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  1. 10 Word Story

    Then Michael Scarn appeared, with a gun, and shot everyone. - The End Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I was watching reruns of The Office and saw the one where Michael does improv......... I love that show. Please forgive me for my interruption and continue the story.
  2. Shinjo Shono

    While the rest of the clans are playing chess, the Unicorn are playing checkers. Both games are played on the same game board but the game is not the same. Unicorn isn't even playing standard checkers. They are playing some wacky, make rules up as you go along to try and win, style of checkers that my grandpa used to play while trying to convince me, in German since he didn't speak English, he wasn't cheating. Shono is more along the lines of what I think the majority of us were expecting Unicorn to be and what they were described as in the fiction. It seems that FFG plans to try and meet those expectations, eventually. For now I'm embracing the fact that they are different and trying to play to their strengths, however few they may have. Many times I'll spend a turn just trying to lock up the favor or come out ahead in cards or fate...... Just angling for that briefest of moments in which I can leverage all those small victories I've made along the way and attempt to close a game out.
  3. Shinjo Shono

    That's certainly not a rule in my club. Undead horses are ok in my book. Don't need to feed or water them.
  4. Shinjo Shono

    The first rule of underground Unicorn Deck Club .........
  5. Shinjo Shono

    @L5RBr I believe Unicorn is below par at every win-con. Their "strength" is their ability to react to unfavorable board states, early in the turn and in the game, to attempt to generate an advantage later on. In a vacuum Shono may very well be the best character the Unicorn has......if their style of play was to swarm the board, and roll over your opponent with ease. The problem is that Unicorn cannot do this with any consistency. They lack the depth of characters to do this, even with Shono. Also, the types of other decks that tend to make the cut in large events beat this style of deck pretty easy. Shono makes one of the most explosive combos in the game (Calvarly Reserves / FGG) even more scary, but, to what end? That version of Unicorn simply doesn't have what it takes to beat the top decks. So the other alternative that Unicorn turn to is the Crane pairing which has had some success too and Shono fits OK there. Most of the Unicourtiers lack the Calvary trait, but generally you can make it work to some extent, however this deck is very single-minded in its approach, has no way to protect its important cards, and lacks any real way to force any sort of strategy upon their opponent. These are the types of decks that are essentially, as you pointed out, inferior versions of decks that can be played by another clan. Unicorn, as of now, is stuck with 3 options: fragile combo, 2nd rate province destruction, or unpredictable reactive play. As bad as it is to be the reactive player, especially in a game that rewards aggression, I've had more success with Unicorn when playing this way because it's the only thing that they currently do well. Being able to switch your line of play out of nowhere can actually be leveraged as a strength, wereas running a deck with only one strategy, that is almost always worse than your opponent is going to generally end up with a bad result. I prefer to play a deck that gives me the opportunity to outplay my opponent, instead of one that is hoping for my opponent not to have better cards or a counter to my only trick. I'm not always going to outplay my opponent, but, I want to at least have a shot. Currently, I'm more comfortable with a Crab or Phoenix splash in Unicorn than anything else. Those tend to allow me the most unpredictable lines of play Shono is stats on a stick, but he's not enough on his own to change what the Unicorn are. Juro and Neguri help Unicorn do the things that they do well now, far more than Shono does. Maybe in time Shono will prove to be more impactful, but for now he simply doesn't help me with the things I want to do with Unicorn. If I wanted to play a known competitive strategy, I'd start with another clan. For example, I will likely not be playing Unicorn at the Seattle Kotei, unless I suspect a drastic shift in the metagame that results in Unicorn having a favorable match up vs whatever the new top decks are expected to be. So yeah, probably not playing Unicorn.
  6. Shinjo Shono

    This would be the main point I disagree about. While unicorn is generally touted as a military clan, incapable of honor or dishonor victories, with only the "province break" win condition to aim for, I have found this to be rather far from the truth. As such, I don't rate Unicorn characters on raw stats alone, or place more value on the stat to cost ratio than the actual ability on the card.
  7. To be fair the core stronghold rewards honored status and punishes dishonored status. Shameful is perfectly fine to take as your void province. You also have to consider that the metagame up to now has been dominated by Scorpion, so having some protection in the honored/dishonored status war is pretty important. If you're not as worried about honored/dishonored then Shameful loses some of its value. It will be interesting to see how things change now that Phoenix has so many options, and Scorpion isn't a natural predator to all of them anymore
  8. Shinjo Shono

    I dunno......... I just kind of automatically compare him to Honored General and there are a lot more hoops for the point to jump through to get a slightly better effect. I'd probably put Shono in as a 2 of. For now, Juro and Neguri still get x3 inclusion status, IMO
  9. Display of Power on attack?

    Ah ha. I knew there had to be a reason I hadn't seen it played on offense. Thanks
  10. If I were somehow able to remove my characters from battle when attacking, for example: send one of my characters home with Favorable Ground, and as a result loss the battle unopposed while I'm the attacker, could I play Display of Power and resolve the ring effect as if I had won? I always just assumed it was a defense only card and hadn't paid it much attention, but, with the Phoenix pack out and some serious events I'm the near future, I'm starting to take another look at all the cards to make sure I understand them correctly.
  11. Shinjo Shono

    Apologies. My statement was a bit to general. I should have prefaced it with "IMO" or "my top 5" The problem I have with Shono is that he is built for what the Unicorn are "supposed" to do and not for what they actually can do. He's a good card for sure, but I'm not sure Unicorn can get maximum value from him in their current state. Of course I'm willing to accept the fact that I may just not be suited to play Unicorn in the same fashion as most others do. My evaluation is based on what has been successful for me.
  12. Shinjo Shono

    How soon we all forget about Neguri and Juro.... Getting board advantage with Unicorn is not an easy feat. Shono will be an absolute beast with a resolved Cavalry Reserves, or Charge into the right situation. I don't know if Shono even cracks the top 5 for Unicorn.
  13. Community Interest

    I prefer this forum than the real time chats as well. I also joined discord but I'm not nearly as active there. It can really drain the battery on my phone checking in on discord. Besides, checking the forums while I "work" is more convenient.
  14. Me and Kosori already have a thing going on.....better leave my lady alone or there is going to be trouble.
  15. Community Interest

    I think it's perfectly normal for interest in any card game that isn't MTG or Hearthstone to wax and wane depending on the release of new product. FFG could do a better job of informing its consumers of what to expect next. This, I feel, is their biggest hurdle. The more mainstream games can survive the lulls between new product release. Every other game should be promoting their product as often as they can. Relying on our rabid fandom is not enough.