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  1. The 1 cost Dragon monk is weird. His ability will rarely be very useful. He makes High Kick slightly better, though still probably only worth running 1 or 2 at most.
  2. The Steadfast Witch Hunter is wearing the facepaint. Maybe only the tsukai-sagasu (witch hunters) wear it this time, or maybe it's just an error / inconsistency in the management of the art selection.
  3. The 1 cost Dragon monk is decent. Conditional ability that will occasionally be very useful. It also makes High Kick more useful, though still probably only worth running 1 or 2 at most.
  4. Better in your hands than in your deck.
  5. I'm glad you like the art. The card really is kinda poop, though.
  6. Yeah. I feel Dragon really need a good 3 cost monk, and probably a good 5 cost monk as well. We currently have only one 3 cost monk, and she's a conflict character. This new Phoenix monk is excellent, and continues the trend of them getting the types of mechanics I wish Dragon had
  7. The tattoo us interesting. I'm still not sold on Agasha Sumiko. Id rather have Yokuni most of the time, and our 5 cost could / should have been a known iconic character, like Mitsu or Hitomi.
  8. Hey, man, I play Dragon the great majority of the time. I think they need less clunky and / or less easily shut down mechanical themes. However, I mostly disagree with your assessment of this hypothetical card. It probably needs a "once per conflict" cap, and maybe a 1-fate cost, but otherwise it's fine. The worst that happens is that your opponent bows one of their characters opposing you and sends them home, and you choose not to do the same, so they gain 2 honor and you lose 1. Powerful effect, yes, but it has a cost and it's effects can be cancelled.
  9. Eh...Dragon is getting some rather "iffy, at best" cards in this cycle. Itinerant Philosopher is just...not good. The Enigmatic Magistrate is probably going to be far too unreliable to make up for his crappy stats.
  10. Yeah, it was one of the first things I thought of. Beautifully eeevil. I've pulled it off twice in a Crab-splashing-Phoenix deck. It's a good thing it requires two clans for anyone else to splash. It would be busted if Dragon could use both these cards.
  11. I've heard that the deluxe sets will simply be pure single-can based, starting with Phoenix. I hope not, as I feel that's an absolutely terrible way to go.
  12. To be fair, I keep hearing about a lot of botched supposed rulings by the judge(s) there. If the reports are accurate, the judging has been terrible, with several completely incorrect rulings made. That said., it's at least partially FFG's fault that it's been difficult to have consistent rulings.
  13. If I were to completely redesign Unicorn from "scratch", I'd make them similar to Crab in a sense: 1/4 or so of their initial character base would facilitate movement, and 1/4 would gain benefits when you move them and / or another Unicorn your control. 1/4 would be honor-based, mostly tying into Battle Maidens. The last 1/4 would just be generally solid characters to round things out. Oh, and no matter what, I'd give them a Province that is worth using in most of their decks.
  14. Good points made on the stronghold being potentially too much. It might be less deforming if it let you move in your cavalry character while you are the attacker, and move out while you are the defender. In any case, I agree that in theory, starting over with new ideas to build on would be best. However, I don't agree with abandoning movement mechanics entirely. They're far too integral to what Unicorn is about. If the rumors I keep hearing turn out to be true (all the Clans getting a deluxe box each before any other new 'clans' show up, starting with Phoenix), I think it will seriously hurt the game. Yes, FFG has other successful LCGs that took a year or two to get 'Deluxe' numbers of new cards added for some factions. However, it definitely cases some people to quit the game when their faction is one of the last to get such a major boost, and I believe that issue will be greatly exacerbated in L5R, due to clan loyalty still being a major factor for a lot of players. Let's say Unicorn is last to get a deluxe box set. The earliest that would happen is towards the end of 2020, unless they somehow manage to shift to 3-4 deluxe box sets a year. Even then, it's a problematic release model.
  15. I'll be adding a new version of their province later. For now, here's a new conflict card I created to add some flavorful honor-gain , and to show the other side of the Unicorn.