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  1. Random Bystander

    Character creation walk through

    I use oggdudes tool and with practice can put a character together pretty simply now - the big thing is deciding race
  2. Random Bystander

    Endor And Hoth?

    Actually I’d say Alderaan was all over the place....
  3. Random Bystander

    Greetings and a question

    I’m more interested in the fact he revealed himself as a force user, inquisition time!
  4. Random Bystander

    Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics

    Let me translate the important bit EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE See simples
  5. Random Bystander

    defensive training + dual wielding

    I thought that different sources didn’t stack unless they specifically had the + in them?
  6. Random Bystander

    Sense: Control Question

    However you can get the mystic talent that means you can launch one as a manuever for 2 strain - which can help
  7. Random Bystander

    Flight Suit

    I so read that in the voice of Penfold...,
  8. Random Bystander

    Ebb and Flow

  9. Random Bystander

    Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!

    Wrong thread, that forums over there 😉
  10. Random Bystander

    Survey: Favorite Lightsaber Build

    Yep the gem is insane - it fits my character (he’s musically focused - chords and discord) - but told gm didn’t want it
  11. It also allows a starting character not to sink points into melee as they can’t start with a lightsaber
  12. Random Bystander

    Ebb/Flow Question

    However the guys over at O66 state they give the questions days in advance
  13. Random Bystander

    Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics

    So Power of Darkness We were discussing this in our group and one of the opinions was that this is a lightsider power As the dark side grows in the destiny pool then this represents you fighting against it
  14. Random Bystander

    Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics

    Hmmmm those don’t fit my current character tooo much but we’ll see
  15. Random Bystander

    Shipwright: Wait….. What?

    Also, and I could be wrong, think about the line it’s in, the Rebels are under a lot of pressure so come up with cool designs and builds but at a cost