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  1. Technically the immunity to dishonor originated with the first Scorpion Clan Stronghold. As with most things that go wrong in Rokugan..........the Scorpion seem to be involved. I kind of get the feeling that they are up to something.....
  2. Hold up. Let me check this site out............hmmm nice stuff.......wait what's this....... KYUDEN SPIDER!!!!!!!! "Honey! I'm gonna need a fresh pair of pants in here!"
  3. Bzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Is that sufficient enough to hype these playmats? Personal preferences of what's on our playmats aside I think we can all agree the clan champion art is top notch, and having this art potentially be used by players when not at l5r events will get the game some attention. I'm thinking about snagging a Yokuni mat to show off.
  4. That's how it always starts......and then 20 years later you look up from that Black Scroll you were "studying" only to find that Rokugan is being ruled by some roided out Kylo Ren wannabe that likes to "snap people like twigs" and the Shadowlands has won....... So yeah I'm cool with that. Would you like a guide to help with this "exploration?"
  5. Last night was not a good night to try. Wifey had a really difficult day and was clearly not in the mood for jokes 'n pokes.
  6. My wife showed me this article yesterday and I almost instinctively threw her phone against the wall.......but the more I think about it this is pure genius. Tonight when I get home I'm telling my wife that it's racist to wear cotton and she should take her clothes off as a sign of solidarity with our African American friends........ It could work.
  7. Thanks to shosuko for reminding me I have to go watch more street fighter vids..........also some really intelligent stuff, but, mostly for reminding me about street fighter.
  8. I too would very respectfully agree to disagree with a good portion of the article but it was much better than that sdsu pile of crap, for sure.
  9. I'm cool with stories about Kachiko wearing pajamas.......or half wearing pajamas as she seems to prefer.
  10. At 9 pages total it's pretty much on par with the length of the other stories we've seen so far. While I would also have preferred the whole story at once it's not unreasonable for FFG to spread things out a bit or else they could end up setting the expectations a bit too high......and with this fan base I don't blame them. They story could have been broken up by cutting it off right after the duel. But I kind of think the "what was that" pause was to have some fun. It seems like the main goal was to give us a nice fiction that checked a lot of boxes. We haven't had a dueling fiction yet. We got a little more info about the perfect land sect. We got some intrigue and got to see the scorpion courtiers and shinobi. As a whole story it's just as good as any of the others so far.
  11. Unicorn: pre-nup Phoenix: fire extinguisher Crab: wall repair kit deluxe Lion: arrow repellent Scorpion: plot armor
  12. And I'm totally in board for that when FFG does finally do something official, which I think they will. I'm totally up for getting some friends together for some multiplayer. What I'm not to fond of us driving 10+ hours to play a tournament in which I get ganged up on by a bunch of people who know each other
  13. I think a better question is should there be? While I'm all most 100% sure we'll see some sort of official rules for a multi-player at some point, I hope it's just geared for casual play and not used in tournaments. Doubles format for tournament play would be fine imo, but multiplayer makes it more about who you know at the table, how much you are liked, and/or how well you negotiate more than how good of a player you actually are. As many great stories as there are about multiplayer games in old5r relatively few of them occured in a competitive setting. By all means give us some multiplayer rules, just save it for the kitchen table.
  14. A smart egg never cracks wise.... Eggs make bad lovers because it takes them 3 mins to get hard Stop me now before I get on an egg-roll
  15. So you're PUNishing me then? #couldnthelpmyself #cwutididthere #dontgetmestarted