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  1. Honestly though if you are not planning on going to one of the 3 Kotie during the 6 week release schedule, you could easily buy at a more sedate pace, and if you already have 3 cores you would not be too far behind.
  2. I was a Lion player for the entire time I played, but swarm is a playstyle I absolutley hate, and thier idea of more warm but weak bodies somehow equaling best tacticians bothers me. I will msot likely not play Lion under FFG until another playstyle becomes viable, maybe the reoccuring theme. but I may play Phoenix until they can be corrupted until then, cause Phoenix need to be tainted, they are so much more interesting when they stop whining about peace and unleash the god like power, with some small rotting lung disease on the side
  3. OP kit also has mention that it is more to get through to 2018 and the full op kits for regular events then. I kinda of feel like this was a let us get them something to get them through this year, so we can focus on the ones for 2018.
  4. I'm not sure the Emperor who had to allow the Corrupt Spider to become a Great clan counts as a strong Emperor
  5. The license to use Star Wars to write, actually had terminology including nothing not released by Lucas was cannon, so although fans may have felt that it was cannon, or was the level of quality to be, none of it ever actually was. Lucas once said in an interview that the thran trilogy was 7,, and 9. although he recanted it later. all Disney did was clarify that none of those novels were cannon. The ones released for the new movies are cannon i believe but nothing in the EU was
  6. Star Wars Expanded universe was always non-cannon. all novels originally were non-cannon. not sure where people thought the expanded universe became cannon....There was a brief point where the Thrawn Trilogy became cannon but that was it. And Disney bought LucasFilms, it came with Star Wars which is of course why they bought it but still.
  7. they should talk about Shoju, show card art for him in the preview section, but then have the actually card previewed be Ambition:Bloodsword Attachment. Then put Shoju in the next set
  8. It was which just makes me more depressed for the terrible Lion Fiction. Sigh. However this one was interesting, allude to a few possible issues introduce a few major characters. And get a bit of insight into the new Clan Champion.
  9. Yeah, I don't remember a time when we had a Strong Centralized Emperor. in the card game time frame anyway
  10. I do not think this is true. A lot of the initial popularity for the game will come from the old L5R player base, who complain a lot on forums but the majority are nice people that welcome new players very well compared to other CCGs and LCGs. a)the story is different, not really so far the differences have been small enough to be annoying, rather than larger scale differences that might be interesting. b) I havent seen that complaint but it may be possible, but i feel like it is more of a for shadowing this is what happened last time, once again if they were larger scale changes in the stories shown so far this would become less relevant as past knowledge becomes even less relevant. C) ugh? Kempy jsut keeps most of his Negativity on facebook I mean if you are happy and enjoyed the story, you either dont post or you post once saying you enjoyed it. if you didnt you are more likely to discuss the things you didn't like. Personally - I would have liked some larger scale changes than we have seen so the difference between this universe and the other was more pronounced already other than gender bending. The Dragon seems to have some differences going on there, but I am not really sure as I always found them boring and uninteresting, which hasn't changed. And Hitomi is still a rage filled monster...I wonder why?
  11. Agreed, I like the Taint as something you choose, or massive oni crushes you shoving tainted fist into your chest, or you have some taint now...assuming oyu live. I can see it for wandering in the shadowlands for too long without jade for protection though, as a slow seep into you through the air and gorund. I guess because i see spending weeks in the shadowlands as a choice as well.
  12. That was never actually a problem. The Lion followed Toturi, until he was stripped of his status and made a ronin, along with the rest of the Akodo who choose to follow Toturi as ronin. The rest of the Lion followed Matsu Tsuko, until her sempukku released them to follow Toturi, even though they new the Emperor was, evil/Fu Leng before she did that.
  13. Wait the voices in my head say Cthulhu is always right are you implying they are lying?
  14. But Okura's choices lead to the old Guardian of the Heavens coming about; much better choices than Junzo or Yori
  15. I actually like shadowlands as really strong fate to stats cards but with built in penalties either honor lose(usual) or card lose,province break. they are a strong force, but you corrupt your clan to use them. of course this only works if FFG looks at how many shadowlands cards are in a winners deck maybe winner and second and incorporate it into the story. not really a fan of any shadowlands hordes SHs they all broke the basic game principals somehow. Maybe they come back later with actions that either bolster their honor, or reverse a printed lose. mechanic stays the same for honor dishonor, but they get actions that allow them to counter the secondary costs of their corrupted onis and such. 0 cost reaction that basically changes a lose 4 honor into a gain 4 honor. The have really strong personalities, now they have a choice play some of the cards that help them not lose by dishonor, or try and rush you with big onis and conflict actions Just a rough idea though
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