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  1. Would be a more accurate statement.
  2. Kind of like the dark seedy underside of Reddit, but a good 5/10 times worse.
  3. Well, he is a 3 cost conflict character. so even if he has a slightly better ability, it's still a three cost conflict card. I'll take the Unicorn Magistrate over the Scorpion.
  4. Are they? I was under the impression, they could go in either direction.
  5. Ugh, I'm now just imaging. Dash Political skill, and can only participate as an attacker.
  6. I'm at work, so I'm not dumb enough to do it for you. That said, I'm kind of tired of these "That might be good" I'd just like something that is good.
  7. So much faith, be prepared to have though hopes dashed.
  8. K. The answer is obviously play Crab.
  9. Just means the Spirit has a powerful will and forces itself to stay longer.
  10. This, is why you splash Crab for Reprieve.
  11. You know what a great card against Lions Pride Brawler? Playing Way of the Crab after the fate phase and the board is cleared and she's on her own.
  12. I thinking I'm selling it as mediocre on the bottom side.
  13. *looks at leaked cards* The saddle is...not good. It can move around, once, but it's just a plus 1.
  14. I like a 1 cost conflict char.