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  1. I always liked having a physical copy of the rulebook to flick through while playing WFB, so if it were available I probably would pick one up!
  2. I like the idea of contingencies paired with cunning for sure, Krennic/Kallus here we go!
  3. FriendofYoda

    Comm Relay

    If a unit had multiple ways to receive an order in a single round, like Death Troopers via Entourage and a command card (e.g Covert Observation), are they able to use comm Relay multiple times if equipped?
  4. While the dice pool on the Repeater is really good, losing pierce 1 at the cost of 15 points puts me off. I'd rather just spend those elsewhere, with marksman she's still just chipping in a damage every round and on one turn her 2 pip lets her use a different weapon anyway.
  5. 490/500 Iden Versio (100 + 15 = 115) --Idens ID10 Seeker Droid (15) Boba Fett (125 + 0 = 125) Stormtroopers (44 + 22 = 66) --DLT-19 Stormtrooper (22) Stormtroopers (44 + 22 = 66) --DLT-19 Stormtrooper (22) Imperial Death Troopers (76 + 42 = 118) --DLT-19D Trooper (34), E-11D Focused Fire Config (8) Commands: Pulse Scan (1), Whipcord Launcher (1), Concussive Blast (2), Incapacitate (2), Tactical Strike (3), Z-6 Jetpack Rocket (3), Standing Orders (4) Not sure what to spend the last ten points on here. Stims on Boba? Hunter on Iden and Overwatch on the DT? New player here so if pieces should be entirely swapped for other options I’m open to ideas. (Heads up that I don’t own Inferno Sq yet).
  6. I'll echo what most are saying here; 1) Dice sim would be great 2) App version 3) Even without these TTA is amazing!
  7. I’d like to see IG-88 come in plus BT-1/0-0-0 for Empire. Ashoka for GAR.
  8. Holy crap, the Actis gets force talent, regular talent, AND a cannon?! Yes!
  9. If Iden nominates a unit of Stormtroopers when using covert ops, can Boba Fett choose the storm unit to place his bounty on?
  10. Did Death Trooper heavy gain a hp?
  11. I agree, I think they’ve done a great job with this!
  12. I was sitting there hitting refresh today, hoping for next week now!
  13. I’m so curious to see what Kallus does, really enjoyed his arc in Rebels and hoping he brings something new to the 80-100 point range of commanders that Veers/Krennic/Iden don’t already.
  14. Outside of Facebook groups, are there any other recommendations for places to find a collection second hand? In order to make getting into the game cheaper, I’ve been hunting for Imperial collections to buy, but not much luck so far. Any and all guidance appreciated!
  15. I’m interesting in starting with Imperials, so excited to see the changes that come in for the faction. Big draw to the Imps for me is Vader and the AT-ST, so definitely want to see them leading my armies.
  16. FriendofYoda

    Lethal Timing

    When do you spend the aim token with Lethal? Can you roll dice and then decide whether to spend the aim to reroll 2 dice or gain Pierce? Thanks
  17. New player here. Apologies if this has been answered and I missed it, but when was the last update and how frequently do they occur? I’m used to X-Wing and it seems the point changes are more frequent there..?
  18. Forgive a new player: Maul/Anakin drop on 11/20 (?) CIS/GAR Specialists are 1/21 (?) Are these rumored to also drop Q1 next year?
  19. Yup, was aware of that interaction. Thinking if new Poe is using his ability for others, Daredevil would still allow him to 2 speed boost if needed, and s-foils even let him 2 speed roll when closed. OT looks pretty sweet.
  20. Poe with Daredevil and Overdrive Thruster, 2 speed turn boosts?! Does this work or am I missing something? I also really liked Predator and HLC on Poe when he first came out, until I realized Predator is primary attack only. Looks like R6-D8 gets double modded HLC back on the table and New Poe can now use his ability to reposition for the bullseye or pass actions to others. Neat!
  21. Agreed, it's going to make him incredibly hard to pin down. People may overlook/undervalue the boost into 2 speed roll, or roll into 2 speed boost - but I don't think they'll do so for long.
  22. I like her with Mag-Pulse, hits hard early on and then a boosting I5 with passive mods is solid as the game goes on.
  23. Just out of curiosity, where are you seeing the lukewarm reactions? I haven’t researched it much but it looked cool, until I saw the price tag.
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