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  1. Probe Droid's special reads: Look at 2 random cards in an opponent's hand and discard any of those cards that are events. Can I use the special if my opponent only has 1 card? Just reading the card, it seems like I can't, but I was just wondering if the rules for discarding cards are similar. DISCARD Discards random cards from an opponent’s hand equal to the value of the symbol. • If an opponent does not have as many cards in hand as the value of the symbol, then they discard all of their remaining cards. I know it's a different situation, I was just wondering if Probe Droid's special requires at least 2 cards in hand. Thanks!
  2. Getting back into this. 1) If a character's die is in my dice pool and that character is defeated, does the die get discarded? The rules seem to indicate they do, just checking. "When a character has damage on it equal to its health, it is immediately defeated. Set aside its character card and all of its dice (both its character and upgrade dice), and discard all upgrades on it. (While set aside, the character and its dice are no longer in play and cannot be used.)" 2) If I play Abandon All Hope on my opponent who does not have any resources, could they choose to 'discard all of their resources' or do they have to discard their hand? "ABANDON ALL HOPE (79) • Either option can be chosen, no matter how many resources or cards in hand a player has." 3) Playing a lot of L5R lately where the game state must change. L5R is clearly not Destiny and I'm thinking you can do things in destiny that don't change the game state. Is this a correct assessment? "Can I exhaust or play a card that has an action that I cannot fully resolve in order to stall the round? Like a Backup Muscle (r99) with no damage on it or playing Noble Sacrifice (r118) when I have no Blue characters. • Yes. Playing a card from your hand, even if it has no effect, removes a card from your hand and does not count as doing nothing. The same applies to exhausting a card or rerolling a die to its same side." Thanks in advance!
  3. I love 2nd Edition, but I was thinking about using 1st edition cards to create draft packs. Anyone have some guidelines to help me do this? I'm going to do it anyway! Just looking for insight from anyone who has done this. Thanks!
  4. I'm okay with the errata, but I'm finally done spending money on a game that can't print it right the first time! This is not a complaint because I think the changes make sense, but I'm out. Enjoy it everyone! It's simply not worth my time anymore.
  5. That's what I think is crazy about this whole discussion. Double ring effect is good. Just because people want it to work on defense doesn't mean that it should work that way.
  6. Without having to read 7 pages . . . What does Hotaru do as written? Allow you to resolve ring effects twice if they participate and win a battle as an attacker?
  7. If you set $10 (2 beers out, a six-pack in, one lunch out, etc.) a week aside from now until October 5th, you have $70 and you know you're going to buy 1 anyway for $40. That almost adds up to $120 for 3 sets. I don't make a lot of money, but I have no problem buying 3 sets - and we've known this for how many months!?! I don't even know why I'm wasting time typing this. It's not a big deal - buy 3 sets and enjoy life!
  8. Introspection was an amazing card that granted me many an enlightened victory! I mean, Keeper Initiate is a great card.
  9. What is the neutral holding that does this? I've gotten really behind!
  10. Massively derailed! Deck lists please! Anyone who has been playing please post something - here or as its own topic. I haven't been following as intently to all the new rules and would like to get some decks together to start figuring it out!
  11. Yes, I would love to see a list of the decks used! I realize they change, but it would just be helpful to see what is in the decks from the video. I don't care where they are posted. Thanks!!
  12. So I have been playing with the best of what I've pulled - Vader/Raider. With 2 force lightening, 2 vibroknuckles and a force speed, that deck isn't slowing down!! However, now I have a bunch of cards and would try to make a mill deck but I'm overwhelmed. I really don't know where to begin. Do I go light side (Padme, maz, ackbar,?) or dark side (krennic, plutt, dooku, ?). I don't even know if the names listed work, but they are in my collection. Any help from someone with actual experience playing mill would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. I seemed to have misplaced an Infiltration die unfortunately. Am I still allowed to have both cards in my deck? It seems like I should, but I realize I would not be able to have both cards in play at the same time.
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