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  1. Well I asked a question to the devs months ago asking about this, no response yet nor update of faq
  2. I just thought you had been stunned....
  3. The left hand side of sense i love the feeling of my force user moving around to avoid stuff based on the force
  4. Hmmmm I play a defensive dualist so I am tempted by this new sabre - how do people think about it working for a dualist build?
  5. There’s no pain like Mystic pain!!!
  6. **** is a burny hot place!!!!
  7. Question in dual bladed lightsabers and their ilk - can different ends have different crystals - if so how the **** would you track which ends been hit with!
  8. Can I be honest, lightsabers aren’t exactly real world!!! more importantly can we have the full spiny sabre stats please
  9. No additional text restrictions EXCECPT on the jump control upgrade
  10. Looking at Sense - the tree doesn’t say you can’t use it more than once but the full description does
  11. What’s wrong is that this isn’t the mystic book!
  12. So assuming Mystics gets a conflict talent overall people are assuming it’s going to be alchemy - however could we end up with multiple? IMHO all 3 of the trees lend themselves to a conflict talent - and considering the mystic background I could easily see us having more than 1 conflict tree Prophecy of doom Alchemical corruption Magus twisting of force spring to mind
  13. It’s 8:53 am - where’s my maths!!! #timezoneissues
  14. I’m most interested by what the new force powers are and the career talents specialisations arr
  15. Mystic book? Ok when do we get it what’s the maths!!!!!