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  1. You should look at the kickstarter, it's a much more fleshed out version of stuff they've worked on over the years, looks very promising. Very similar mechanics to HoT but "improved" (speculation for now obv, but I've read the rulebook and watched the videos, looks solid). Corporate plans change. FFG seems to do a lot of freelancer contracting instead of in-house, so when those freelancers take on other products they can't be used again soon.
  2. I *hope* so but I'm afraid this game is going to be forgotten. I bought it so excited because I saw so much praise for the Warhammer predecessor, thinking that maybe since it has their own IP attached, but FFG seems swamped in Star Wars and KeyForge mania right now.
  3. It's the nature of any competitive game, LCG, CCG, DBG. There will always be "optimal" cards, "sub-optimal" cards, and lemons. At least with an LCG I have full playsets of cards for making fun decks for local casual games. I want a "Core 2.0" update to the base set/legality. I'd also like for them to print out cards with errata and make them cheaply available. I see a lot of controversy about this idea, but I just watched a podcast from a much smaller game dev who about to do it for their game because they feel it would be better for the competitive scene in the long run. It's kind of silly to just expect new players to deal with errata on top of everything else getting in to L5R entails. Give out errata'd cards like candy in promo kits and the such. Sell cheap packs on the website.
  4. my apologies, I didn't realize stuff on the first page of the forum would be that old, I hadn't logged on in a long while and saw the thread. If FFG is going to run a story heavy game like L5R, why would they not have someone who is dedicated to it full time in office? Freelancing out something that important seems like a poor decision, but maybe I am not that familiar with how these things go. I'm not trying to be antagonistic mind, but I realize in text it probably looks that way so I'll be happy to let sleeping dogs lie from here.
  5. Yeah but unless you want very unhappy employees...promote from within. I've seen office after office hire from the outside and disgruntled employees leave. Most businesses only hire from the outside because it's easier to low-ball pay new workers. People being promoted from within expect a pay jump usually above what you can pay someone new.
  6. One thing I think people aren't taking in to account is that 3-4 years from now, I imagine their algorithm will be much better at creating a variety of interesting yet balanced decks. This game is about a slow-burn into being something bigger, later. Their math will continue to improve because they control how the game works far more since there is no deckbuilding aspect.
  7. I really hope we get more content for HoT. It's a blast to play, so far it's one of the few games at the table that nobody has any complaints about or grumbles when someone mentions it.
  8. Oh, I think I just have been considering the spirits themselves as the law-makers and breakers of reality. Maybe an obtuse hierarchy could be established. "regional" spirits and "seasonal" spirits that have greater power or different influences.
  9. So this is just how I'm doing it for my own homebrew setting, and the focus is "animistic/nature" spirits largely, but those could entirely work. I have been trying to tackle spirits for more "human" concepts. Like a spirit of Blacksmithing or Archery. I imagine they're mostly just focused on Augmentation ("Guide my arrow to be true!") and Cursing ("Hey, curse that bandit archer to suck!"), with maybe very limited Attack usages. I think Law could be similar. They can Curse people who are known lawbreakers, and Augment known lawful people, I think that would be the most thematic usage.
  10. I'm a big fan of spirits so I've been working on guidelines for them, as I feel the structure of Genesys works perfectly for them without me having to do a whole lot. To cover the broadest range of nature spirits, I figure 6 primary domains cover most things. Water, Earth, Sky, Fire, Animals, Plants. River, lake, sea, ocean spirits are Water. Soil, rock, gem, mountain spirits are Earth. Wind, cloud, lightning, rain spirits are Sky. Animals covers all living (non-humanoid) creatures. Plants covers all vegetation, including mushrooms (Personally I have an additional category for Fungus but for most games it's a bit silly to separate fungi from plants). Example: Plants skill are granted Attack, Barrier, Conjure, Curse, Heal, and Utility. Attack - Ice option just turns into "Entangling vines" Conjure only creates plant matter, or summons barely sentient plant life. If you want a Great Lighting Hawk spirit, just make a spirit with the skills Animal and Sky. I toyed originally with just having a Spirit skill and then purchasing "domains" (Hawk domain, flower domain) with talents that would grant expanded usage but it seemed needlessly complex, and I feel this works better because it means an elder tree spirit would have less dice when dealing with a minor domain outside of it's primary focus. I'm working on coming up with thematic renames of the attributes, namely for Brawn and Agility, just for flavor. Now I'm curious how much I'm going to worry about adding the interaction "layers" of spirits. Will players need to augment weapons to affect spirits? Do spirits have diminished power if they are "dematerialized?" How would I handle that, give setbacks on all skill checks if they aren't materialized? Interest/comments/critiques?
  11. Adapting Heroic Abilities seems like a good route. Some you may want to turn in to "magic skills" and work with the players on what things they can use (adding fire damage, etc). Wolverine obviously has a ton of upgraded talents. Storm obviously has "Weather Magic skill" because it's very common for mutants to get too exhausted (used up all their strain).
  12. I feel it's a very safe bet that online is coming. The game already lends itself to data-collecting on card combinations that are OP/UP, and I think the real strength of this game is the balance we will see going forward, 3 years from now their formula will be pretty strong. Right now I'm sure it's a matter of quality control in making sure all QR codes get recognized, because again I feel it's a safe bet we can use our registered decks. It's brilliant because it would push sales of the physical product, which would cover costs of implementation, as tournament players would love to test out decks online. Also imagine the game modes they could introduce and experiment with.
  13. I kind of get that, but for fans who want to sit down and "brush up" on the lore it's nice to have a simple collection of PDFs so I can read it on my tablet (or laptop) while on a bus or whatever. Also it would be nice if they could give a very official order of all the fictions as well, even if they don't do their own digital omnibus versions of them. I just think the effort it would take to do something like this on their own would be fairly small compared to what it would mean for the community. They already have everything written and proofed, it's just a matter of making a single PDF and updating it every X months.
  14. I think it's sad FFG can't do this properly on their own, especially with how central the story of L5R is to so many players. Thanks for making this! it's a huge help.
  15. It's kind of weird they're trying to launch a new flagship product and don't seem to be talking about it much, but then again I imagine all their Star Wars stuff is much bigger for them.
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