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  1. Well with $60 for only one set of tiles, survivors etc... it would definitely add up.
  2. Well not exactly. There can only be so many components at a particular price point. This game may have such high variance to make it unfeasible to have in one box.
  3. In our Games Group, a lot of good games get bought by more than one player. This is great, it means that those copies are now way more playable. If three of us but it we can play three times the scenarios.
  4. FFG replied to me on Facebook and said that it comes with multiple scenarios. Awesome.
  5. It’s not clear from the article, but I’d like to know if this game offers replayability or is it more like a one-and-done like T.I.M.E Stories or Dragonholt?
  6. This is true, but I think it’s largely because FFG used the experience gained in games like Netrunner to make the decision. I think clan locks can help keep a lot of cards off the restricted list in theory. Early days yet. I’m enjoying the game and I look forward to seeing the shape of it after a couple of more cycles.
  7. Cardgamedb has posted the full set of Breath of the Kami if you wish to see them. I am very happy with the Dragon Conflict Monk.
  8. Yeah, hopefully it’s the Uscuru Entertainment District map since, you know, it’s the one that’s actually in the rotation for tournaments and has been for 2 months.
  9. Yeah, none of their other RPGs are available as PDFs.
  10. I’d like a multiplayer box but I’ve a feeling we’re getting a Spider preview...
  11. I think a Scorpion pack would be perfect. The neutrals and non-Phoenix in the Phoenix pack were very good counters to Phoenix. With the right non-Scorpion cards it could work as an effective balancing mechanism. Or or give me Hitomi. Pleeeeeeease!
  12. Technically, you’re required to have the scenario cards for the tournament events. Which is why I, and several others, are chasing her. Hopefully they won’t enforce that.
  13. Thanks for the help, neither is feasible unfortunately. With delivery it would cost €48 to get it from Dark Sphere, and the problem with Amazon.com is the time frame for delivery, not delivery itself. Guess I’m going to cross my fingers that some retailer at UKGE has one.
  14. Not great for me, O was hoping to grab an Ahsoka for the UKGE. But to get it on time would cost me $50+.
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