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  1. It probably will not cost 1 honor to Let Go the watch commander if reactions work the same way as other LCGs. Watch Commander would trigger after Let Go resolves, and would no longer be in play to trigger.
  2. In a sane world the answers to all of those would be yes. Otherwise would mean that things like your character retaining covert once their attached Tattooed Wanderer has been destroyed.
  3. True, but then I would still have expected Kisada to order his retainer to "find him" instead of "find the samurai" and his retainer to use male pronouns instead of genderless when talking about her pre-reveal. Setting up expectations of her being male is arguably more of a shock to the readers than leaving it ambiguous.
  4. The fact that she was genderless before the reveal is what makes me thing that her being a women isn't what shocked Kisada. If the reveal of her being a women was shocking she wouldn't have been genderless, she would have been assumed male until her mask was removed.
  5. We've already seen two that are meant to in Pacifism and Cloud the Mind.
  6. I thought portraying Toturi as terribly indecisive was intentional. The last page of the Lion fiction made that pretty clear.
  7. Toturi was probably right, regardless of the outcome of charging the City. He isn't concerned about the pursuit failing, he just doesn't want to give the Crane the pretense to pull the Lion into a formal war and turn the Emperor against them.
  8. Although I agree that's the best way to use him, I don't know that I would say he has a small cost. 3 fate is a pretty large chunk of your turn's income (and it's even more if you want to break the province).
  9. Characters are definitely still participating even after a winner is declared, otherwise Spies at Court and Fallen in Battle don't work.
  10. I guess I don't see the issue with some events/attachments requiring duelists, and only the Crane and Dragon getting them. I assume there will be events and attachments that only affect Cavalry, Berserkers, or Scouts and I don't expect every clan to be able to make use of them either. FFG has already spoiled a card that enables duels between non-duelists, and I expect we will see more (and neutral ones too, if not now definitely eventually).
  11. She combos very well with the Crane stronghold. To contest a political conflict that she is participating in your opponent has to commit at least three characters, or two with strength 3+. That's a large investment into a single conflict to just to get in the door. The cost of her ability is pretty high, but you don't even need to use it that often, just the threat of it will warp how your opponent plays in a way that is beneficial to you.
  12. No. As far as we know the only cards in the dynasty deck are characters and holdings.
  13. Banzai! looks really good, but I think Fine Katana already gives it a run for its money. Banzai lets you spike military conflicts, which is great, but that 1 honor you pay is equivalent to an extra half of a card. Fine Katana doesn't have the spike potential, but it can stick around for multiple turns. Put it on a 1 fate guy and you get the same +4 mil, spread over 2 turns. Not as good, but it didn't cost you that honor point. Even better is when you consider the Water ring, or put it on a Border Rider and now you get that +2 mil over two conflicts this turn.
  14. Although biweekly can mean every other week or twice a week I've only ever heard it to mean every other week.
  15. What happens if you swap a conflict's ring with an unclaimed ring that has fate on it? Similarly, if a player declares an Air conflict does the Air ring still count as unclaimed until the conflict is over (and is thus a legal target for Togashi Initiate's ability)? Can you play conflict Characters during the action window before/after a conflict, or is it just during a conflict? Do you have to play them into a conflict if you play them while a conflict is happening? Can you honor a character who is already honored and dishonor a character who is already dishonored (i.e. can a dishonored character be a Spy at Court and are dishonored characters 'immune' to For Shame!)?