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  1. Perhaps if people react possitively they will do the same with a product version ?? I would just add more new encounter cards, but if this is free ....
  2. I think they would do that, but honnestly, this is too much near of that test. Perhaps some days .... But I'm not objective about that, I love when products add new artworks with a lot of monsters and cultist, a new place to explore, so a product that come only with existing cards with a rule change for make it playable for the new format isn't really what I would expect from Arkham.
  3. Funny theory and speculation ?! I have a lot of those for you Firstly, full or mainly player card product : - we can have pack that introduce new investigators, but I feel that FFG have not in mind to bringing a lot of new gators when they can need some for keeping the game when all the known gators will be out ( only 4 more cycles ...). -The other idea is just alternates cards for existing gators, or linked to a specific trait of class. I can see that, but honestly, for me, the game is fun because each cards is created with a good link between fluff and mechanics, this is hard to do on the long term, so they would want to keep there good ideas for the principal line, not for a spin-off product. - Return to Player box. I can see that, with not encounters cards in addition, like the encounters from the core that are used in cycles, for keeping all needed cards in only one place. Perhaps new versions of them. The problem with that is they cannot do a lot of them. They are limited to the number of Class. And we would'n know where to put new type of cards, like multiclass. Secondly, full or mainly encounters product : - Before or After the ''Cycle name'' ... Some sort of prequel of sequel to each campaign. I can see some sort of Final Hour scenario, like when you loose and the Ancient One is awakened, you must make it returning to his sleep, in some sort of unchained **** with all his minions released on earth scenario. Not a huge fan of it, because, that would mean keeping the same lore. We would want to see new things. And that would mean increase the price for playing the Full and complete form of a campaign. - My favorite One. Little campaign box. Some sort of 3 or 4 scenario campaign, that would be something on his own, and permitting to explore things we would'nt in the principal line. Like, Cthugga or others less known ancient ones. The way to go in some exotic places, China or Australia. And nothing restrain FFG to make some king between the little campaign for making them playable as a huge one. Or to give some players cards in the box.
  4. In one half of a year, we've seen 3 independant scenario announced. Are these independant products supposed to continue to spread out at the same rythm or was it just exceptionnal ??
  5. The coop and campaign version is the only one to be a wish of mine. I play Arkham and like it a lot. Would want the same for Star Wars.
  6. All the following questions are about use of some lovecraftian lore use : - With Nyarlathotep revealed by FFG as one of the big-bad of the actual campaign, does that mean we will not see the lore the Masks of Nyarlathotep used soon ? - In Forgotten Age we saw the Ithian. I read ''The Mound '' so, did the inhabitant of Tsath supposed to be at the place of Ithian at some point ?? Can they still appear someday ?? I love the decadent and corrupted civilisation style of this, that would match for a thsathoggua cycle or another one ... - Why Umordhoth havn't been named Mordiggian ?? And does Cnidathqua have some real counterpart in the lore of mythos writers ?
  7. I think FFG have a huge amount to pay for the licence Star Wars, but not bigger in fonction of the number of games launched. This is the reason why they launched so much of them ... But until now, no end of a Star Game before with no new game counterpart. Imperial assault almost died, we had Legion. So with the end of Destiny, I don't see FFG keeping the IP out of the card game lines, specially if they are the most money-bearer of them. So I'm really hyped about something like a coop LCG coming !!!! Hope we will see at next gen-con !! Jar-Jar-Binks hero card in the core please !!
  8. Thanks Jekothalep for quoting me and you're right, it seems like this is more complicated than they was thinking. Moreover, with a wave of three pack for the new game of Marvel, I think they will do more efforts to make it right for the release, I think they care more about a game that just launched. But who know, perhaps they don't consider that as a real or major problem, I'm not sure a lot of peoples used it. So in this case, a little mail to FFG can perhaps show how much peoples wait to look at the database. I play this game, but I'm very late (I just buyed dunwich) so I keep myself hyped with spoilers. More over a lot used it for complete fanbase website. Hope it will be fixed soon.
