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  1. Question: can Anakin’s ability remove (during the same turn) the stress gained from spending a charge and taking the red evade with Chopper?
  2. This is definitely a major consideration, the thing I have found with Ric is that without AS he struggles to stay relevant in the fight for multiple rounds in a row. If a slower speed knife-fighter would help get more shots off and ultimately do more damage, dropping him for a second Jedi may be the thing to do. The thing I have liked about Ric is his ability to not just get 1 shot as a CLT Jedi can occasionally get wrecked by.
  3. It is appreciated! Torps are definitely a strong strong option to boost the damage output, I guess the size of bid needed will be a bit of a decider. Are there any alternatives to Ric I might consider?
  4. Played 2 games yesterday with the following list: Anakin: CLT, PCR, Chop (87) Ric: Pred, R2, Adv Sens (58) Broadside: Ion Turret (41) (186) First game was vs Vader, Soontir, Gideon, Wampa and second was Vader and a Howl mini-swarm. First few stand out things were; Precognitive Reflexes: As expected it was very powerful and Anakin being able to pre-move boost into a 5k and then not be stressed was extremely hard to deal with. It allowed him to be extremely unpredictable and also likely did more damage as I could dial in an aggressive move and then bail if needed at his initiative. Foresight and Sense are both cheaper and also provide useful tools, but I expect to stick with PCR for now. Broadside: While he did perish in both games, he was invaluable in his contribution. Maxed his ICT shot the vast majority of the time and the ship ability triggered once per game. Not a massive impact but it was nice having that little extra protection from Blinded Pilot at a crucial moment. He is 1 point cheaper than a baby ARC (my previous 3rd ship in this list), and I'm happy to keep him in that slot moving forward. The ARC still has a place, but I was quietly impressed with him and a lot of opponents will be unable to ignore him - taking crucial early fire away from the aces. Chop: The guy is crazy! I was able to use the jam to good effect in the late game, often allowing Anakin to put more damage through as the defending ship is unmodified. Anakin did jam himself a few times but it was almost never relevant due to wanting to re-position with actions that round anyway or being stressed at the time, he also has his force for dice mods and the self jam just never felt like an issue. Once he took a damage though, I did wish regen was an option and while the evades (even while bumping) are good, the stress he receives from them can be an issue, after getting up close and knife-fighting he often wants to s-loop or k-turn the following round. I feel it may be useful to burn 1 of the charges early game and then save 1 for when he needs it and ultimately accelerate our trip to jam-town, but didn't try that out in the games yesterday. Overall he was good, but not tested enough yet to say whether he is better than R5/R2 for fewer points. It may depend on how big a bid this list requires in the meta - if anyone has current stats I'd be interested to take a look. Overall the list is very solid, and Chopper was an extremely fun, if hit and miss, part of it. I did feel as though the list lacked some punch and Ric, while a blast to fly, may be the wrong choice. I am loathe to lose a second ace in case Anakin goes down, but something with a bit more early damage output (a 3P0/7th Fleet Gunner ARC?) might be more suitable. Any thoughts on how to improve this?
  5. Played 2 games with chopper yesterday, just posted the list and some thoughts in the squad building section for those interested. Appreciate everyone's feedback
  6. Makes sense, still - if he can consistently get range one of Vader Chop gets around ATC. Also makes Ani much less vulnerable to things like APT's.
  7. Quick question: when jam breaks a lock, does that mean Ani could remove a red lock token assigned to him? (I assume not as he doesn't control that lock and thus can't break it?)
  8. Help needed - I play a lot of games these days and X-Wing rulings haven’t been my strong suit lately, responses appreciated! 1) Can a ship choose not to engage? (To avoid being Ioned from the relevant crit for example?) 2) If a ship dies to console fire, does it still get to shoot? [edit: just saw this clarified in the official thread]
  9. I’ll be testing it this week vs regen in my Anakin/Ric/ARC (104th) build and will report back!
  10. I am interested in adding the option of throwing jam tokens around with some of the best knife fighting, up close and personal aces the game has to offer thanks to the new Chopper Astro in Republic (Anakin being a prime example), but is it worth it over the tried and tested regen? Has anybody tried going all erratic on their expensive aces yet, and if so how'd it go?
  11. What are typical bids these days? I’ve been out of the game for a month or so, but before that everyone with aces was sub-190.
  12. 2 ships with pre-move repositioning and a big bid seems powerful, any changes I should consider here though? I have looked at the Y’s but nothing has seemed to offer more on paper than a 9hp, 3 dice primary. Ric: Predator, Adv Sens, R2 Ani: CLT, R5, PCR 104th: no upgrades (184) Also thought about swapping PCR for Foresight and adding 3P0 to the ARC for a bit more survivability but not sure it’s worth it...
  13. Has anyone had any luck building with Han and the newly HS legal VCX? I like the idea of a Saw + Magva Lothal as support to a TS, Kanan, R2-D2 Han but not sure how it compares to the Luke stuff that is growing in popularity.
  14. Waiting on Y-Wing news over here! Soon I hope
  15. I knew moving from Europe to the US would pay off eventually, and boom here we are 🤣
  16. FriendofYoda


    If she’s in combat with the Darksaber, does she get extra defense dice from Impervious if they have pierce - and then also benefit from the melee immunity to pierce?
  17. Do we know how their shields work yet? They seem pretty tanky from the little I’ve heard How does the battle droid ability work that lets them pass orders off? Can they activate, shoot and then have a friendly unit at range 1 shoot also?
  18. Just played my first game of Legion and loved it! Excited for the new factions but wondering what everyone thinks of the droid spoilers thus far? Are they looking competitive? What else is rumored to be coming for the clankers?
  19. I have been playing around with something similar, while the Torrents are great I opted for a little more punch. Ric: Outmaneuver, Adv Sens, R2 Astro, Proton Torps (75) Anakin: CLT, R5 Astro (71) 104th Battalion ARC-170: (42) (188)
  20. I'd probably give up some of the spare points to give one of them Proton Torps. The others can knock the shields off before the Protons pump a nasty crit through. Looks like a really fun list though and I'm always happy to see E-Wings getting some love!
  21. I've had a lot of success with Outmaneuver
  22. CLT is the way I would go, have tested it in about a dozen games now and it’s really solid
  23. Rebels, Resistance, Republic - although I have borrowed all other factions from friends. In fact I think I'm the only person at my store to have played all factions in 2.0, I just find Scum/Imperial to be a bit more common opponents for me and I'm not a big fan of mirror matches.
  24. I've mostly been testing the N-1 and have found Ric to be a real star so far. Outmaneuver, Adv Sens, R2 Astro is great fun at 62 points and can pull all kinds of weird moves. I have seen Cova played a little and she has impressed every game, in a recent match at the FLGS it was my Ric vs opponent's Cova and she just backed up into a corner and then stopped there so I couldn't get behind her. Had to just run Ric in on numerous trench runs to eventually take her out. Passive Sensors is also interesting and massed missiles on low init SF's is worth keeping an eye on.
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