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  1. You do. Triggering Condition is unfortunately used to mean two different things in the Rules: the restrictions on when you can activate an ability, as well as the actual event that occurs for reactions/interrupt windows. The former is what you check at the time of activation, otherwise how do you know if you can activate it or not?
  2. It does. Go reread my post, you check the triggering condition at the time of activation, not when the event happens. "In which this character is participating" is present tense and meant to be checked at the time you check the triggering condition, it's not asking about the game state at the time of the event (or it would be worded, "In which this character was participating").
  3. It matters because the trigger condition is checked when you are activating the ability, not when the move happens. Ide Trader's ability asks the question "Did a character just move into a conflict that I am participating in?". If Ide Trader moves in himself the answer to that question is yes because of the timing of when you ask it. That's why the past/present tense argument people were making matters: "In which Ide Trader is participating" is asking "Where is Ide Trader now, at the moment of activation?".
  4. No, the wording is fine. There's nothing stopping you from resolving ring effects outside a conflict, however ring effects are defined in relation to attacking and defending players. The Earth ring is defined as "The attacking player draws a card, and the defending player discards a card", for instance. The "as if you were the attacking player" is there to tell you how to resolve the ring effects since there are no attacking or defending players when Tsukune's ability resolves.
  5. I believe you'll find that it's actually one long stream of babbling on many channels. Except off topic, which is pretty good about discussing L5R.
  6. It's mentioned in one of the L2P faqs. Apparently it manipulates your honor bid.
  7. Yokuni is bowed, has 0 fate and it's the end of the conflict phase. 1 honor is very little to pay to get to play him again next turn, especially since he's in your hand now and you get to play him into a conflict.
  8. To be clear here, I'm not arguing that katana don't literally have a curvature to them; I'm merely defending the usage of "curved sword" and "straight sword" in the story. If you were a rokugani and katana were the straightest swords that existed and you wanted to differentiate between them from scimitars, calling scimitars "curved" works pretty well. Sure, but again language isn't enslaved to definitions. If you put a rokugani in a room with a katana and a scimitar and told them to bring you the curved one they would know which one you meant 100% of the time.
  9. Of course it does. To rokugan a sword is a katana, so a scimitar being noticeably more curved than a katana would be a curved sword. That is literally how language is used in real life, descriptors depend on context.
  10. It does when katana are your baseline for what a sword is.
  11. That's really not true. Ikoma Prodigy, Historian and Spiritcaller are all pretty good.
  12. It probably will not cost 1 honor to Let Go the watch commander if reactions work the same way as other LCGs. Watch Commander would trigger after Let Go resolves, and would no longer be in play to trigger.
  13. In a sane world the answers to all of those would be yes. Otherwise would mean that things like your character retaining covert once their attached Tattooed Wanderer has been destroyed.
  14. True, but then I would still have expected Kisada to order his retainer to "find him" instead of "find the samurai" and his retainer to use male pronouns instead of genderless when talking about her pre-reveal. Setting up expectations of her being male is arguably more of a shock to the readers than leaving it ambiguous.
  15. The fact that she was genderless before the reveal is what makes me thing that her being a women isn't what shocked Kisada. If the reveal of her being a women was shocking she wouldn't have been genderless, she would have been assumed male until her mask was removed.