things that they might not know about. Even they should to know.
  2. The game entirely looks great. But one detail sounded weird to me. In the "Showcase" page, one card is named "Mori Kuroi", probably a Phoenix Province Card. The problem is, the words are inverse. It means "Black Forest" in Japanese, or should, because in Japanese as in English, the adjective comes first. So, it should probably be "Kuroi (Black as adjective) Mori (Forest)". Just a little detail that maybe can have passed without notice. I know. That is Rokugan, not Japan. But I think that should be brought to light.
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