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  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that we are finally caught up on our content... You can go here, to see our latest full episode...of course the episode as per usual is broken down into its respective topics. I have also posted episodes 11 and 10, that we recorded. I apologize for the lack of content (life happens) but we are back on our usually semi-regular schedule P.S I will be posted the current episode on our soundcloud soon...as soon as we are on itunes you will be able to go back and listen to the audio versions of past episodes as they will be archived.
  2. Long coming and much delayed last two episodes...sorry for the lateness but better late than never! Audio versions of this will be posted to the soundcloud soon Enjoy! Episode 8: Will you choose lion? https://youtu.be/SFOIY74Gy1o Episode 9:Will you choose dragon? https://youtu.be/UfhakIZ-SbM
  3. Hey everyone just wanted to update that I have posted some additional content on our youtube channel. Come on over and watch our Review of the Crane clan cards In addition you can expect the broken down video's of last episode to be uploaded soon, as well as the audio only version of the latest episode uploaded to Soundcloud. You can find the video's here Video 1: Dynasty Cards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf7q-toaWxk Video 2 Dynasty (continued) https://youtu.be/GA9Fgr3zb4Y Video 3 Conflict Cards https://youtu.be/BuEj7diwVGY
  4. Hey everyone as promised the link to our next scheduled stream where we will be discussing the Price of War Fiction form this week and in our main topic GenCon!! Link to Livestream recording https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCLw0NkOOPyjU_KyPdFjc3YQ/live
  5. lol no its an old L5R card and the first thing that popped into my mind when I was advertising the stream the very first time...plus it fits with the Mono No Aware concept...
  6. Follow us on stream tonight at 7:30 PST as we talk about honor and etiquette a guide to no being a jerk! https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCLw0NkOOPyjU_KyPdFjc3YQ/live P.S Editing and posted content from episode 5 forthcoming its been a week.
  7. Join us for our Live stream recording (5/26/17 7:30 pst) of episode 5: Will you choose crane. We will be covering the preview article and for main topic we will be talking about some of the reasons why a new player may want to join the crane clan! https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCLw0NkOOPyjU_KyPdFjc3YQ/live
  8. Hi everyone! I am posting this here as the open thread for our weekly cast series on all things L5R! Join me and my co-host Ginger Jesus each week as we discuss the new developments in the Legend of the Five Rings LCG as well as one topic focused on gameplay, story, community and competitive dimensions of L5R I will post here for announcements of our (currently) weekly stream of our recording of the shows You can find us in the following ways Facebook: Destiny has no secrets Facebook me @L5Rdestiny Cast Watch videos of our podcast as well as additional content (coming soon!) at our youtube: L5Rdestinycast You can listen to the audio version our full length episodes on our Sound cloud: L5RDestiny Cast Email us at: L5RDestinycast@gmail.com Join us on our Discord server where we talk about and share our weekly topic: https://discord.gg/c87KTjg If you like the show or our content then make sure to Like, Subscribe and Follow us!
  9. I will be.....and no they are an amazing clan. As far as clan loyalty goes...I have always considered clan loyalty important to the game, not fanatical clan loyalty...Basically you go to a tournament you represent your clan at least once a kotei season, its just what you do in my mind. However I never begrudge anyone in my playgroup taking something other than their clan. I will usually try to see if we can make a competitive deck though. Play what makes you happy...thats L5R. If someone is giving you crap about being clan loyal or not being clan loyal...they are obviously missing the point of what the game means.
  10. its a mechanic in deck building that forces you to include specific cards in your deck based off of other card choices. So in Star Wars LCG you had Location cards and you had to select 10 ( i think haven't played it in a while). Each Location card had a "pod" of 5 cards that had to be included in your 50 card deck. Conquest however had a variant of the pod system that had you select the commander (sort of like stronghold) and you had to include 5 cards that were unique to them in your deck..
  11. I had a scary thought what if they implement some sort of Pod system similar to star wars lcg or conquest.
  12. narf... Yeah I am a total newb at any other this you tubing/streaming stuff. I was just sitting on obsessing over this stuff and have had no outlet...but I will keep it up!
  13. Hey everyone...just thought I would share the video of some of my thoughts on the L5R mechanics. https://youtu.be/78g0zrFWvhQ
  14. I would like to see yoritomo's alliance unite under a different minor clan.
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