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  1. Perhaps FFG's stance on the online version of the game has already been stated. This is my personal story. My wife has banned me from playing any MMO or any other MMO-isque mobile games. Does FFG have any plans to introduce Hearthstone/Elder Scrolls Legends/Magic ish version of Destiny?
  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to compare the cards guys! I was hoping that a subtle difference between the first release and the latest release was present (something like Alpha and Beta version of MTG), but oh well... As a collector, I figured if I would like to collect more singles, I suppose it's best if I wait a while longer! Thank you!
  3. Has anyone opened the rereleased boosters/boxes? Are the cards EXACTLY the SAME in every way (graphics, paper materials used, cutting, colors, edges) as the initially released ones? I hope to hear from you soon guys! Your guess is appreciated, but I would like a response from a player who has actually opened the new boosters and had the chance to compare both cards!
  4. May I ask what you mean when you say curated?
  5. Just curious. Do the developers ever check the forum and leave responses? Just asking since this is my first time using forums on trading card game.
  6. I agree. A different border or a simple graphical difference that will allow us to differentiate the cards will be a great boon for collectors!
  7. I assume if FFG decides to make any changes to identify reprints, they will only make a slight graphical change vs. making any erratas.
  8. The number print runs is crucial indetermining the values of any collectibles with limited runs or prints. Although we do not know how many are in prints for the Awakens, I am sure more reprints of exact same cards will in someway, adversely affect the value of the cards. So venerable FFG, please! Are we able to identify initial runs from reprints?
  9. You are absolutely right. I am just asking for a subtle difference. Something along the lines of simple date changes, or etc. You are definitely right about FFG being more attentive to the needs of growth in player base, but it wouldn't hurt to give subtle difference to the cards not only for collectors to differentiate between the first and the reprint, but also for the historicity purpose as well.
  10. This is an absolutely valid question for die-hard collectors and not a mere minutia that can be overlooked. As a first time posting here on the forum, I am not sure whether FFG developers see our posting, but Destiny as a collectible card game, it is tentamount to know whether the card will be exactly the same as the initial release or it has a graphical difference that connotes that this is a "second edition" of the Awakens cards. Although it is a game, there are many who collects them and consider them as an investment piece. As such, the reprint and massive increase in the card production/supply has an adverse impact on the cards value. Other notable game producers did try to differentiate the reprints by having different graphics or making the border white. Could FFG folks let us know whether such change will be made? It is dishertening to know that our cards' value will plummet due to overproduction.
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