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  1. He's saying that, even if you are using the sun to your advantage, blade partially unsheathed, kicking dirt, if your opponent is doing the same, it somehow becomes A-Okay in the views of everyone else.
  2. I actually really dislike the card design in Ashes. I don't really know how to describe why I don't like it, but it just seems... fake? Like the card art doesn't capture the essence of the characters or actions, just puts them there in a fancy pose, with the card details just there to frame the picture correctly.
  3. I'm of the camp that you won't be able to make a complete deck with one core set. I posted the math in the thread 'two cores to be competitive', but basically AGoT2 only barely had enough cards to make 1 deck from the core set, and that game requires less cards per player.
  4. Agree. Also, Breakthrough looks like 195 to me, and Vengeful Oathkeeper looks like it ends in a 0, which doesn't fit the prediction..
  5. When Netrunner ran into this issue, they created 3 new mini factions to fill the other half of the box. If L5R goes this route, it's likely that spider or mantis gets added in at that point.
  6. This game has a larger deck size per player than any other recent game FFG has done before. Even with this in mind, Netrunner, with half the required deck size, still needed a decent chunk of the core set to be neutral. With more cards needed to play, the amount of neutral cards required increases. Game of Thrones does not even have the potential for a legal deck out of one core box, hence the need for the "Kingslayer" format at the gencon tournament. (In fact, even using all the neutrals in the game, you can't even make one legal deck). (Edit: It is in fact possible to make 1 deck out of a core box.) Warhammer Conquest allows for full legal decks, however they require splashing, and the splashing in Conquest allows for a lot more cards from the secondary faction, as it's not limited by influence.
  7. There are a few things wrong with this statement. Firstly, if you count the number of cards in the core set, it is highly unlikely to be able to build full clan decks from one box, unless you make most of the cards neutral. You mentioned Netrunner earlier, where single faction decks required more than 30% of each deck to be neutral. Also, each player played with ~45 cards, not even comparable to the ~85 required here. Secondly, their most recent competitive LCG, AGoT2, did not come with legal decks possible out of the core set, so your last statement here is wrong.
  8. I disagree with this here. From what I've read in other posts, in the original L5R, Hoturi (the non genderbent Hotaru) and Kachiko seemed to be in a relationship. It's not that far fetched that the person who asked the question meant something along the lines of "will we see this relationship still exist", instead of "can we get softcore porn".
  9. So as we all know now, 3 core boxes are required to collect a full set of each card. But then what about the statement made at GAMA? Well, it obviously must mean something else then. Now that we know more about the game, we know that a lot of cards are required to play. Each deck will have 40-45 cards each, and each side will have provinces and a stronghold. Adding all of that together, each player will need to use 86-96 cards! (40-45 conflict + 40-45 fate + 5 provinces + 1 stronghold) Considering that there are around 250 cards in the core set, that would be hard to fit in, considering that everything has clan alignments - conflict cards, fate cards, province cards, and of course fate cards. That is split among 7 clans. If each clan would be playable, that means that each clan has less than 20 cards (with over 100 cards neutral)! Obviously, this is not a good idea, which means... Two boxes are needed to play competitively, because two boxes are needed to form a legal deck. There is actually precedence for this too: In gencon 2016, there was a special "Kingslayer" format for AGoT2, as you could not make legal decks with one box with that game either. Granted, AGoT2 has 8 factions instead of 7, but it also requires less cards to form a deck, 69 (60 deck + 7 plot + 1 faction + 1 agenda). As such, my question is - if required - what special rules would you like to see for the release tournament at gencon? AGoT2's "Kingslayer" format made players choose 2 factions and use all of their cards, along with a handful of neutrals which they could choose. However, the plot deck was all neutrals at this time, so the players had some choices for that, since it was only 7 cards, and there were some variety as the game had enough plots to support 4 players. We have already seen clan-specific provinces, so it is harder to imagine being able to have a meaningful choice there, other than being able to choose between the two clans chosen, if FFG chooses the same route. Thoughts?
  10. I don't think you need to worry about someone with a Japanese dictionary. Shinjo Altansarnai wouldn't be found there (although that is a unicorn clan person, so leeway could be given that it may be a more foreign name).
  11. If I'm not mistaken, Warhammer Invasion added new factions too, although that's a really old example. Also, I don't know if you count this, but Star Wars LCG only had `1 or 2 objective sets for 2 of the factions (basically 10% of a deck, just as a teaser) , which they later fleshed out in a expansion.
  12. If it's like AGoT2, you can probably expect each dynasty pack to only have around 1-3 new cards for each clan, with a bunch of room for neutrals. For deluxe boxes, I expect mostly to be based around 1 clan, with 2 cards for each other clan (to make them buy it too) and a bunch of neutrals. I don't expect Mantis or Spider to come out anytime soon. Randomly throwing out an idea for when it might come about: after each of the 7 clans get a big box, the next big box will be a Spider vs Mantis box, with the idea being that Spider overruns the other Great Clans and it is up to the smaller, ignored clans to band together to push them back.
  13. I think this design is mostly due to Brad Andres from Conquest. In Conquest, a lot of people tried to stall their deployment by doing other actions, so that they could see what their opponent planned to do first. This at least incentivises people to actually get stuff done.
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