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  1. I think there are a lot of great splashes for Crane. With the Seeker role they could be a little more aggressive with a Crab splash to bring in Pathfinders Blade. Combined with Cautious Scout you can make sure you turn off your opponents provinces.
  2. I hadn't really come up with a draft idea. While I enjoy drafting it's somewhat difficult to dial in how clans would be handled when people can hate draft. And a single core doesn't support as many people as I would like for a traditional draft. It can be done, but, ultimately you end up with 2 people per box picking cards and I think I just want to get to playing so drafting a stronghold/champion and the entire clan that goes with it, just speeds up the process.
  3. At least the Unicorn can try to control the favor and keep Censure for back up. Hopefully that will allow for them to actually play their bomb events and get to resolve them.
  4. It's hard to say without knowing the rest of the deck, but lets take a look at what is to be gained from this idea You get a couple peeks at your opponent's hand, and then you get to do some nifty Smoke and Mirrors tricks, only after you get a seal on your guys. Cute, but, I don't see it winning because you're waiting on a certain sequence of cards and then hoping that your opponent doesn't see it coming. If you do have it out, you're pretty much signaling that a Smoke and Mirrors is coming. If I were going to try shenanigans that require me to seal up a character before taking advantage of the smoke and mirrors trick, I would likely go with a Dragon main deck since you can dig for the required attachment. If you are wanting to just play a solid Crab w/Scorpion deck then, there are cards you can splash that make your deck much better overall........instead of cute.
  5. Nope. You only truely appreciate the pONI's pain when it looks like that Cavalry Reserve will save you and it gets canceled.......leaving you an empty fate pool.
  6. More pONIs in the best place for them, the discard? I'm ok with this.
  7. Careful when posting pictures of carp..............Shoju could be nearby, waiting to poke it.
  8. Well there is somewhat of a limitation where your opponent has to have fate in order to get any value from Goblin Sneak. 2 fate for 1 military is not a good deal. As much as I want to cram shadowlands into every deck I can, Goblin Sneak is not what I would consider an auto-include. I will of course be playing decks that can utilize him best.
  9. I wasn't the one that said that....... And you can never have enough SAKE!!!!!!!!
  10. I love 13+ province strength.
  11. Also, you are required to say "I am the Law" in your best/worst Stallone as Judge Dredd voice, whenever you play this combo!
  12. When running Lion that's usually where Ready for Battle comes in, assuming that is the main clan he is running his Crane splash in.
  13. Booooo! Stupid hobbits ruins it. That's a civilized cop out. I want a 20 page epic where two people (who essentially agree) argue until the internets weep. No retreat, no quarter. This the of shade and flame. If thou cannot castith either, then thou is surely doomed!
  14. When splashing Crane, I generally start with 2 Disdainful Remark, 2 Admit Defeat, 3 Steward of Law, and 2 Political Rival and then adjust from there based on the main clan I am playing, expected metagame, deck strategy, etc.
  15. QFT and thanks for the assist.