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    FriendofYoda got a reaction from theBitterFig in Control Aces: C1-10P & Broadside.   
    This is definitely a major consideration, the thing I have found with Ric is that without AS he struggles to stay relevant in the fight for multiple rounds in a row. If a slower speed knife-fighter would help get more shots off and ultimately do more damage, dropping him for a second Jedi may be the thing to do. The thing I have liked about Ric is his ability to not just get 1 shot as a CLT Jedi can occasionally get wrecked by.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to theBitterFig in Control Aces: C1-10P & Broadside.   
    Well, there's Ric Olie, and there's this Ric Olie. Advanced Sensors is a really expensive upgrade, and kind of puts him towards Jedi costs.  That opens up a lot of options for replacing him that a cheaper build wouldn't have.
    This AdvS Ric, if cut, wouldn't be making room for a regular arc, but Wolffe, with 22 points to spare between upgrades and bid.  Palp or Ahsoka would be nice, but probably more expensive than desired.  While giving Anakin an extra focus, the stress doesn't really play well with PCR.
    I suppose a Matchstick with Veteran Turret Gunner and Ion Cannon Turret would fit.  16 points of bid before extra Y-Wing upgrades (a pair of R4 Astromechs might be nice).  That's more control, but double-attacks with rerolls can be OK hitting power.
    Obi-Wan with Sense, R2-A6, and CLT is only 4 points more than this Ric.  Not necessarily harder hitting, but with Ion control in the list, being able to fly effectively at a lower speed might be useful.  Having Sense would also insulate some against losing the bid, and would allow for an Astromech on Broadside.
    Alternately, keeping Ric but cutting AdvS for Delta 7B on Anakin with allows a fairly healthy 9 point bid, but also makes Anakin a bit more force efficient, and hitting harder over his full arc, so he'd be a lot more flexible with where he could move and how he has to reposition.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to LeMightyASP in Control Aces: C1-10P & Broadside.   
    it's really tough to replace Ric. At his points cost, on the republic, he is really unique, so ultimately i think that just putting an Arc on his spot is the best solution. Keep in mind though that you're replacing an ace for an I2 generic, so even though you get a slightly more powerful weapon, you don't get as much agency with it
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    FriendofYoda reacted to ficklegreendice in Control Aces: C1-10P & Broadside.   
    Holy 14 point bid, Batman!
    But yeah, Broadsides is 👍
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    FriendofYoda reacted to LeMightyASP in Control Aces: C1-10P & Broadside.   
    First of all, nice list! Thank you for the detailed report! I've been dying to try a lot of stuff for the Ys but haven't gotten mine yet.
    As for improvements for the list, i think you should opt between either PCR and Chopper, since they both provide a solution to the same problem. I also don't think Chopper is very compatible with CLT, since that config can be very taxing on the force offensively, which you will have to end up relying on once you get to the late game and Chopper flips. Same thing happens between CLT and PCR, since both end up really taxing your force. So my first suggestion ends up being trying those upgrades (Chopper and CPR) with the other configuration on Anakin.
    As for the damage issue, have you considered putting Torps on Ric? It gives him a pretty good boost in damage, and while it doesn't benefit from his ability, it might be an alternative to his usual move-very-fast-and-roll-lots-of-dice, by him going slow and just firing a torp from distance. I've been meaning to try this build on him:
    Ric Olié (42)    
        Daredevil (3)    
        R2-C4 (5)    
        Proton Torpedoes (13)    
    Ship total: 63  Half Points: 32  Threshold: 3    
    Daredevil allows him to circle the board without ever having to commit with his dial; R2-C4 is there to give him mods if he daredevils (since daredevi lallows him to be more evasive, you end up not using your evade defensively, and therefore you can often use it as his offensive mod. The most hilarious part however, is that when the enemy ignores Ric, you can surprise them with a double-modded torp, courtesy of R2-C4.
    I do understand that i am suggesting a lot of extra points, but i'm not sure i can make your list better without investing more in a single pilot
    Hope you can get something out of these suggestions!
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    FriendofYoda got a reaction from Cuz05 in Control Aces: C1-10P & Broadside.   
    Played 2 games yesterday with the following list:
    Anakin: CLT, PCR, Chop (87) Ric: Pred, R2, Adv Sens (58) Broadside: Ion Turret (41)
    First game was vs Vader, Soontir, Gideon, Wampa and second was Vader and a Howl mini-swarm.
