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  1. FB_IMG_1492709359584.jpg.4a0e8a935f57aae67ad90476de1369f2.jpgHi there,

    So I couldn't find a great place to put this topic, so I figured the crystal ball section would be pretty good for this, as it could be a great learning experience for all involved. Sound great? Good, now let us begin!

    So for reference, I speak about this incident that has been attached. 


    TL;DR someone asked for a possible card (here henceforth called "Pillowfight" created with Hotaru and Kachiko. Employee gave a terrible response, then edited terrible response, followed by deletion of the whole topic. People who saw were not happy with said responses.


    Whether jokingly or not, the response from a FFG employee (I believe it was the Senior Assistant Art Director) responded with "No bribe necessary ;)". Now, I know a number of female friends that play this game and as soon as they saw that, they went from heartbroken, to livid, to rage of an angry God over this response. Can you blame them? I can't. That was a terrible response to an awful question.


    After getting some negative feedback, someone edited to try and clarify that they had meant that it wasn't taken seriously. No apology was issued and the winky face was removed.


    More negative feedback came and that is when Pillowfight was banned and deleted, there by sweeping the whole topic under the rug. There are plenty of screenshots of all this happening along with what I have attached, so please don't bother denying it.


    What am I trying to accomplish with this topic? Well, I was hoping for more feedback from the company pertaining to this particular foul up. While the merits of your product may be good or not, this is going to discourage people from buying your game (especially the female player base. I can see them not wanting to have anything to do with your company after this particular incident.) 

    So what should one do in this particular situation? If it were me, I would offer a formal apology and attempt to start another feedback loop with those offended. That would help with positive image of the company and possibly correct the course here. Then again, I am not in charge, so whatever steps you can take to correct this course, I would act on it soon. These topics tend to catch on like fire with social media. ;)


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