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  1. Bowed Characters still contribute force for abilities, it is only during conflict resolution that they do not contribute stats.
  2. “Out-of-play” refers to all other cards and areas involved in the game environment, including: character cards in a player’s provinces, role cards, cards in a player’s hand, decks, discard piles, and any cards that have been removed from the game. That is quoted from the rules reference under "In Play and Out of Play."
  3. You don't have to, if history repeats itself, Kisada and Kuni Yori will let plenty through themselves...
  4. I got Scorpion. This is expected, as the dark guise of Fu Leng lets you see only what he wishes you to see. So for now, to the world, I appear to be scorpion.
  5. Except in duels. If a duel participant suffers and outburst during a duel, the other opponent immediately makes a Finishing Blow, which if hits, inflicts an immediate critical strike equal to double the deadliness of the weapon. This urges strife management in duels.
  6. Clan loyalty doesn't matter in the end. Because at the end of it all, we will all be servants to our Dark Lord Fu Leng, and he will usher in a new era of darkness and prosperity to mislead clans of Rokugan. For too long, the great clans have led their people astray, the backward teachings of the corrupt and traitorous Kami fueling the false ideals of the samurai. Fu Leng will bring about a great cleansing, and then, you will truly understand the power of Jigoku.
  7. Yes, you can trigger abilities from bowed characters unless it specifically says otherwise. Yes, he would stay bowed after the conflict. Sashimono only prevents him from becoming bowed, it does not unbow him.
  8. Look at all you guys with your local game stores
  9. Anyone interested in using the core box for storage, I would recommend checking out he website for The Broken Token. I saw them at Gencon this year and they make some great wooden inserts. Here is an example: http://www.thebrokentoken.com/compact-card-game-organizer/ The prices are reasonable as well. Also, was not trying to hijack your thread Your insert looks amazing, just giving the option for those of us that are not so great at creating things
  10. I don't think this is unnecessary. Remember, a characters Giri is how they serve their lord. A Ronin has no lord, so it fits that they would have no Giri other than, Find a new Lord. Ninjo is thier human desires, and they should be at odds with their Giri. Perhaps the Ronins Ninjo is " create a secure future with your allies, free from the constraints of clan." This would fundamentally oppose their Giri of " Find a new Lord to Serve." His giri is what he should do, his Ninjo is what he wants to do, and they obviously conflict. Beyond that, roleplay your goals. The only thing you are missing out on are the mechanical effects of gaining glory when you complete your Giri, which also makes sense, since you are not serving a lord, thus cannot gain glory from your lord for completing your duty as you have no duty to a lord.
  11. That works. In characters my group has made, I have already allowed substitutions based on character backstories. I have a feeling this will be fleshed out more in the actual game.
  12. I ignore parts of the metaplot, except where it fits the story I want to tell. For example in the games we ran, Kanpeki never existed. The true son of Daigotsu was my character, Daigotsu Kai'Sen, which we created before Kanpeki was a thing anyway. As a player, my buddy ran the game as an "evil" campaign and I began as Isawa Tensen and did not know my heritage. The end of the campaign saw me claiming Akkuai-Uo, the Ancestral Sword of the Hantei and realizing my birthright. The next game I ran continued in the same world but we went back to a more traditional game, but where our characters from the last game were the antagonists. Daigotsu Kai'sen had declared himself the true emperor of Rokugan at court in the Second City, and slaughtered those who opposed him in attendance. Through shenanigans and plot devices, the campaign ended strangely: Kai'sen was killed - Daigotsu returned to Ningen-Do - The new incarnation of the Shadow Dragon now leads the Scorpion Clan - our Crab player became the new Lord of Jigoku - the Sacrosanct Lion (the true hero of the story who saved Rokugan) killed the Empress to stop Daigotsu's ritual and is now clanless and wanted for her murder. Yeah...things took an odd but interesting turn. So in the world I use, the metaplot is pretty much thrown right the **** out the window...
  13. Start the phase with an action window and end the phase with an action window, alternating Action Window - Conflict. Easy way to keep track.
  14. Yes. Other than card or in game effects, the only time you can choose to place extra fate on them is when they are brought into play.
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