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  1. FriendofYoda

    Arc with 2 x E-wing escort

    I do like the first squad, although I'd drop to Knaves so you can get R3 Astros, so useful with FCS on these guys!
  2. FriendofYoda

    Returning (Rather Lost) Player

    Awesome guys, thanks
  3. So I played for the first couple of months, very casually, and never really got a good grip on the game (as much more of a miniatures gamer than card gamer), before the two main guys here moved away and the community pretty much disappeared over night. I am now getting back into the game and would like to rebuild my beloved Crane! I have 3x Core Sets and 1 of everything from the first cycle. I plan on picking up the Unicorn and Crane clan packs (whenever they are due?) But I have 2 major issues: 1) I'm pretty bad at card games and deck building in particular. 2) I have missed so much new content I have no idea what to build for and what cards might be 'auto-includes' at this point. Any and all help will be much appreciated!
  4. FriendofYoda

    Rebel BABY List

    If possible I'd love to squeeze some Proton Bombs onto Norra here. Also, Trick Shot and Baffle works wonders on Braylen.
  5. FriendofYoda


    Magva works with Wulf, I also like using her on him and just taking a focus and not a reinforce. Dare them to give him a double modded shot, or not punish him for focusing and not taking his powerful defensive action. Saw and Lone Wolf is also great as a way to turn his ability on and really push some pain through.
  6. FriendofYoda

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    Someone from an Aus store claimed 2/21 but that surely will be too fast, 2/28 would be glorious
  7. FriendofYoda

    Strain vs. Stress: what is scarier?

    Depends on the ship I'd say, if you do a blue move and have both stress and strain, do you have to pick and remove only one?
  8. If you take 1 damage from the Homing Missile, can they pass the lock with Sync? Have you performed an attack?
  9. FriendofYoda

    Clone Wars play looks very different

    I suppose I was assuming the V-19's won't have an Astro slot? But on the ARC getting extra locks from R3 then passing them around could be cool With Dedicated in there to try and stop your alpha getting ps killed
  10. FriendofYoda

    Clone Wars play looks very different

    Cluster Missiles might be just the thing on the Clones, with Sinker giving mods so they can pass the lock down the chain without spending it. 2-3 clones throwing 12-18 dice and a flanker coming in isn't something a lot of squads want to face.
  11. FriendofYoda

    Republic Upgrades Article

    I wasn't really excited for clones with jedi incoming, but man some of these synergies look super fun. I wonder how many clone ships you can get alongside a flanking Anakin? 1 ARC and 2x V-19 maybe?
  12. FriendofYoda

    Advanced Daredevil Corran is super fun to play

    Interesting, I love AS on him but have generally gone with pred for the more devastating double tap. I'll have to give this a try! Paired with a couple of barrage K-Wings perhaps? Or maybe a brawling Braylen?
  13. FriendofYoda

    A 4ship Rebels idea

    I've really enjoyed trick shot Braylen, getting the extra die for attack and defense is great with his mods and I usually just 1 forward onto the debris the following round to keep the stress train rolling. His biggest issue is not letting the fight fly past him, so you need to have either Leia or Baffle in there for him. 2-3 green dice with his rerolls is so tanky though, people always expect him to take more damage than he does
  14. FriendofYoda


    By the end of the month please!
  15. FriendofYoda

    Joust Me, Triple Ups!

    Wouldn't the bump from the Blue Sq deny the Ups it's reinforce token? Thus enabling the ps kill