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  1. I guess I don't see the issue with some events/attachments requiring duelists, and only the Crane and Dragon getting them. I assume there will be events and attachments that only affect Cavalry, Berserkers, or Scouts and I don't expect every clan to be able to make use of them either. FFG has already spoiled a card that enables duels between non-duelists, and I expect we will see more (and neutral ones too, if not now definitely eventually).
  2. She combos very well with the Crane stronghold. To contest a political conflict that she is participating in your opponent has to commit at least three characters, or two with strength 3+. That's a large investment into a single conflict to just to get in the door. The cost of her ability is pretty high, but you don't even need to use it that often, just the threat of it will warp how your opponent plays in a way that is beneficial to you.
  3. No. As far as we know the only cards in the dynasty deck are characters and holdings.
  4. Banzai! looks really good, but I think Fine Katana already gives it a run for its money. Banzai lets you spike military conflicts, which is great, but that 1 honor you pay is equivalent to an extra half of a card. Fine Katana doesn't have the spike potential, but it can stick around for multiple turns. Put it on a 1 fate guy and you get the same +4 mil, spread over 2 turns. Not as good, but it didn't cost you that honor point. Even better is when you consider the Water ring, or put it on a Border Rider and now you get that +2 mil over two conflicts this turn.
  5. Although biweekly can mean every other week or twice a week I've only ever heard it to mean every other week.
  6. What happens if you swap a conflict's ring with an unclaimed ring that has fate on it? Similarly, if a player declares an Air conflict does the Air ring still count as unclaimed until the conflict is over (and is thus a legal target for Togashi Initiate's ability)? Can you play conflict Characters during the action window before/after a conflict, or is it just during a conflict? Do you have to play them into a conflict if you play them while a conflict is happening? Can you honor a character who is already honored and dishonor a character who is already dishonored (i.e. can a dishonored character be a Spy at Court and are dishonored characters 'immune' to For Shame!)?
  7. I think Way of the Unicorn has a lot of little uses that add up to being worth the deckslot. You can use it economically as it lets you take the Fate for passing more reliably as well as the fate off the unclaimed ring from last turn. It lets you take first pick of rings, if there happens to be one more important than +1 fate. And it lets you take first conflict in the case where that actually matters (like when you and your opponent are one conflict each away from winning). It it dead half the time, unfortunately, but I think the fact that it can always be a 2 fate swing (and possibly more) makes it pretty strong on the turns it isn't.
  8. Ok, it looks like the number crunch thread has some inaccuracies. From the conflict article last week it's clear that Fallen is 211, not 201, with Spies at 209 and Assassination at 203. Looking at the previous articles I can't read Eager Scout well enough to definitively say, but Shrewd Yasuki is number 29, while Borderlands Defender is 31 so I'm still confident that Cost is ordered before Name.
  9. Because Eager Scout (25) comes before Borderlands Defender (31).
  10. The number crunch has Assassination as one of the first neutral conflict cards, even before Spies at Court. Since it looks like Cost takes priority before Name Assassination should also have a fate cost of 0.
  11. Strictly speaking, one card has a clan watermark while the other one doesn't.
  12. Why couldn't your opponent spend both stun tokens at once? You can do that with blight/panic I don't see why you couldn't with stun/immobilize.
  13. Doomed Shugenja doesn't block limited actions, she is just herself limited. Each player can play one limited card per turn so playing Doomed Shugenja doesn't prevent your opponent from playing their own limited card.
  14. Endless Plains isn't when it's revealed, it's when a conflict is declared there. So unless you aren't able to use it's reaction the first conflict that is declared there it implies that revealing a province occurs when the attack is declared there.
  15. Yes, you still replace the broken province's card. You just can no longer save a character/holding on it for a later turn.