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  1. Ishi Tonu


    I think for giggles they should print the stories in madlibs fashion so no two stories are the same and the we can have a nice "stories are loot boxes" thread.
  2. Ishi Tonu

    The Pinnacle of Power

    I'm not arguing if there are better cards for 5 fate or if there are better ways to activate City of the Open Hand. The only point I have made about Enforcers is that they provide you with a superior fate value than any other 5 drop. That is something that I feel is pretty difficult to dispute and that is what makes Enforcers attractive. Getting a 4/4 charcter for 4 turns instead of a character with better stats/ability for 1 turn is the point. In a game where fate matters do I want to dump 5 fate on a great character, knowing it will only last the turn, or do I want to play my fate on a good character that is going to last me 4 turns? That the only decision that's in question when evaluating the card from the perspective of fate value......which is what I've been doing. But please don't let that stop anyone from arguing something completely unrelated to anything I've said.
  3. Ishi Tonu

    The 3 most powerful cards in Keyforge.

    Maybe cards with the most potential but I don't know about strongest.... Thanks for the analysis and videos
  4. Ishi Tonu

    The Pinnacle of Power

    If that's your analogy then yes you completely missed the point and then double downed on it and missed it again. Let me help you with your shoe analogy. You have $100 to spend On some fancy shoes that will last you a week or the ugly pair that last you a month. Which pair do you buy? Depends on what you need them for.
  5. I'm always listening......................uhhh, nvm that sounds creepy I like to listen..............nope that's not any better, and probably worse Uhhhh, great show, keep up the good work. Nailed it! First time!
  6. Ishi Tonu

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG is the new EA

    If only we could convince Costco to carry Keyforge.
  7. Point of order. Brad convinced no one to make the Seeker pick for Scorpion ad 2017 Worlds. The decision had already been agreed upon by a group of the top Scorpion players as far back as the first Gen Con, which is why they took Seeker of Air, to keep Seeker of Void open for Worlds. This has already been confirmed. The only thing the top Scorpion players did was acknowledge Brad's efforts, as it was a very Scorpion-y thing to "be the villain" in order to follow through on his convictions about what he felt was best for the overall health of the game. Other than that, a fine interview and thank you
  8. But Keanu did win. When the movie just completely bastardizes an already good book it's going to have to be something spectacular for me to like it. 47 Ronin was not that movie. ......and also the Oni and the forces of evil lose at the end. Which seems wrong to me in every movie since Spaceballs. "Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb" -Dark Helmet
  9. Ishi Tonu

    The Pinnacle of Power

    And you missed the part where you can have Enforcers for multiple turns for the same 5 fate as compared to any other 5 drop that is only sticking around for one turn. Nobody is saying Enforcers are better than Shoju. They provide a different kind of value that Shoju does not.
  10. I have no problems with the movie Ronin. 47 Ronin on the other hand...........
  11. Ishi Tonu


    Yeah M.A.C.E Marvelous Artisan Crusty Epi What did you think I meant?
  12. Ishi Tonu


    I was just trying to get more carbs by being contrary. You all just fell into my trap
  13. Ishi Tonu


    Good enough for me. Thanks
  14. Ishi Tonu


    Again I've already stated my stance on this. The beginning of the section of creature just talks about how creatures are placed into the battleline. Then the rulebook shows a more developed board with three creatures. Having dealt with FFG games in the past they have put out rulebooks that are not the most current or have errors. For example, "battleine" being misspelled. My contention is that that while the wording could very well lead someone to conclude a single creature is on one or even both flanks it does not actually state that. When a rule contradicts the literal meaning of a word it becomes open to interpretation unless it is clearly defined. I believe that it's reminder text to illustrate that creatures cannot be placed in the middle of other creatures that are already on the board and was not worded/templated properly in the rulebook. Every online game and in person demo I have seen has interpreted the rule the same way. Therefore I feel a clarification is needed and glady await the answer from FFG that explains the rule clearly.
  15. Ishi Tonu


    So yeah I'll just rip my creatures in half.