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  1. He wasn't a complete waste....... He makes for a pretty sweet flag.
  2. Ishi Tonu

    Favorite Format

    While this does not appear to be an official format as described in the list provided by FFG, this had been the most popular Archon format our small group has played so far. 2 Archons, No repeating houses, Best of 3, must win with both Archons Basically bring two Archons, neither can have any of the same houses as one another. Play best of three format. Once you win with a particular Archon in a round, you cannot play that Archon again in the same round. So I bring two decks, neither containing any ovelappong houses: Deck A- Logos, Brobnar, Sanctum Deck B- Did, Shadow, Untamed In round 1, I play Deck A and I win, so now I can only win the round by winning with Deck B in one of the final 2 games of that round. In round two, I lose my first game with Deck A, so now I have the option to play it again in game 2 of that round, or play Deck B and then come back to Deck A for the 3rd and final game of the round. We also play where both players reveal their first Archon at the same time in game one, but, the loser of game one gets to see what the houses of their opponent's deck before picking which Archon they play with in game 2. So what is everyone else doing and which formats so you enjoy the most?
  3. Utaku: "Moto-san, where have you been?" Moto: "The Horde just finished burning down the last of the Lion's outposts" Utaku: "Did you remember to vote?" Moto: "Ah, yes we are on our way now, where is the polling station?" Utaku: "In the abandoned Lion outpost over...... Both look in the direction of the smouldering ashes of what was once a Lion outpost, then blankly back at each other. Moto: "Ummmm....I just remembered I left the oven on in my yurt. Gottagokbyeeeeee"
  4. Clearly targeted voter suppression against the Moto
  5. Ishi Tonu

    Can you build your own decks?

    There is nothing stopping you from playing the game any way you like, in a casual setting.
  6. Ishi Tonu

    Video about OP with keynotes

    Having play just about every FFG LCG to date I have yet to find any gimmicky designs. Of course that is entirely subjective as I have hear people argue that just because FFG uses a particular IP for a game that it's gimmicky. While there is some design spill over between the various LCGs that's to be expected. There is only so much you can do with a little piece of cardboard and the more components you add can over-complicate the game. It's a delicate balance. I don't find any of the main design elements of Keforge to be gimmicky. The tokens etc all seem to make sense with exception to the stunned mechanic which you probably could have just rotated 180 to denote stunned and then move from stunned to exhausted, but, not something I would consider to be a sneaky way to add a gimmicky design component that forces people to spend more. Of course there are many that have said the very premise of a unique game makes this game gimmicky by default. I don't agree and it's a pointless argument to have. I think where I make the distinctio is by asking if the component enhances, simplifies, or is necessary. If you are just tracking a small number of things then dice certainly can simplify things. In Keyforge you currently have Keys, Amber, Power, Stun, Chains, Chain penalty, and, Damage. Personally I think using a bunch of different dice to track all these things makes it more complicated. Use of objects that are distinctly different from one another helps the game move faster as both players are able to easily tell what is going on. I would argue that the items used to track all the various things going on meet all the criteria.......but the game was designed with these things in mind so they should naturally fit. If they didn't then it would be a design flaw. Now that doesn't mean they are the optimal choice or visually most appealing. That is why fan made custom gear tends to pop up around these games and That pretty cool to see.
  7. Ishi Tonu

    Video about OP with keynotes

    QFT Magic is old school design so there really aren't many things that you are tracking. Newer games are full of design concepts that do not mesh well with dice unless specifically designed to do so. It was somewhat difficult for me to grasp this idea of no dice having played a bunch of different games from the mid 90's onward. Once you see how the design concepts are built around specific tokens, beads, dials, etc it becomes clear that it was done to support the game concepts by using a variety of easily identifiable markets to denote different things. You don't run the risk of playing that person using crimson dice for one thing and then blood red for something else and the burnt tomato for another thing and rusty red for that other thing..... And so on. It's not the 90's anymore folks. Design concepts have evolved and we all just need to get onboard with it.
  8. If I had to guess I'd say Border Rider and CotP are Shinjo. They have movement and tactics which are very Shinjo-y. MKR is an army so likely a collection of various Unicorn families that make up the army, probably light on the Moto as they already have their horde. I'm gonna peg Warrior Poet as Utaku. Since its a she and I'm pretty sure their was a fiction in which the Battle Maidens were literally described as warrior poets. Swift Magistrate I'll say is Ide. No Cav trait and holds a position that requires someone that is more adept at politics.
  9. Hitomi and Yakamo, both duelists and both in the same set........ It's about to go down
  10. Seeing as how Unicorn won the first leg of the design a card poll, and someone mentioned Unicorn War Dogs....... Here is what I'm hoping to see: 5 Unique named war dogs, conflict cards each with 4 influence. One dog will buff the others dog's stars while in play One dog allows you to search your deck or discard for other dogs One dog allows you to sacrifice a dog to negate an action targeting the war dog master One dog allows you to sacrifce a dog to destroys attachment One dog allows you to play other dogs from you hand as attachments on opponents characters to give them a debuff and/or cloud the mind type effect.
  11. If we're wanting a dog I'm pretty sure it has to be Moto. Also, whoever was in charge of the color selection for that pie chart needs to get their eyes checked. If you can't use the exact colors of the clan you could at least not use the colors of another clan. Lol
  12. Ishi Tonu

    third role question.

    I dunno anymore. With FoF moving to the RL Unicorn isn't putting up much of a back row, unless they want to remove Charge from their decks and I don't think that is correct for them. If we assume FoF is not being used so Unicorn goes back to Meditations which, while decent, is not nearly as much of a high impact play with Talisman. You're essentially back to the same province line up before the KoF role. If the "Support of" roles had a deeper suite of impactful cards I think they beat the benefits of Keeper roles. Phoenix and Scorpion conflict cards just aren't as broadly effective across all clans like Dragon and Crab. Still the Support of the Phoenix deck I've tested with Unicorn is right on par with the Keeper decks I've run with Crab, Dragon, and Phoenix splashes, and ahead of the early testing I've done with Seeker roles. However, once the big box comes out and Toturi is available to Unicorn, I see Keeper being the clear choice again, at least until the Dragon, Crab, and Lion get their clan packs and all the "Support of" roles go online. Of course ymmv, but that has been my experience with Unicorn role experimentation so far. Hopefully I can get some time with a few of the other clans now that I have a little more free time.
  13. Ishi Tonu

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    Is it just me or did everyone picture Daisetsu going all "Good Will Hunting" on his brother when he finds out he's going to be next...... "Hey Sotori, do you like apples?" "Cuz I'm gonna be emperor so how you like dem apples?!"
  14. Ishi Tonu

    third role question.

    Again, I'm not knocking the player from being creative and coming up with something that was able to get as high as it did. It's just a shame Lion is essentially forced into such a situation I the first place. It's a very similar feeling to playing early Unicorn where you couldn't really threaten your opponent in any meaningful way and had to use surprise tricks and generally bad lines of play that somehow worked out if all the stars aligned. Nobody should be forced into that kind of a deck. So mad props to the Lion for running with it.
  15. Ishi Tonu

    third role question.

    Maybe this is why they did so poorly? Not a comment on the player, but, if those are the lengths Lion has to go to in order to be "competitive" it's pretty clear the clan has issues. They aren't core edition Unicorn bad, but, filling in with a "SOS" role is a bit of a reach. Hats off to the player for being creative and making the most of a bad situation.