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  1. No, they were not streamed. It is a pity in such a great tournament. I hope this changes in the 2018 Kotei.
  2. First 2 packs are legal. No decklists yet. Elimination rounds are being posted here: http://challonge.com/es/Madrid_kotei In the first round the Dragon, Crab, Crane and Phoenix challengers were eliminated. TOP 16: Scorp 5 Lion 4 Dragon 3 Crab 2 Crane 1 Phoenix 1 TOP 8: Lion 4 Scorp 2 Dragon 2 Crab 1 TOP 4: Lion 2 Dragon 1 Crab 1 Finals: Crab vs Lion Crab wins!
  3. TOP 36: Scorpion: 10+1 Dragon: 3+1 Phoenix: 3+1 Crane: 4+1 Lion: 5+1 Crab: 4+1 Unicorn: 0+1
  4. 444 participants Pairings are posted here: https://twitter.com/search?q=Alex_W-Asmodee&src=typd&lang=es I can't find more information
  5. You decide the order in which you discard them Rules Reference pag 22 4.2.
  6. Sorry man. I can’t understand these complaints. Companies take risks, they develop products and then people buy them or not. If they don’t, they lose money. If they do, they make profit and all these games, books and movies we love continue coming up. It is how the world works. I don’t know about other lcgs, but in this one, having more tan 700 core cards for 120 bucks doesn’t seem obnoxious AT ALL to me. And you can always share 3 core sets with a friend that plays different clans, and you would have everything you need for just 60 bucks.
  7. *Talks to wife* -Yes honey... Really?... (nod)... (nod)... *Clicks refresh button* -That was very nice of her... Really... (nod)... *Clicks refresh button*
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