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  1. New Lore - Toshi Ranbo stuff

    I thought it was “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but, teach a man to fish and he’ll spend all day in a boat drinking sake.”
  2. In a Scorpion heavy meta game I prefer Crane splash. Above Question does serious work. Just make sure you can bait out a little attachment removal and get AQ to stick, or win the favor and have Censure back up, or Policy Debate out their attachment hate....... Can make for some really easy wins when your opponent cannot interact with you.
  3. As much as I would love to see Black Scrolls, Ambition, The Terrible Standard, etc. I’d much rather the clans get a little more depth before the Shadowlands gets unleashed. I’m a patient Oni. My guess is we won’t see the Shadowlands deluxe expansion until the rest of the clans are done and the Mantis get theirs, so there is plenty of time for the slow build of corruption. I’ve already got Goblin Sneak in all my decks to get that tainted snowball rolling downhill. Besides we already have the Ruby I mean Talisman of the Sun.
  4. Bowed units don’t add their skill. I wouldn’t think her being at home should change this. But I’m always wrong on rules so who knows.
  5. Novellas - Sword and the Spirits

    Tadaka is starting his turn to the dark side. Tsukune will try to save him......... Spoiler alert: she doesn't, but, she "will do her best."
  6. I imagine that shadow looming over the child is from a Kolat in the backround....... "Come child, I shall teach you the true ways of war while your parents are away. Masters Taka and Kage could use a person with your talents"
  7. Get ready for the "6 Clans in 6 Weeks" promotion! .......wait, what do you mean there are 7 Clans?
  8. I personally have no problem with bully dueling. It's smart strategy. However, the cost for someone to generate a situation where they can bully duel someone should be high. The characters and attachments with duels all have rather steep up front costs to build a unit capable of bully dueling someone. The duel is known information to all since it's on the board and allows both players to prepare. PD does not follow this same design. The intent was there, but, the end result is a card with an over the top effect for the cost involved to play it.
  9. Sorry I'm at a complete loss as how you came to any of those conclusions from my response. I never said I wanted an answer to everything. I never said I refuse to build a deck with the cards necessary to answer the strong cards of the meta. I think if you're honest with yourself, you know your response was a little "dickish." I'm cool with that. I deserved it I was also a bit dickish in my previous response. I think what we are all circling at this point is that there is one particular clan that is simply better suited to handle a meta game that currently favors PD. Several people that play that clan are extremely dimissive to others when it's pointed out that their clan is clearly at an advantage. Those people just tend to disagree and hand out generic "LTP" comments. I have no problems with one clan being the top dog. It helps give us a clearly defined meta and makes for some pretty easy games when I know I can load up a deck built to counter that clan and have a good shot at winning. So when other players that don't play that clan are looking to improve and they get a response teeling them to use cards from the clan that is the top dog, It somewhat puts out this vibe of "if you're not playing clan x then you're not good." Did you actually say that? No, but I'm pretty sure we all know the current issues that a lot of people have with this game go beyond PD. On topic I've never said PD was broken or that dueling was broken. Only that PD being a duel is poor card design because the attempt to balance the effect of PD with the duel as the "cost" is way out of proportion This is likely what the design team had in mind. However the reality is that these "costs" are essentially irrelevant. Going into a duel, the best strategy is to remove the honor dial from the equation, won the duel and get the effect. The problem here is that design failed to anticipate how easy it would be for players to remove the honor dial's impact on PD. If you load up on a duelist with a printed ability you are investing more fate up front and you opponent has knowledge in advance that the duel is coming. Oh you want to send that 7 military Niten Master with Duelist Training.....ok well at least I know what I'm up against. PD is hidden. The up front investment is non-existent because you are naturally playing a good states character. Not all the clans are equally equipped to put out characters with strong political stats. And only one clan is equipped with the tools to mitigate the honor loss from not defending poorly and putting yourself into a conflict where PD can wreck you.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see cards that have reactions to duels. Kakita Blade grants 2 political when dueling. You have cards that can change the honor dial. It's really not so far fetched to think that there could be other cards that have some sort of interaction with duels after they have begun. I just wouldn't expect there to be a rules change to simply open up another action window within an existing action window. In the old game there were plenty of reactions to duels. Poisioned Weapon comes to mind. No reason why they can't convert that kind of interaction into the dueling system of the lcg.
  11. What would a Lion Rokugan look like?

    I'm guessing it would be something like "Lord of the Flies"
  12. Ok, I think I get what you're saying here. That's an interesting perspective. I'll have to take some time and consider it. I'm still leaning towards it being a design flaw as the design of the cards is what sets the environment. Thanks
  13. “Broken” cards

    Sure, but, we're at the point where the purpose of some of the cards are just to fill up space.