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  1. Waiting on Y-Wing news over here! Soon I hope
  2. I knew moving from Europe to the US would pay off eventually, and boom here we are 🤣
  3. FriendofYoda


    If she’s in combat with the Darksaber, does she get extra defense dice from Impervious if they have pierce - and then also benefit from the melee immunity to pierce?
  4. Do we know how their shields work yet? They seem pretty tanky from the little I’ve heard How does the battle droid ability work that lets them pass orders off? Can they activate, shoot and then have a friendly unit at range 1 shoot also?
  5. Just played my first game of Legion and loved it! Excited for the new factions but wondering what everyone thinks of the droid spoilers thus far? Are they looking competitive? What else is rumored to be coming for the clankers?
  6. I have been playing around with something similar, while the Torrents are great I opted for a little more punch. Ric: Outmaneuver, Adv Sens, R2 Astro, Proton Torps (75) Anakin: CLT, R5 Astro (71) 104th Battalion ARC-170: (42) (188)
  7. I'd probably give up some of the spare points to give one of them Proton Torps. The others can knock the shields off before the Protons pump a nasty crit through. Looks like a really fun list though and I'm always happy to see E-Wings getting some love!
  8. I've had a lot of success with Outmaneuver
  9. CLT is the way I would go, have tested it in about a dozen games now and it’s really solid
  10. Rebels, Resistance, Republic - although I have borrowed all other factions from friends. In fact I think I'm the only person at my store to have played all factions in 2.0, I just find Scum/Imperial to be a bit more common opponents for me and I'm not a big fan of mirror matches.
  11. I've mostly been testing the N-1 and have found Ric to be a real star so far. Outmaneuver, Adv Sens, R2 Astro is great fun at 62 points and can pull all kinds of weird moves. I have seen Cova played a little and she has impressed every game, in a recent match at the FLGS it was my Ric vs opponent's Cova and she just backed up into a corner and then stopped there so I couldn't get behind her. Had to just run Ric in on numerous trench runs to eventually take her out. Passive Sensors is also interesting and massed missiles on low init SF's is worth keeping an eye on.
  12. If I take a lock on Seevor and then shoot him - can he trigger his ability to break my lock even though the token is assigned to him? Does the ship taking a lock count as having a blue lock token as in 1e or does the Jam token just sit there?
  13. I really like it, but that may be due to the number of a wings, b wings, and Poe that we see locally
  14. 3 ships at I6 seems definitely worth trying out, I'd be interested to see how you do with this. I threw a similar version together with no droid on Dengar but Title on Han - not sure that's better.
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