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  1. I think "Core 2.0" should be built in a way to support 8 Clans/Factions Either Mantis or Shadowlands take up the 8th slot. Break up the Core into two options Base core set that gives you everything and Four rival skirmish decks that features two clans each, maybe something like: Crab vs Shadowlands Lion vs Crane or Lion vs Unicorn Phoenix vs Unicorn or Phoenix vs Dragon Scorpion vs Dragon or Scorpion vs Crane *the first set seems to represent the current clan conflicts going, but they can be adjusted as needed for story or proper card placement* This would give players a cheap entry point into the game to try it. It would also give you the option to select specific clans via getting multiple copies of the skirmish pack for the clan you like. And if you want it all you can get that too. If you get all the 4 rival skirmish sets it equals one full core box so you could just pick up and extra two core boxes.
  2. Me reading Sukune fiction... Yadda yadda, wall, tetsubo, skip ahead..... WTF! Why Fu Leng no haz terrible standard!? This make Oni sad. Seriously though I'll probably love this novella. But not as much as I'm going to love the Shadowlands one. Remind me when that one drops?
  3. I bet he was the one that set up Altansarnai's marriage to the Lion....... He's also responsible for disco, Teletubbies, and all the worst Star Wars movies.
  4. minus points to all previous posters for no obvious "Out **** spot" reference. Also I love how Chiari, straight up called Kachiko stupid. Leave it to the Kitsuki to tell it like it is. "Well, well, well, it appears the evidence points to only one conclusion...………..you dumb girlfriend"
  5. I've always held the belief that GPO was a good stronghold, it just lacked the supporting cards to utilize it's ability. Nice to see it finally get some time in the spotlight
  6. Ningyo?.........I dunno Wait for it...... Sounds fishy. I have a rule when it comes to embracing non-humans. Never trust something that is half-a-$-$ing it. Half-human half-fish.......seems pretty sketchy to me. Shadowlands creatures in the other hand. They are all-in on the evil so at least I know what I'm getting into.
  7. It would probably be easier to swim at night if Tsuki had glowy eyes and extra arms...……. Just saying.
  8. Seems like garden variety Maho. Pretty tame no reason to be alarmed......nothing to see here. Carry on.
  9. Oh I have no problems with the salt. The Dragon pack is terrible (for Dragon). The salt is justified and I thought it was hysterical. I just got a Snoop Dogg track stuck in my head while I was listening to the cast and decided to drop some rhymes.
  10. With so much salt from the JTP It's kind hard to keep up my positivity But I some how some way keep coming up with funky fresh decks like every single day Cuz the roles are free in 5 rings lcg, laid back With mind on my koku and my koku on my mind
  11. Sir Annadale....... One of my favorite cards from Warlord. Man I wish someone would bring that game back. 7th Sea and Highlander would be nice too...... Oh yeah sweet art. Can't wait to pick this up and add it to the stack of books that I have no time to read
  12. A kolat told me....... Seriously though, I think there have been some speculations from the fictions that Daisetsu's birth mother may have actually been someone other than the empress. And if it hasn't been speculated upon then consider me doing that now. And I'd love for Kachiko's blunder of sending Asami in her place to lead to the party's failure and Daisetsu's corruption.
  13. While I loathed Kachiko being the Scorpion Thunder in the old game, I actually wouldn't mind it if she was this time around, if only to have her ruin everything by sending Asami in her place. To me it seems like the new story has some opportunities to assemble the 7 thunders pretty quickly: Toturi (Lion) and Kaede (Phoenix) are together and seeking out the answers which should/could ultimately lead them to the Scorpion thunder. Daisetsu (Crane) is with Shahai (Unicorn) and Mitsu (Dragon). If those two groups merged then all they would be missing is Crab.
  14. I need to get off the internet 'til I feel better because I'm having a serious problem reading things. It could be age. My contract with Fu Leng is coming up for renewal so maybe those dark powers he blessed me with 20+ years ago are fading. My Oni eyes are not as glowy as they once were.
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