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  1. Shiba Yojimbo

    I guess you could use it to do that, if you really wanted. Interrupts/Reactions don't just happen, you have to activate them at the appropriate times so Shiba Yojimbo isn't just going to cancel something if you don't want it canceled. Regardless, attaching something doesn't target, nor count as a triggered ability, so you can't cancel a magnificent kimono (or more likely a cloud the mind) with the Yojimbo.
  2. Ide Trader

    It is if you consider that the way the Devs have said Ide Trader works is exactly how the same wording works in the Game of Thrones LCG. There are multiple cards there with the "in which" clause that also treat it as a condition on when you can activate the ability, and not as part of the triggering event.
  3. I don't really agree, a military '-' is way worse than a political '-'. 0 in Mil still lets you break almost anything with a Banzai and there is no military Policy Debate to worry about.
  4. Talisman of the Sun

    You understand it incorrectly. The only thing that Chasing the Sun and Talisman do is change what province is being attacked, characters that were participating before the triggering of Chasing/Talisman are still participating at the new location as well.
  5. Rules Reference updated - Dec 21, 2017

    That's correct. It's literally there to close the loophole that let you use Soshuro Actress a unique that your opponent already had another copy of in play.
  6. Yokuni + Fate Worse than Death

    The copied ability is still there since AFWtD only blanks the printed text box.
  7. Yogo Kikuyo

    VoH and Censure are events, and specifically have rules about being able to trigger them from your hand. The only rule that Characters have is that their abilities can be triggered from out of play areas if their ability requires it, and Kikuyo certainly requires that she be out of play for her ability to occur but since she doesn't specify which out of play zone to put her into play from there's no reason why she wouldn't work from your discard as well. She's almost certainly intended to only work from hand, but like Pit Trap and Ride them Down her printing doesn't reflect that.
  8. Kaito Kosori bowed at home area

    She doesn't directly contradict the rules. The rule preventing her from contributing is the rule that states "Characters don't contribute while bowed", a direct contradiction would be "This character contributes its skill while bowed". As it is she doesn't contradict this rule so the Jade rule doesn't apply.
  9. Seppun Ishikawa Rules Clarification

    The problem with your position is that it means that you can also play Cloud the Mind as long as there is a Shugenja somewhere in your deck, discard, hand or provinces; something we know is not the case. The rules are pretty clear that effects attempt to initiate in step 6. She can only step in and cancel there; that's why she can't cancel a Policy Debate that is trying to discard a shugenja, and is also why she can't cancel a Court Games.
  10. Seppun Ishikawa Rules Clarification

    Neither of these shenanigans with Shiba Yojimbo work. Abilities only consider cards in play unless they explicitly specify otherwise. (Even if they did consider cards out of play you wouldn't be able to cancel a Policy Debate with her. Shiba Yojimbo cancels abilities when their effects attempt to initiate, the part where you discard a card as part of Policy Debate is well after the part where Policy Debate attempted to initiate).
  11. A few more questions

    You are correct on Yokuni + Cloud the Mind. CtM only blanks the printed box; things that add abilities like Yokuni or Duelist Training wouldn't get blanked. I'm going to assume it was Gifted Tactician and Hiruma Ambusher. The conflict is ongoing until after everyone has returned home in step 3.2.8. In this case the Tactician doesn't get to trigger even if he won since winning happens in step 3.2.3.
  12. Pit Trap

    And Ambush says "put those characters into play as participating characters" even though you can choose only one. Does that mean that if you choose only one character Ambush doesn't do anything?
  13. Pit Trap

    But that is exactly what the ruling says: that you can't declare elements of the ring's elements. If you WotP the Earth ring that is also Air your opponent can't declare an Earth or Air conflict for the rest of the phase, but if they can still declare Void and put in their own Seeker of Knowledge and WotP won't care.
  14. Each target needs to be a legal one, and part of being a legal target means that the target can be affected by the ability. Tatsuo's ability says "Move those characters to the battle", if a character can't move in it isn't a legal target. Shameful, on the other hand, says "Honor one and dishonor the other", so when checking for target legality you ask if each target can be honored OR dishonored. Since you check target legality individually, not as a group, if each target can only be honored they are each legal targets, and you can choose both of them for Shameful. The entire difference is that Tatsuo has one possibility for his effect, "Move those characters", while Shameful has two possibilities, "Honor or dishonor".
  15. Controlled Characters

    Unless a card specifies otherwise it only interacts with other cards that are in play. For things like Shinjo Tatsuo and Golden Plains Outpost this means they can only move a character that is currently in play into the conflict. Cards like Charge! and Cavalry Reinforcements specify which zone you look in, your provinces and your dynasty discard respectively, so you only look there for their effect.