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  1. I'm not really following. This seems like such a non-issue. I'm unsure how it's unclear or misleading. They have the same timing. It's pretty straightforward.
  2. Ask FFG. You're the one who is not accepting the logical answer for the favor of a conspiracy theory that serves no purpose than to fulfill an already held negative belief. My business is distribution, and storage, so I'm going to favor my own experience and knowledge over someone who rather live in their fantasy of how things work.
  3. I hope they stay a minor clan, so I can just keep splashing them into whatever deck I have. I love the Kitsune.
  4. I just want the family back.
  5. I'm assuming you mean the Shipping alone cost 17.21 which is definitely not normal, I'd check the shipping options, in case something like next day shipping was accidently checked or something, or find a different play to order from, cause that's insane.
  6. The first store I went to had 10 people show, I'm keeping an eye on their facebook feed for more events, but I'd love to get a gaming group set up at my normal store.
  7. My local tried to run, but I was the only to show up, so I got a fullbleed Altansarnai to go with my full bleed Toturi. I'm talking to them about setting up an L5R night.
  8. Well, Ogre is just an Oni by a more western name, like goblins. Big Creatures with big beat sticks.
  9. Edit: Serious note, Dragons yes, Unis and Pegai, no. We'll probably only see supernatural/mythical creatures that are tied to east asia.
  10. *update* I has a full bleed Imperial Favor now. It so pretty.
  11. (Or are on the same boat, according to the website) Where in my comment did I even make claims to estimate the lead times for shipping? or manufacturing? I said that everything is done at the same time, and it is. Especially if they're looking to launch this game with a big wave, which has been pretty obvious this entire year that they have. So, follow with me here, the logic is a bit complicated. They design the cycle all at once, Then, the entire cycle is sent to the printers at the same time. Finally, it's all shipped at the same time. Why would they do this even if they were planning on releasing monthly? Well, if you're trying to create a large wave of interest and keep it stable, and you've had major problems with securing product from overseas shipping in the past, you'd make sure you'd have all of it sent to you, instead of the usual piecemeal. But you know...FFG wanting to make sure the new product they spent a lot of money on doing well, and kept alive in the early stages of LCGs where they are the weakest is clearly a sign of BS and trickery.
  12. I can. And have. Truth be told, I don't believe the problem people has is legitimate, even from the idea of having a plan, since nothing is being forced on them to buy these immeadiately. Every complaint I've seen is based on the "buying 6 in 6 weeks". No one has to do that, the game isn't unplayable if you don't buy them all right away, and even on a competitive level the game isn't unplayable. It's an over reaction based on, I believe, a childishness need for immediate gratification. People can wait to get everything if they really need to.
  13. This doesn't mean they planned to release these in 6 weeks 9-12 months ago. Since they were planning on starting in Nov. and since the entire cycle is designed as a group, even on a monthly release they'd have sent these all to the printer at the same time.
  14. 60 bucks is a harder sell than 15, and 60 dollars on a casual may only use a small part of the box is even worse. It feels cheaper to spend 15 for only a handful of cards in each expansion, even though it isn't. Market psychology at work.
  15. Even if the defender has no presence, if the attacker has zero, they don't win.