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  1. Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!

    Have we hit longest ever between announcing and article yet for our Mystic book?
  2. Q lightsaber mod

    Currently not, who knows what the Mystic book will bring with the Alchemist
  3. If you don’t mind it would rock - it’s more for the second set of charts so it’s easy to see if someone goes up a FP the expected improvement they can get
  4. @Absol197 have you got that as a spreadsheet- I’d like to work out the difference between each rating (I could obviously do this by hand, but that’s a ton a great data) - so it’s possible to see the improvement you are going to get by buying the next FP quickly (and don’t want to ask you to do it)
  5. Generation of Conflict - what would you have awarded

    To be fair I did actually expect our money man to speak to him! So serious question - if you take an action and someone comes to harm because of it and you don’t know about it do you get the conflict?
  6. Generation of Conflict - what would you have awarded

    Ps I’d also been told IC by the demo that the gangs were all very nasty folk - so I had MUCH less worry about setting two enemies on each other
  7. Generation of Conflict - what would you have awarded

    Actually I was expecting our demolitionist to Just use his deceit to get rid of them, not to go down the route he did if I had been aware of the brewing conflict I’d have let them on the ship and charged them the exact equivalent of what they wanted to shake us down for - everyone wins (Side note was also trying to get people who had been stuck on the ship involved and my character HAD been busy and was knackered) I actually didn’t expect them to raid the ship of the radio station and even if I had woken up fully wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it as I’ve previously said - no issue in what you awarded - I’m just trying to buy into the system (not working so far!!!) 😀
  8. As I stated in a different topic - I don’t like the conflict system - but I’m happy to run with it We had a situation tonight where I gained conflict (no issue with this) but I’m REALLY interested in seeing how much other people would have awarded The GM running the game I’m in came up with a number I have no issue overall with but I’d REALLY like to have more faith in the way it works, so this is NOT me saying he did anything wrong (he didn’t). so - I’m the only force sensitive in a rebel cell - we are on Junkfort Station for resupply and the rebel sympathisers ask our paranoid group member to help sort out a problem- that of an imperial listening post disguised as a radio station on a ship attached to Junkfort Eventually he tells us that the radio station is feeding low level info to the imperials (not exactly what was asked of us) and basically low plays it as a job that’s not important for us to do No problem - that’s his character I get the opportunity to plant evidence against the radio station saying that they were trying to set the Junkfort Gangs against each other to weaken them This works Now what I was expecting IC (he’s a n00b) was the info to dry up going to the station and maybe then getting pushed around What happened is that two gangs tried to invade the ship, which detached from the airlock to prevent them breaking in, spacing 2 gang members- and then causing a shootout between the two gangs as they argued over whoes fault it was I was asleep on our ship at the time and was woken up to be told that the gangs were trying to break into the other ship - Id been very busy IC so he said he worry about it in the morning and went back to sleep Question: How much conflict would you have awarded?
  9. Dawn of Rebellion

    Update!!! not the one I wanted (mystic) but hey https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/1/5/building-a-galaxy/
  10. Morality problem

    Rescuing a prisoner during transport when your teammate mines the roads and we rush in to rescue - not sure how you do that sneaky 😀
  11. Morality problem

    Personally I strongly dislike the morality system I’m the only force sensitive in the group and we are a rebel cell. I am the dodge melee tank of the group (dualist with left side sense) and therefore quickly into combat with my lightsaber this character is unashamedly played as a goody two shoes light paragon Im nice to people! that shouldn’t preclude me from going into battle against someone we are at war with! I understand that I’m killing people but war sucks - otherwise why didn’t the entire Jedi order become dark during the clone wars - why didn’t Luke swap when he blew the death star up etc etc it should IMHO be narrative but obviously I do what my gm wants - their game and I’m loving the rest of it too much to let this rubbish part spoil it
  12. Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics

    I can see links to the agitator tree for prophet
  13. Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics

    Hope it’s not int based as that would spread us over 3 stats
  14. I as the only force user is keep track of morality with regards to light/dark however the entire group is using duty mechanic