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  1. Ishi Tonu

    The Jade Throne Podcast

    Too bad the audio on this was so Fu Leng'd
  2. I never said it was a problem I was just drawing scorpions attention to the fact that it's role locked so they can consider that at the next couple opportunities for new/additional roles.
  3. Ishi Tonu

    Dreams of Shadow

    I never understood what the fuss was over shadow-brands. If we've learned anything from Metal Gear solid it is the only thing you need to successfully infiltrate an enemy compound is a box. Loved this story btw.
  4. Ishi Tonu

    Support of the X

    Way of the Dragon, yes. Way of the Crab, not so much since your have to cram enough Crab characters in your conflict deck to meet the requirements and pull off a WotC.
  5. One of which is Earth locked..............
  6. Ishi Tonu

    Outsiders - Phoenix Fiction

    warning warning #schmanchunichi alert tread carefully Mangod. You walk a fine line between seeking knowledge and the complete destruction of your soul. Shinsei's blessings to you on your journey
  7. That could be and interesting trick too. it's also a way to solve the potential mirror match up as well, because now both people have a shot at getting the favor it just depends on who is willing to take the fate hit to go after it. I'll check that version out too. I was liking the honor dial switch just because it can make some dial dependent cards relevant
  8. To some maybe. I was a little disappointed at Torturi/Hotaru at first but it fits thematically and both are strong cards for their clans. Same appears to be so for these strongholds. Great flavor, and even though both of them function fairly similar to one another, they give both clans a needed boost and enough differences that each clan will use them in slightly different ways. What I think would be really neat is if they track the results from tournament success with these strongholds to determine the outcome of the story around the battle at this location............which I would not be shocked at all if FFG is doing that.
  9. There are plenty of non-roll locked cards that people would play more of if they could. And then they would have the extra influence left over to run more out of clan staples.
  10. The only reason why the "support of" roles don't see more play is because there is a grand total of 1 legal "support of" role. Neither Phoenix not Scorpion are a widely used splash. This could change a bit, but we likely aren't you going to see the "support of" roles until the more frequently splashed clans get their clan pack.
  11. I've done a little bit of gold fishing and sample games myself, but, I wanted to get it dialed in before I take it to the rest of my group. I'm still thinking it needs some sort of favor related ability, either static or bow and discard for effect. You're pretty limited dynasty sider with who you can play, but, the extra imperial cards get you at least enough bodies to make a deck. Ishikawa can get really big and Satoshi can get you an extra cheap body............oh I think I got an idea for an ability. I'll update the original card info
  12. I've been holding on to this one for a bit, only because I've been trying to develop generic strongholds for my friends and I to play for fun. I finally think I have the first one dialed in to be thematic and playable, but, hopefully not overpowered. Seppun Family Stronghold Province Strength 2 Starting honor: 12 Starting fate: 7 Influence: 0 Imperial If your opponent is not using the Seppun Family Stronghold, take the Imperial Favor. You may include up to 4 copies of any non-unique Imperial Card in your deck You may select up to 2 different Non-seeker or Non-keeper Roles Action: Bow this stronghold and discard the Imperial Favor, your target character gets +2M/+2P, you may change your honor dial to any number. The point of this one is to have a generic stronghold for imperials where you can only play neutral dynasty cards, but, you get to select two "support of" roles which allows you to play up to 8 points of cards from two different clans in your conflict deck. Still undecided about the ability, but, I think it has a nice balance of being a decent buff and also providing some utility Thoughts?
  13. I swear I'm either having dejavu or this was that same thing that was purposed by someone the last time this topic came up. I know I mentioned "snake drafting" the roles the last time this topic came up. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 6, 5 This way the top 4 performing clans have presumably the best picks, while the bottom 3 clans get to have two roles a piece I think it's cleaner and less confusing to just have the roles that are not selected be open to all clans. I wouldn't mind either of these options. I also like the idea of pre-set alternate roles for each event that carry some sort of bonus to story prizes would be neat too. Each kotei could have different alternate role lists that if the player chooses to play Scorpion with a Keeper of Water role for that event they get some sort of bonus points for a storyline decision. Then at the next event the alternate preset role for Scorpion is Seeker of Earth and that could get them some extra points.............of course they could choose to forgo the extra story points and just play their normal Seeker of Void role at each event.
  14. Ishi Tonu

    Let the arguing begin!

    Oh noes! This is just going to heat up the debate about Schmoozies' use of the oo being better than Manchu's use of the u #schmanchunichi
  15. Ishi Tonu

    Support of the X

    I think this might pick up the pace. At least I'm hoping it will. My prediction is that by the time the first clan packs for each clan have been released we see a Mantis clan and Shadowlands deluxe box. That brings the total to 9 factions and then we would see the following clan packs be released with 3 clans at a time.