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  1. Bossk is my all time favorite scum pilot (mostly due to nostalgia) but he does hit like a truck if you build him correctly. Your build above is good. I like the natural BT-1 and 0-0-0 synergy but there is too much dependence on being at range 1 and opponent choices (ie they may give you a calculate token instead) which can be a problem with the ship. I have found Greedo being the best choice because there is no range stipulation. This gives way to you putting other useful crew such as L3-37 to improve the dial and 4-LOM (I freaking love 4-LOM). This is my current build: (62) Bossk [YV-666 Light Freighter] (2) 4-LOM (4) L3-37 (1) Greedo Points: 69 (56) Old Teroch [Fang Fighter] (3) Fearless Points: 59 (30) Unkar Plutt [Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug] (5) Pattern Analyzer Points: 35 (30) Captain Seevor [Modified TIE/ln Fighter] (6) Outmaneuver Points: 36 Total points: 199 I know Seevor here is an extremely unorthodox build but he is very fun played as a flanker with outmaneuver given that he is oft ignored due to his low dice value but he can be a topic for another time.
  2. Honestly, my build on Dengar seems to be doing pretty well. I don't share the same thought in regards to the droid slot as the original post (as R5-P8 is awesome!) but here is my Dengar build: (53) Dengar [JumpMaster 5000] (4) R5-P8 (4) Expert Handling (5) Punishing One Points: 66 Total points: 66 Keeping him lean/modest allows you to get an additional 2-3 ships depending on your choices. I have found that he gets shot down pretty easy under concentrated fire. Not to mention, he is pretty predictable during setup due to his dial.
  3. Solo and the Gands (54) Han Solo [Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter] (2) 4-LOM (2) BT-1 (4) Trick Shot (3) Lando's Millennium Falcon Points: 65 (41) Gand Findsman [G-1A Starfighter] (4) Rigged Cargo Chute Points: 45 (41) Gand Findsman [G-1A Starfighter] (4) Rigged Cargo Chute Points: 45 (41) Gand Findsman [G-1A Starfighter] (4) Rigged Cargo Chute Points: 45 Total points: 200 Lots of hull and potential for some significant firepower. Thought is to use Gands to drop more debris and block with Solo as the major damage dealer. Any criticism is appreciated.
  4. I really want to like this ship but I am stuck on figuring out its role. By design, it is supposed to be a filler or support but it is almost too expensive to be filler due to the fact that you have to staple a cannon or ordinance to it and there are better options for filler for cheaper or same price. Its three hull and one shield without linked actions are kind of a downer for me. Blue maneuvers are also lacking. In regards to the support role, there is Serissu but she is only so good. Any builds including this ship in the list that you all have found success with?
  5. I really wish there were more pilots for this ship. Am I the only one?
  6. Always been a fan of the stolen TIE but can't say I have seen it on a table since 2.0 started. Any lists out there? I would like to see um.
  7. I have been very successful with this list. Has my boy Unkar Plutt and Bossk in it. The list has overall potential for great control. People tend to focus down Bossk first leaving Unkar a shot at tractoring. Ketsu is the hammer with some control elements and has been very good at cleaning house but also setting up huge hits from Bossk with her tractor tokens. (64) Bossk [YV-666 Light Freighter] (0) Jamming Beam (2) 4-LOM (4) L3-37 (1) Greedo (1) Marksmanship Points: 72 (70) Ketsu Onyo [Lancer-class Pursuit Craft] (5) 0-0-0 (3) Contraband Cybernetics (3) Fearless (3) Shadow Caster Points: 84 (33) Unkar Plutt [Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug] (5) Informant (5) Pattern Analyzer Points: 43 Total points: 199
  8. Thoughts on "Drea Swarm" (54) Trandoshan Slaver [YV-666 Light Freighter] (0) Jamming Beam (3) IG-88D (2) 4-LOM (2) BT-1 Points: 61 (54) Trandoshan Slaver [YV-666 Light Freighter] (6) Jabba the Hutt (12) Han Solo (3) Contraband Cybernetics Points: 75 (49) Drea Renthal [BTL-A4 Y-wing] (2) R4 Astromech (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (2) Expert Handling (3) Dorsal Turret Points: 64 Total points: 200
  9. Maul/Chertek/Grievous (44) General Grievous [Belbullab-22 Starfighter] (6) Afterburners (6) Outmaneuver (6) Soulless One Points: 62 (39) Chertek [Nantex-class Starfighter] (10) Ensnare (5) Gravitic Deflection Points: 54 (67) Darth Maul [Sith Infiltrator] (8) Perceptive Copilot (9) Hate Points: 84 Total points: 200
  10. Negation Nation (40) Palob Godalhi [HWK-290 Light Freighter] (18) Moldy Crow Points: 58 (49) 4-LOM [G-1A Starfighter] (10) Advanced Sensors (2) Zuckuss Points: 61 (43) Cartel Executioner [M12-L Kimogila Fighter] (5) Cluster Missiles (3) R3 Astromech Points: 51 (30) Captain Seevor [Modified TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 Total points: 200 Thoughts on this list would be blocking the use of green tokens, jamming or dealing stress. All i3 allows for blocking the i5/i6 aces but allow for possible PS killing i1/i2. Thoughts?
  11. Fly them together and then when I get close enough, utilize as blockers. I think that their blocking capacity will be great due to the fact that they are medium bases. Dengar attacking first would be beneficial with his co-pilot to token strip to allow for the G1-As increased chances of hitting those slippery targets.
  12. I doubt we will ever see that due to the fact it is a First Order pilot ability
  13. 36 points of hull . . . (56) Dengar [JumpMaster 5000] (8) Punishing One (6) Expert Handling (7) Hotshot Gunner Points: 77 (41) Gand Findsman [G-1A Starfighter] Points: 41 (41) Gand Findsman [G-1A Starfighter] Points: 41 (41) Gand Findsman [G-1A Starfighter] Points: 41 Total points: 200
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