    First few stand out things were;
    Precognitive Reflexes: As expected it was very powerful and Anakin being able to pre-move boost into a 5k and then not be stressed was extremely hard to deal with. It allowed him to be extremely unpredictable and also likely did more damage as I could dial in an aggressive move and then bail if needed at his initiative. Foresight and Sense are both cheaper and also provide useful tools, but I expect to stick with PCR for now. Broadside: While he did perish in both games, he was invaluable in his contribution. Maxed his ICT shot the vast majority of the time and the ship ability triggered once per game. Not a massive impact but it was nice having that little extra protection from Blinded Pilot at a crucial moment. He is 1 point cheaper than a baby ARC (my previous 3rd ship in this list), and I'm happy to keep him in that slot moving forward. The ARC still has a place, but I was quietly impressed with him and a lot of opponents will be unable to ignore him - taking crucial early fire away from the aces. Chop: The guy is crazy! I was able to use the jam to good effect in the late game, often allowing Anakin to put more damage through as the defending ship is unmodified. Anakin did jam himself a few times but it was almost never relevant due to wanting to re-position with actions that round anyway or being stressed at the time, he also has his force for dice mods and the self jam just never felt like an issue. Once he took a damage though, I did wish regen was an option and while the evades (even while bumping) are good, the stress he receives from them can be an issue, after getting up close and knife-fighting he often wants to s-loop or k-turn the following round. I feel it may be useful to burn 1 of the charges early game and then save 1 for when he needs it and ultimately accelerate our trip to jam-town, but didn't try that out in the games yesterday. Overall he was good, but not tested enough yet to say whether he is better than R5/R2 for fewer points. It may depend on how big a bid this list requires in the meta - if anyone has current stats I'd be interested to take a look.  
    Overall the list is very solid, and Chopper was an extremely fun, if hit and miss, part of it. I did feel as though the list lacked some punch and Ric, while a blast to fly, may be the wrong choice. I am loathe to lose a second ace in case Anakin goes down, but something with a bit more early damage output (a 3P0/7th Fleet Gunner ARC?) might be more suitable.

    Any thoughts on how to improve this?
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Lyianx in Couple of questions that came up   
    1. No. Engagement is not a choice. Attacking however, is a choice. 
    2. Yes. Because of this rule. on pg 10
    Even "before you engage" is still during that ships initiative. 
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    FriendofYoda reacted to DR4CO in Couple of questions that came up   
    No, each ship must engage. 
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    FriendofYoda reacted to JBFancourt in Couple of questions that came up   
    Engagement is a stage that all ships go through. Attacking during engagement is optional. 
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    FriendofYoda got a reaction from Boreas Mun in Jedi Aces: C1-10P or Regen?   
    I’ll be testing it this week vs regen in my Anakin/Ric/ARC (104th) build and will report back!
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Boreas Mun in Jedi Aces: C1-10P or Regen?   
    It seems to be very strong on paper to move last and boost into range 1 with Anakin outside of arc, or even inside, Jam and TL. Double mod vs no mod is ok.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to gadwag in Jedi Aces: C1-10P or Regen?   
    I've run chopper on mace twice (with foresight and CLT) as an experiment to see how it worked out. My thoughts are:
    Low initiative makes it easy to trigger chopper (because you can fly to an ace and jam them before they move) Mace has a hard time shooting the ship he just jammed (because he often ends up facing the wrong way after flying at them). CLT never triggered in either game I got foresight to trigger once each game, but chopper made me fly in a way that didn't work well for foresight. To trigger chopper, I was diving towards the enemy, rather than sitting back and laying a trap with my bullseye arc covering the spots they might want to fly to Mace's 3 force were very handy for keeping him alive, as my opponents really wanted to kill chopper. He was a great distraction. In conclusion, chopper was decent on Mace, but for a 60pt ship I kinda wanted him to pull a bit more weight, especially when you consider that he's essentially doing the same job as captain seevor. Sure, he's sturdier than seevor, but he's not doing that much more.
    I'll be trying chopper next on 7B obi with sense. The rough idea is that obi will move last, end at r1 of an opponent, jam them and blast them to bits. Next turn, sense will trigger for free if I got the chopper trigger to work. I'm not 100% sold on sense, because if obi isn't moving last he might have a harder time getting free sense triggers (you want to be r1 of your opponent's starting position for chopper, but r1 of their ending position for sense...), but the benefits probably outweigh the cost, especially if other ships in the squad can make use of it.
