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  1. The original L5R ccg ran for 20 years and added lots of new clans/factions during it's lifespan. The is not telling any FFG has planned. I would expect that since the Shadowlands and the Mantis are two sub-plots currently going on in the story they will emerge as playable clans/factions at some point. FFG is already going a lot slower in terms of plot reveal. At this point in old5R we were already well on the way to the 2nd day of Thunder. In the current story we haven't even seen Fu Leng. I suspect we would see a big product drop at next year's gen con, after all the original clans have gotten their clan packs and FFG can decide how they want to proceed with the inclusion of more clans/factions, and how they want to address any rebalancing. I think the future of the game is fine since its one of the few IP's that FFG owns
  2. I don't think Shoju is involved in Hametsu's scheme. Wouldn't that only serve to weaken Crane and put Scorpion more in the spotlight? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the last check in with Shoju he wanted the Scorpion to get back under the radar a bit. At the very least reduce the size of their blip
  3. While I also believe that the concept of role locking is good and provides a way to "soft cycle" the game without printing a bunch of new cards, the execution to this point has only served to create friction within the playerbase. I believe that many of the people who "support" role locking would not pick to have it if it were a choice, rather they see the validity in the benefits it could bring to the design space and are arguing for the merit of the idea instead of what has actually come about because of role locking. Maybe I'm projecting a bit because I am one of these people. At this point I think unlocking the roles is better for the overall health of the game. Even though I really like the concept of role locking, its become more of a problem than was intended so I would like to see the roles unlocked. I think they should unlock all the roles......and now for my crazy idea to keep role selection In the game somehow..... In addition to unlocking the elemental roles, they should "roll back" (see what I did there) the role selection to world's only. Instead allow the top of each clan to choose a "support of" role as their prize. This would be just a pure bonus selection that does not prevent any clan from playing other roles, even the other" support of" roles. It would just be pure bonus. Maybe to direct story and draw the chosen clan closer as an ally. It could also be used to further tensions between the clans. And/Or maybe do something crazy like allow players to include one dynasty card from the clan of the chosen "support of" clan in their deck (kind of like a reserve list reward) only when running that "support of role." FFG could limit it to characters or holdings or allow either to be picked. Just kind of spitballinon this idea here. Short version: Sign me up for team #freetheroles. At this point in time I feel it's better for the game than role locking.
  4. I would have liked to see Kuwanan struggle with learning he was right about his father's death, but, learns his father might possibly be involved in some shady stuff. While learning his sister's resentment of their father it seems more justified..... But he's too going to challenge for leadership anyways. I don't like their to be an excuse for Kuwanan to make when this thing goes sideway. I don't want some b.s. ending to this Crane Civil War"Oh I didn't know our dad was involved with the kolat.......forgive me sis, friends now k?" I want me some desperate Cranes....the kind that will turn to the Shadowlands for aid.
  5. I was kinda hoping there would be some sort of Kolat reveal in those letters that Kuwanan found.
  6. Duh. Totally missed that. I retract my previous -1 and give you guys the full +2 for this episode. I'm at that stage in life where what my children watch pretty much dictates my entire audio/video experience. I have to find as many common ground shows as possible. Unfortunately, they are not quite ready for Portlandia, so I've been out of the loop for a good 5 years or so.
  7. A fair point. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. When you are looking at a meta game that is overwhelmingly Phoenix at the moment and still has a decent representation of Crab, there has to be a point in which you re-evaluate the value that each card brings. When there is a prominent deck in the meta that is using dynasty and discard manipulation to push it's strategy, then having something to disrupt that is an important consideration. By no means should anyone just cram in PA and expect their problems to be solved. Also it's important to note that my bias on this comes from an approach with playing Unicorn in a hyper aggressive fashion. I'm fine with the immediate cost of PA, even if it's unfavorable, because it prevents my opponent from doing something that will impact the game now. I don't plan on taking the game into the late stages. The reality for Unicorn is that vs Crab and Phoenix, Unicorn is at a disadvantage in late game matches, so it's simply better to try and win quick. For me, the hassle that PA causes is what I'm going for because I plan to leverage that to win now, since I know I cannot win later.
