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  1. Ishi Tonu

    Rules changes killing me

    Both of my posts were real. You just didn't like what I had to say in my first one. In all honesty, it was a bit snarky, but, I feel warranted considering the tone of your OP. Any confusion at game stores is easily remedied. At least it has been at the 5 local shops that I frequent. Most of these were things that people were wanting clarification on and were already hotly debated topics of "intent vs written rules" Nothing has changed so drastically that the game is fundamentally different. Of course this change in tact isn't what your post was about. You were originally pissed because of your "monetary loss." I'm not going to get into perceived loss vs actual loss, because others have already done that with you. How you choose to look at it (how you handle your emotions over this) is up to you. You chose to be pessimistic. That's fair, you thought you had a substantially larger amount of cash coming your way. On the more positive side, you now have an extra deck to play with, should you choose not to, or are unable to, sell it. That's why we pursue these hobbies, right? To play a game, and have fun. So if it takes Brad coming out and saying "Sorry folks we rushed this a bit and are reworking the entire rulebook from the ground up" who cares as long as the result is a more enjoyable gaming experience. If it's the return value on your $10 investment that you are looking for, then you weren't really here for the enjoyment of the game to begin with. In which case, I'd say it was a poor decision to make an investment into a commodity that has the capacity to fluctuate in value so drastically.
  2. Ishi Tonu

    Rules changes killing me

    So what happens if Keyforge never changes another core rule and it lasts 20 years? Then it will have had fewer rules changes in the first 20 years of its lifespan than magic. When and how frequently rules are changed in a game is way less important than why they are changed and if the end result is a better game.
  3. Ishi Tonu

    Rules changes killing me

    So you're not in control of your emotions either?
  4. Someone is going to go on tilt when that new Uni Shugenja flips the forge when the board is blank.
  5. Ishi Tonu

    Clan Descriptions

    I give it a C-, which is really just a nice way of giving someone a D. You put in the effort to do.......something, although I'm not sure why. I'd recommend attending "Puns 101" and "An Introduction to Snark" before your next attempt at whatever this was.
  6. Phoenix might be the dirtiest of the bunch. That's why they chose a self-igniting bird for their clan animal.
  7. I'm pretty sure they stop laughing when the lady looking dude challenges them to a duel................... What really needs to be brought to light is that the whole lady looking dude is a scheme by the Crane to induce people to make offensive statements so they can feign insult to their honor and demand retribution. Don't be fooled by the pristine white plumage of the Crane, the undersides of their feathers at just as dirty as any other bird in Rokugan. #getwoke
  8. Unless the Unicorn pack has high powered cards for the clan, I think CotE is probably going to be equally, if not more, impactful than the clan pack. The theory behind the clan packs is that They offer the clan a new way to play. Unicorn could be an exception since they started so far behind. With a neutral Toturi coming and Yoritomo already having great synergy with the new Unicorn stronghold, we may see more Unicorn venture further out of clan, while thematically cool, it might not result in the Unicorn clan being represented the way the clan loyalists might like. I'm excited to see how things go, but, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous. Trying to play catch up while introducing new themes and focuses is very difficult to balance. Could end up anywhere between something completely busted that leads to RL nerfing for the Unicorn, or could a clan being torn in a dozen different directions, none of which are quite complete. Fingers crossed FFG finds the sweet spot
  9. Which makes me think that this card will end up on the restricted list rather quickly. It clearly benefits clans that can manipulate the honor dials, or naturally bid low. If you don't have good/any cards to manipulate the dial or are forced to bid low when otherwise wouldn't want to, this card is likely not going to work well and that is a potential problem. It's like Policy Debate, but, worse because it's not as easily utilized by some clans. It probably should have had a higher cost, been limited, or removed itself from the game.....................or all of these things.
  10. It's going to be a Shadowlands card It's going to be a Shadowlands card It's going to be a Shadowlands card It's going to be a Shadowlands card It's going to be a Shadowlands card It's going to be a Shadowlands card It's going to be a Shadowlands card It's going to be a Shadowlands card I'm going to draw power from the 9th Kami and speak it into existence. Shadowlands, Imperial, Bog Hag
  11. Ishi Tonu

    Imperial Advisor

    New year, new thread. Seems appropriate. Keep up the great work gentlemen.
  12. Why do you think he wears a helmet? Yokuni is probably fugly as all Jigoku too..........that's why he says all these cryptic things. It's to distract people from the truth of how ugly he is without his helmet. Normally people would walk away wondering "I bet he's pretty ugly under that helmet" but, Yokuni hits them up with something like "Does the bumblebee survive the winter if he stings the summer ox?" and instead the person leaves cross-eyed, scratching their head, and drooling, trying to figure out what the Jigoku that even means.
  13. True Strike Kenjutsu: ......Honor and destroy the loser. Smuggling Deal: .....choose an attachment on an opposing character. Move that attachment to another character participating in this conflict. Ready that character. or The ONI in my says: "Pick up ashtray and kill father"
  14. I think the big thing that Yoritomo has to offer any minor clan is that they can now be protected/supported by great clan status if they choose to he absorbed by the Mantis. This could be very appealing to some of the minor clans that are fed up with being used by, or feel held back by the great clans.
  15. Ishi Tonu

    Zorg and Blypyp interaction

    Ready and stunned