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    FriendofYoda reacted to thestag in Alternative forum?   
    There's quite a few different topic sections on the left:

    In addition, you can see all the other cool stuff on the top with images, files, etc.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Dark Don in Updated Rule Book   
    Was curious how many would purchase a separate but updated rule book containing all the new wizard rules but with ne photos, play examples and other information? 
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Uetur in New articles up for Lando and Kallus   
    Now that I have gotten a chance to play with them in list builders Kallus fits in 10-11 activation lists and the same with Lando.  It really depends on those command cards IMO.  I can see Kallus easily fitting in an Iden list for instance and being at 11 activations, but is that better than 11 fully upgraded squads without Kallus or 12 activations.  I can't tell yet.  Lando is competing with Cassian, Jyn, K2SO, Leia, Han (just joking no one competes with Han), Sabine, Chewie etc as that secondary commander/operative because you don't just take Lando due to contingency.  
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    FriendofYoda reacted to chr335 in New articles up for Lando and Kallus   
    Kallis's bo rifle staff mode looks painful.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to evo454 in New articles up for Lando and Kallus   
    That's where I really see Kallus shining (again, based on what we have available). A strong second in command to work as a flexible asset to keep the primary shot-caller safe and able to execute their orders.
    We still need to see the other cards before any real strategy can be devised, but I''m excited for the possibilities.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Ghost1 in WIP: A Proper Gaming Table, One Must Have.   
    Just how big is this Gaming Table/Display Case you may wonder?
    Well, the Display Case is 42 inches X 72 inches X (I think either 17 or 18 inches high)
    Pic is with Glass supports in place.  I plan on having Acrylic for the sides, with both the long sides set in sliding bypass tracks to get into and out of the Display Case.  The wood as been painted "Chimney Smoke" dark grey/blackish to go with the room that it is in, and it gives a pretty solid background for the Lego's that will be displayed as well.

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    FriendofYoda reacted to Ghost1 in WIP: A Proper Gaming Table, One Must Have.   
    So, I had been playing X-wing on a 5ft Round Folding Table with "bed risers" placed under the legs to lift it to a nice height of 40ish inches, which reduced stress on my old disabled lower back for the past couple years.  Once I got sucked into Legion this past year, I knew the round table wasn't going to work for my needs.  I managed to convince my better half that I "Need a Dedicated" Gaming Table, by pointing out that it would also be a Display Case for my Lego UC Falcon that I haven't been able to put together.   Once the green light was given, I began spit-balling designs for the Gaming/Display Table.  I wanted Shelves under the Table, with a Large Display area that the top would serve as the Gaming Surface.  Now, keep in mind that I am not a professional Carpenter by any stretch of the imagination.  Not sure that I even qualify as an Amateur Carpenter to be honest.    I consulted with my neighbor regarding the top surface, and after a long conversation between two old grizzled veterans that had little to do with the table, it was strongly suggested to go with Tempered glass for the top surface.  I still hadn't decided the overall display area size when I lucked out in a HUGE way by finding a glass top table at a local 2nd hand type furniture store.  1/2 inch thick tempered glass, but it was bigger that I originally was looking for.  After a little research on Tempered Glass, I knew that the Table was the best bet.  At 42 inches by 72 inches, it was a little bigger than my original design, but for $200.00 US, I wasn't going to get a better deal.  Let me tell you, that sucker is pretty heavy.  Once that made it into the house it was time to start cutting and building.  YEAH!!!!
    For the base my original intent was to use 3/4 in plywood to make four "boxes" similar to the "dorm style" shelving boxes, primarily for storage, and also strong enough to hold the weight of the display and gaming table.  Well, that didn't work out the way I wanted it too, I got the first two done, and they looked horrible.  Just Terrible!  Apparently I couldn't cut a straight line to save my life, even with my table saw.  Sheesh!!!  Back to the drawing board, or more importantly, back to Lowes for materials.  2X12's, and Shelving boards did the trick.  I went with 3 shelves, one on the long side of what has turned into a massive piece of awesomeness, and two on the short side.  But, what about the other long side?  I made a support table to set under the display, leaving it open for storage of boxes and what not.  Works pretty good so far.  The first picture here is the Long Shelf/Support with the Frame of the Display Case sitting in place.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Ghost1 in WIP: A Proper Gaming Table, One Must Have.   
    I can see all kinds of little flaws, and things I would do a little differently if I did it again, but overall, I am very satisfied with how it is turning out.  
    I will hopefully be able to get some more work done on her tomorrow.  Will post more updates as they get completed.
    I really like the display area for my UC collection.....just saying
    Thanks for going on this journey with me!

