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  1. Exactly, give us news while we’re all stuck at home please and thank you ffg
  2. I've flown this list a few times, and it is pretty potent. With the remaining points I'd go bid in HS and throw Sense on one of them in Extended. All of them are crazy good blocker and the additional aces you find outside of HS are much easier to deal with thanks to the extra info.
  3. 150pt / 60 min games would be a really interesting thing to try, we've discussed it locally but haven't tested it yet.
  4. Sadly just saw on FB that Adepticon is cancelled this year.
  5. Hard counter is the Vulture with a bigger bid that out aces you.
  6. Assuming it doesn’t get cancelled, I sadly don’t have a friend going this year or I’d have a LAAT picked up
  7. I've seen both of these used very well, Duncan Howard had a couple in his Ft. Worth list I believe and 404 can be downright terrifying, especially with APT's.
  8. I need some more events in the Midwest! Glad to hear there’s so many great communities prospering though, be fun to try out a team tourney at some point
  9. One thing we’ve had success with when doing demos, is to also have a couple of the bigger, flashier models set up nearby - just to help draw people in. Epic ships are obviously great for this, but so are things like the VCX or Deci, showcase just how awesome this game looks as well as how it plays!
  10. I’m not a big fan of Duchess for players that haven’t had a chance to play many games with her, she can just melt and practice is so important to be able to maximize her usefulness. I would probably drop Quis to Title on RAC and switch her up - possibly a hard hitter like Sabacc (with Ruthless and Hull Upgrade), that most players will want to get rid of but can delete something before he goes? Death Troopers instead of the Hull/Bid is also solid, as long as you remember them!
  11. I would drop the cannon and FCS from Ten to get an ICT on Dutch. More chance of him doing damage and the control can be game winning. Ten is fine with just foils for his red locks and that way Dutch can keep throwing locks to Braylen so he can double tap even after a bump.
  12. Feels much better value to purchase a ship now seeing as; 1) more ships are viable than (certainly when I played) in 1e, and 2) you're generally not having to buy out of faction ships to get your upgrades. I also think a lot of the sculpts, such as B-Wings, are of a higher quality. Can only speak locally but we went from like 2-4 players in 1e to about 12-15 active players now, with 10ish showing every week for casual games. My one big wish for future releases are more card packs!
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