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  1. Negation Nation (40) Palob Godalhi [HWK-290 Light Freighter] (18) Moldy Crow Points: 58 (49) 4-LOM [G-1A Starfighter] (10) Advanced Sensors (2) Zuckuss Points: 61 (43) Cartel Executioner [M12-L Kimogila Fighter] (5) Cluster Missiles (3) R3 Astromech Points: 51 (30) Captain Seevor [Modified TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 Total points: 200 Thoughts on this list would be blocking the use of green tokens, jamming or dealing stress. All i3 allows for blocking the i5/i6 aces but allow for possible PS killing i1/i2. Thoughts?
  2. Fly them together and then when I get close enough, utilize as blockers. I think that their blocking capacity will be great due to the fact that they are medium bases. Dengar attacking first would be beneficial with his co-pilot to token strip to allow for the G1-As increased chances of hitting those slippery targets.
  3. I doubt we will ever see that due to the fact it is a First Order pilot ability
  4. 36 points of hull . . . (56) Dengar [JumpMaster 5000] (8) Punishing One (6) Expert Handling (7) Hotshot Gunner Points: 77 (41) Gand Findsman [G-1A Starfighter] Points: 41 (41) Gand Findsman [G-1A Starfighter] Points: 41 (41) Gand Findsman [G-1A Starfighter] Points: 41 Total points: 200
  5. You guys think that hotshot blaster will ever make its way in to 2.0?
  6. Viability here? (44) Contracted Scout [JumpMaster 5000] (6) Adv. Proton Torpedoes Points: 50 (44) Contracted Scout [JumpMaster 5000] (6) Adv. Proton Torpedoes Points: 50 Thought is the ion torpedoes can be used to make the other JMK5s to get in to range one for the other two to get off their advanced proton torpedoes. 36 points of total hull/shields makes for a lot to go through. Thoughts?
  7. Does Static Discharge Vanes (SDV) see that much meta play and if so, what are those lists? I think that the card ability is neat but I am confused about the cost. I could be biased but I would like to know what you all have seen...
  8. My favorite ship in the game. Picked a third one up today for ten bucks and am trying to make a list for some casual store scene play. The first has lando with Ig88D. The thought on this was to calculate for two tokens use one as cost to reroll with lando with the last one to mod the reroll (TL with a weak focus) and then Bossk for a second attack. The others don't really need explaining. Thoughts or suggestions? New Squadron (54) Trandoshan Slaver [YV-666 Light Freighter] (8) Lando Calrissian (3) IG-88D (0) Jamming Beam (10) Bossk Points: 75 (54) Trandoshan Slaver [YV-666 Light Freighter] (2) Zuckuss (2) 4-LOM (0) Jamming Beam (6) Dengar Points: 64 (54) Trandoshan Slaver [YV-666 Light Freighter] (5) 0-0-0 (2) BT-1 (0) Jamming Beam Points: 61 Total points: 200
  9. Flew him last night with it and proved to be pretty good once more. Using the blue 2-bank then a hard boost makes for awesome repositioning.
  10. I would strongly recommend that you add a turret on Torkil to expand his arc to apply his ability.
  11. I toyed around with the general last night with my wife. He did a lot for me. Anyone running lists with this guy and if so, what is the build? I am toying with the idea of making a list with four. We will see. My build: (47) General Grievous [Belbullab-22 Starfighter] (3) Daredevil (10) Soulless One (6) Afterburners Points: 66 Total points: 66
  12. Maybe??? It was left nondescript because I don't know his name.
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