  9. In fact I love the lore of Lovecraftian setting, and I'm always in look of what is used in this game. But I buy a cycle a year, so I'm always 3 years on the game. The game mechanics and story surprise will be forgotten before I play it. So I always look spoilers for be sure the setting please me, and is always well used. An exemple of one of the only deceive for me, was the no use of the lore of "The Mound" novella, the city of kn'yan and its inhabitants. In fact, this is a way to keep my hype in some ways for things. Actually, I will start Carcosa, so there's not a lot of hype about it on the internet now .... but Dream-Eaters do Especially, I love to make theory about locations, ennemys, and story when a product is annouced. This is also why I love to look all, for look if I'm right with them
  10. ok, thanks ArkhamChronicle !! But I think you are not right about the stand-alone products, as the database have the pages for "labyrinth" and for "guardians of the abyss" .
  11. Hello everyone, I'm in the search of heavy spoiler about the last products of Arkham LCG. A lot of peoples hate spoilers, but I'm late in buying the cycles, so this is a way for me to hype myself on what will come for me in the next two years, to see if the theme give me a good feeling. Generally I use the QRcode page and the cardgamedb, the official database of FFG, but from a month now I didn't see anything there. "Search of Kadath" isn't there, but also "murder at the excelsior hotel". The same for other products lines, like lord of the rings, and marvel champion seems to not have a fonctionnal Qr code page.
  12. Hum ... Ghast, gug and ghouls are coming for us !!! and for those who love release date, spanish and french together annoucement "The Search for Kadath" for November the 15th . I think we can told two things : or the release date is just on change, anf from now packs will be released more in the middle than the end of the month, and annoucements will be at the end. Or ... two packs a month ? For those who play just a mini-campaign can still play it the same month whatever it is ? Hope it is
  13. Feel strange that we have a live about a scenario out a month before ... But this will be perfect occasion to ask some question about independant products, like the regularity in release of independant scenario out-of-event And still not spoiler on cardgamedb or qr-code page. Where is my spoiler dose ? I want it ...
  14. You are right about the mountain of madness and Ithaqua ... But the same way Mexico and Oklahoma are not the same place, FFG just retcon the true place of Kn'yan for the need of the campaign. So making the ancient-one of Cold appear near the principal cold place of the mythos is lucky to happen, because there is not enough lore for making two separate cycles in mountain and cold-waste. For myself, I want to see .... - Tsathoggua. I wish we would make our way in the continent of the past, hyperborea, with sorcerers, necromancers and dinosaurs !!!!! A real fantasy trip would be so cool. Also, I wish we return in the cavern of Kn'yan, for make a journey to the decadent subteranean civilisation of esclavagist living in the city of Tsath, named after the ancient-one. The theme would be a Conan style of fantasy, with the question of the ancient civilisation but not in the way of FA, in a more human way for making us see the human natura, and his potential decadence, with the sorcerer of hyperborea and the peoples of Tsath. "The mound" in one of the most dystopic and my favourite novella of Lovecraft. - Glaaki. The lurker of the lake is a good one because this is the occasion to make our way in a classic-horror atmosphere. Glaaki would come with the Severn Valley, an England typic village, with a gothic tonality, created by Ramsey Campbell, the one who write the Wolfman and other versions of the Dracula and Frankenstein story. Perfect set for let us come to an horror a little bit retro : wolfman, lurker in the lake, zombies created by glaaki spikes. Not deep thematic, but really fun and pulpy. -Cthugga. The living flame. Not because I really want him, but this one of my favourite for a cycle in ancient civilisation as Greece and persian realm, beacause the flame and the sun have been worshiped in all the ancient civilisations, and I want to see them more than modern megalopolis ( the visit of Tenochtitlan was my pleasure ).
  15. Hellooo everyone !!!! Here for a new wishlist topic !! I know we've done it a few time here, frequently near the annoucement of a new cycle. But I was thinking that every time we are asking which ancient-one and theme we want to see soon, we always see the same and obvious one : Mountain of madness with Ithaqua, Innsmouth and Cthulhu/Dagon, Shub-Niggurath with Yuggoth and mi-go, and finally Egypt with Nephren-Ka. The reason is that a lot of us are just knowing Lovecraft from the products of FFG, and these theme was already use in expensions of Arkham/Eldritch horror. So here is the subject : Who are the less known ancient-ones you want to see in the game, out of those I named before. If you want, told us more about the theme and places you would explore with those you choices ...
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