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    FriendofYoda reacted to werdnaegni in New articles up for Lando and Kallus   
    Tabletop Admiral updated
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Lemmiwinks86 in Comm Relay   
    KommanderKeldoth already answered it, but you can find the official rule in page 53 of the RRG, the last dot under "Issuing orders".
    "During the Command Phase, a unit can be issued an order only once, even if a game effect causes that order to be removed or issued to another unit instead."
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Khobai in New RRG   
    that only matters for one round. after that everyone is in range 3 anyway. besides Rex lets you shoot at range 4 for the one round that matters.
    you know who the imperial 90 point commander is... Krennic lmao.
    Rex is leagues better than Krennic for the same point cost.
    Another good one is Vader vs Obiwan or Anakin lol. Vader is a joke.
    When you bring commanders into the picture it becomes even more apparent how bad Imperials are compared to GAR.
    token sharing and fire support are worth more than 5 points. I would gladly and unhesitantly pay 5 extra points for clonetroopers instead of stormtroopers. So would you. So would everyone. stormtroopers should definitely cost less.
    and weve already covered how much better Rex is compared to the imperial equivalent of Krennic lmao. I would gladly trade Krennic for Rex without question. Whether Rex is undercosted or Krennic is overcosted is a matter of debate but theres definitely a power level disparity between the two that the rules update failed to adequately address.
    GAR are fundamentally better than Imperials at virtually everything they share in common. Ive gone over a good number of examples. And that problem will get worse with time. Imperials are easily the weakest faction right now and got completely screwed over by the rules update by getting a bunch of meaningless buffs mostly to units that dont even matter.
    Imperials definitely need their faction identity hashed out better and they need some meaningful buffs to key units.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Boom Owl in Max is gone as well.   
    Max did an excellent job with X-Wing. He deserves a ton of respect and thanks for what he contributed to the game. Also happens to be good at writing. 
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    FriendofYoda reacted to NeverTellMeTheOdds in Finally AT-AT is coming   
    Not a misleading title or anything... especially with gama going on... 😂
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in New Star Wars in Media   
    Hayden Christensen returns as Darth Vader, joining Ewan McGregor in OBI-WAN KENOBI. The Original Series begins 10 years after the dramatic events of Revenge of the Sith 🔥
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Lukez in New Star Wars in Media   
    We have 7 upcoming tv shows now, that's just wild:

    -bad batch
    -obi won
    -republic rangers
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    FriendofYoda got a reaction from Lukez in New units/rules for factions   
    I’d like to see IG-88 come in plus BT-1/0-0-0 for Empire.
    Ashoka for GAR.
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    FriendofYoda got a reaction from mcintma in Official App is Updated -- with new expansion points and Epic ships.   
    Holy crap, the Actis gets force talent, regular talent, AND a cannon?! Yes!
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    FriendofYoda reacted to RyantheFett in New RRG   
    In the trolls defense he works pretty hard at it. I have seen many trolls in my days and this one really is top tier. Makes me think he is getting paid by Warhammer or a vengeful Armada fan.
    And lets be real I got a few concerns about the changes, especially around the promise of a tank meta. BUT COME ON they did so much and I can't wait to play all those great Rebel changes!!!
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    FriendofYoda reacted to player5006253 in New RRG   
    The Empire changes fell just a little short imo. Otherwise everything looks great.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Darth evil in New RRG   
    Poor E-web, more than double the cost of a mk2, same number of wounds now, 16% better save, worse dice and no firesupport
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    FriendofYoda reacted to jocke01 in New RRG   
    Bought and painted a second airspeeder just in time for a major buff. Point adjustment down to 130 is crazy and surge-crit?
    Didn't think we would get even surge-hit, my double airspeeder list is gonna kick ***!
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Khobai in New RRG   
    the bad heavy nobody used gained an hp
    it actually makes it an interesting alternative now
    especially with the vader cost reduction because that particular heavy works best with vader since you dont have to worry about your units panicking
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    FriendofYoda reacted to Khobai in New RRG   
    Good. Why should clones get something to replace something they shouldnt have even had in the first place?
    GAR is not the weakest faction now, not even close. lmao.
    Imperials are still the weakest faction. They were the weakest faction before and their best unit just got nerfed. And none of their buffs are particularly meaningful. Making Vader or Dewbacks cost 15 points less doesnt make them suddenly good. And none of the Imperial heavies are on the same level as the AAT like we were told they would be. The only buff that actually matters IMO is Boba Fett costing less which will see him getting played more but still wont make Imperials top tier.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to JediPartisan in New RRG   
    If you sleeve your cards, it’s easy to print the changes and insert into the sleeve. Also point changes can be changed with small circular circle stickers you buy at a stationary store like Staples.
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    FriendofYoda reacted to JediPartisan in New RRG   
    So they removed Standby sharing, but gave the clones nothing to replace it, even if extremely watered down. This will be fun. {shakes head no} They also increased the price of ARCs. Well, at least we know what the weakest faction is.😒🙄
    Some of the other changes seem good like the open transport, but I’m really surprised that some of the Rebel heavies didn’t go lower in price. Like the wookies bowcaster or the RPS-6 on the Landspeeder still being 31 (though I guess they think the Landspeeder is good since they lowered the base). Still I think they did ok for 3 factions.
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