    I'm also considering putting chopper on anakin for the ultimate jammy ace. I'd probably put spare parts on him too so that he has a defensive option for that turn when he has to flee or can't close to range 1. Ideally, you want to stick in close, but if you have to break off then the spare parts helps protect you from attacks. Plus, it would be nice to actually use spare parts like in the movie.
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    FriendofYoda got a reaction from CoffeeMinion in Jedi Aces: C1-10P or Regen?   
    I am interested in adding the option of throwing jam tokens around with some of the best knife fighting, up close and personal aces the game has to offer thanks to the new Chopper Astro in Republic (Anakin being a prime example), but is it worth it over the tried and tested regen?
    Has anybody tried going all erratic on their expensive aces yet, and if so how'd it go?
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    FriendofYoda reacted to TasteTheRainbow in Jedi Aces: C1-10P or Regen?   
    If I bring other aces I want regen. If Anakin is my only ace I’ll take Chop because they’ll bully him and he won’t get to really use r2 enough anyways.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to DR4CO in Nantex: Fun and frustrating.   
    Let's see, the ship has a Tractor effect (already not widely liked) which can't be stopped (as PTA is not "fully" execute, and Ensnare is not an action), which means that your opponent literally has more agency over where your ships end up than you do, and gets to hit you harder while he's at it because of the -1 agility. Oh, and 2 of them get to hit you even harder on top of that with their pilot abilities.
    So, yeah, I'm pretty sure it's frustrating because it's a steaming pile of NPE trash and possibly the most broken ship the game has seen since Tragic Genius Nym.
    But that's just me.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Quack Shot in Han/Luke   
    I don’t have 2.0 E-Wing stuff or I’d try it. Corran is definitely good, just takes practice I’m sure.
    Think it’s more of a play style choice. The ghost with built in mods and 4 dice with a ton of health can probably trade itself for enough stuff for Han to have a favorable mid/late game versus whatever is left. Luke doesn’t provide that initial burst but allows himself to be a substitute for the end game and playing bait and switch throughout the early/mid game. 
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Hiemfire in New points are up!   
    Welcome to hyperspace Chopper astromech.  
    Jek Porkins (46)
    Elusive (3)
    “Chopper” (2)
    Servomotor S-Foils (0)
    Total: 51
    (Now legal in Hyperspace, nutso regen Jek)
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Hiemfire in New points are up!   
    🤨 Nope...
    Green Squadron Pilot (32)
    Juke (7)
    Snap Shot (7)
    Total: 46
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    FriendofYoda reacted to AgentoftheEmpire in New points are up!   
    Oh calm yourself. How about you try the ship out before you complain?
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Zazaa32 in New points are up!   
    Petranaki Arena Ace + Ensnare + Predator. Sounds decent 50p Aceish fighter.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Biophysical in Dealing with aces   
    Generally you want to move slowly on turns you're trying to get shots in.  This makes it more likely to put your target into the wider range 2 and 3 bands, which are harder to get out of than the range 1 band.  You can also aim to block their moves, preventing them from repositioning.  You have to predict where they'll want to go, but that will come with experience.  Finally, take Locks with ships that aren't in especially vulnerable positions.  If the arc of a ship that has locked gets dodged, it can save that lock for later turns, making subsequent shots better.  If you'll potentially engage multiple aces in a turn, the probably dont take locks, though.  The flexibility of the Focus makes all potential targets nervous instead of just the locked one.
    I have a slowly updated blog that discusses a lot of this stuff, not directly, but at least tangentially:
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Ryuneke in Any good triple Jedi lists at the moment? (Republic)   
    I love this list:
    Anakin Skywalker (62)
    R2 Astromech (6)
    Delta-7B (20)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (47)
    Calibrated Laser Targeting (4)
    Plo Koon (44)
    Calibrated Laser Targeting (4)
    Total: 187
    View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
    Pretty straightforward. Large bid so you will move last. 
    But you can of course throw some upgrades on them.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to BVRCH in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    RE: the card packs content;

    Hotshots and Aces - will have new cards for the original 5 factions.
    Fully Loaded - will make upgrades from the Republic and CIS packs available to others
    Never Tell Me The Odds  - will have new obstacles and scenarios
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    FriendofYoda got a reaction from NilsTillander in Just a reminder about the In-Flight Report Live Stream   
    I knew moving from Europe to the US would pay off eventually, and boom here we are 🤣
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    FriendofYoda got a reaction from nitrobenz in E Wings   
    I'd probably give up some of the spare points to give one of them Proton Torps. The others can knock the shields off before the Protons pump a nasty crit through.

    Looks like a really fun list though and I'm always happy to see E-Wings getting some love!
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