  8. If you're arguing soley from the point of the opponent just randomly flipping the holding they want/need then sure PA costs a card and fate and a dishonor token vs something that is free. However, in reality, that is not what happens. Crab and current Phoenix decks are doing a lot of searching to get certain cards into a certain province and or discard. So they are investing something to get the desired result, in a great many situations. I simply do not agree with you on this one. PA has a much broader application than is it given credit for and the cost to counter your opponent's play is often comparable and or favorable to what your opponent invested to get what they want in their province.
  9. -1 for missing an opportunity to use "Crack and egg on it, KAKA!" gif from the Teen Titans Go! movie but I give a +2 for getting out the episode so soon after gen con so net +1
  10. I don't think it's that simple. Because PA shuffles, it limits the amount of interaction Crab has since Rebuild only interacts with the discard. If it's specifically an Imperial holding, Crab having Satoshi and Rebuild certainly has more options here, but, I don't see it can be considered an unfavorable trade, since there are results that end up in favor of PA. I've seen this personally, and it's why I refuse to cut PA entirely. Here are common scenarios, most of which I have experienced personally: Crab opponent has KD, I somehow managed to break. They play rebuild, I shuffle away with PA, before they use KD. Crab opponent has Satoshi, they use him and hit KD. I shuffle away with PA before they use KD Crab opponent has KD in play and is low on honor (7 or less), their discard has 5 Imperial cards in it, and they have about 10-12 cards left in dynasty deck. I shuffle away with PA, my opponent uses Satoshi, hits KD again, but, now has 2 cards left in their dynasty deck, opening up the dishonor win con to me. Crab opponent uses Rebuild to get a non-imperial holding back, I shuffle away with PA before they can use, They have to activate Satoshi (or wait until next turn if they already used him) and have another Rebuild. I would consider any of these favorable trades, especially since I find myself generally wanting quick games. Delaying an effect for one turn is roughly equal to countering it, if my opponent never get another turn to use the effect. If I can't close, and my Crab opponent gets to beat me over the head with their repeatable ability and recursion, well that's what they do, but, by delaying that from happening, I lessen the chances we get to the point in the game where my Crab opponent tends to shine. Certainly not all clans/decks are capable of fast attacks, but PA is far more useful than in just these scenarios. Scouting a province and shuffling away a key character are also very useful
  11. Quite possibly. I worry that in an effort to see more diversity in win conditions that honor gets pushed and that is traditionally the least interactive of the three win-cons. Breaking provinces or dishonor are the most common ways to win Going to time and winning via tiebreakers is probably more common than an honor victory.
  12. Because almost nobody wins via honor. Although, I think that win con is getting closer to becoming relevant. There are some decent honor deck concepts out there.
  13. Peasant's Advice is your friend. No I'm not trying to be snarky with some sort of "dies to removal" or "counterspell" equivalency argument. I just think it's a highly underrated card that helps a couple issues most decks want to have answers for. Being able to look at a face down province is important and not all clans have reliable ways to do this. Shuffling something back into the Dynasty deck after they use Satoshi and a Rebuild to get it out there is a pretty nice trade off. At the very least it's going to force them to come up with that interaction a 2nd time, and, you might be able to disrupt that plan before they get to do it again. With Phoenix pushing the "Charging Chicken" deck, and them also wanting their relevant holdings, it's a good card to combat that deck. Being able to scout out Crane and Scorpion provinces so you don't run into the wrong ones is quite helpful. I'd say PA is relevant against what is largely considered to be the top 4 decks/clans...……...yet, I rarely see PA on any list out there. Heck I mostly play Unicorn and have access to Wayfinder, but, I'm still packing PA to make sure I can always scout a province on turn 1 and to give me some utility against problematic dynasty flips/holdings.
  14. /thumbs up "Why do they call you chance?" "My mamma took one"
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