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  1. Well it would be nice if the Devs did come back in this... if this is the 'new' ruling (which makes sense) it would be nice to be told 🙃
  2. Random fact - my gm says my lightsaber is purple! I left it up to him
  3. My GM is mean - we spent the night discussing the direction we want to take the game and he gave no exp!!!!
  4. As a min maxer I usually have a firm plan however in this case I've got some ideas of where I'm going but the character is evolving rather than min maxing for example - I've just gained my lightsaber but as a dualist have zero access to reflect however this will not be changing any time soon as growing into those areas doesn't suit the character yet
  5. Don't forget scar talents as an option as well
  6. And iirc a combo of a hired gun and soldier ability is pretty wrong
  7. Well for example a dualist like myself taking the guardian ability to lock an NPC into a 1-1 dual - unless I'm totally outmatched I've got a great chance of winning - can't be shot by others etc etc
  8. I'm running out of popcorn watching this argument!
  9. As a player I actually asked the gm not to do this im the only player without a career book (mystic) but the ability to mix careers and specs can be obscene
  10. I really wasn't happy with Sams answer as to why aggressive negotiations isn't coercion- looking at F&D main book page 116 it clearly says if you make a threat regardless of any physical move - its coercion the fact it's cool and suits the speciality whilst great doesn't make sense It's a once per session ability so I threaten to drop people if they don't back off and use the ability - it's negotiating if if I then 5 minutes later do the same thing but can't use the ability again it's coercion ermmmmmm
  11. Well that's exactly when our group is playing so cool!
  12. Investigator is a great tree for a non-force sensitive if that's the style of character they want to play You can even get all the non force powers without needing to buy a force power
  13. Nooooo mystic!
  14. However doesn't having Frits increase your next crit roll by 10 per current crit, so bleeding out will rapidly auto kill you