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  1. Ambusher prevents a character from triggering their abilities. Guest of Honor doesn't have any triggered abilities, only a constant that is always active as long as she is participating.
  2. For purposes that require a numeric answer (like comparing skill for Rout/Outwit, or the Crane stronghold) characters with a dash are treated as having 0 in that skill. So yes, they will always have a skill less than 2. Dashes are different than just having a 0 because 0s can be pumped higher, and dashes are unable to duel in that skill, or participate/move in a conflict of that type. Anything that says "base skill" counts just the base skill, otherwise you count the total skill after any modifiers are applied.
  3. Consider Hida Kisada. Were your interpretation true you would be unable to play any actions while Kisada were active (as he would just cancel it).
  4. Yep. The Yojimbo doesn't care who chose the target as long as its targeting a Shugenja when the ability tries to initiate its effects.
  5. Yogo Hirue's ability sets up a delayed effect that triggers on you winning the conflict. And from the RR on delayed effects: So, although the delayed effect and Indomitable Will both trigger on you winning you must do Hirue's ability first. You do have to play Indomitable Will immediately after winning, and by immediately I mean in the reaction window after step 3.2.3 (so before the unopposed penalty happens, before the province breaks and before ring effects happen). They aren't considered to happen at the same time (an example of that would be if Yokuni had a Way of the Dragon and pulled two people in. Then the first player would choose in which order you dishonored the two characters).
  6. You don't. Pilgrimage cancels all ring effects, and Hotaru/Toturi have you resolve the ring's effect.
  7. That's actually not true. The 1st player doesn't get to choose which resolves first, whichever one is played first resolves first. The first player does get the first opportunity to use a reaction, but if they pass and their opponent plays a reaction that reaction resolves in full before the reaction window goes back to the first player.
  8. Display triggers when you lose a conflict unopposed which is actually 3.2.3. 3.2.4 is just when losing the conflict unopposed is penalized.
  9. The Base Value is: "Other modifiers" isn't specifically defined but I think it's safe to treat it as meaning all modifiers that don't specifically say they modify the base quantity. So Lions Pride Brawler with a Fine Katana has a Mil of 5, but a base Mil of 3. If you then Way of the Lion her she now has a Mil of 8 and a base Mil of 6. Currently the only two cards that modify base quantities are the aformentioned WotL, as well as Bayushi Yunako. (Don't ask me how those two interact though, because I'm not really sure. edit: Looks like they affect the Base skill in timestamp order.)
  10. It's like a train crash, terrible but so hard to look away.
  11. And this is why your Thesis is subjective. It certainly contains facts, but they all build up to two statements: that winning a duel shouldn't have any negative repercussions and that the honor swings from duels are too great. Neither of these are objective statements: you have shown that you can win a duel and lose the game, but not why that is something that needs fixing. You have shown that you can lose 4 honor at once from a duel, but again not why that needs fixing. These statements are further hamstrung by the fact that even if these were problems they are easily mitigable by the person they would be an issue for, just by not bidding so high. You have a long way to go before you actually support the claim that a 4 point honor swing is something that "shouldn't be possible".
  12. This is my point though, you can't pretend that your Thesis is objective when all you have is a bunch of subjective ideas. Much like the 11 point swing the only way 3 duels is ending the game in the first conflict is if someone is doing it to themselves. Your thesis boils down to two points: Dueling mechanically doesn't match up with the flavor you imagine, and duels are not always positive for the initiator. The first is understandable, even if I disagree with it, but you are unwilling to acknowledge that the second is only a problem if you do it to yourself.
  13. All three of these are subjective until you can actually show why they're issues. You have yet to show that its a problem that dueling "punishes" both the victor and the loser especially since you have yet to address the points that dueling only punishes the initiator as much as they are willing to be punished. You have yet to show why the 4 (or 11 lol) point honor swing is an issue, especially since the exact same thing applies to drawing cards. You have yet to show why it's an issue that you can lose the game by initiating a duel. There are many actions you can take in L5R that can be detrimental to winning, playing Assassination for instance. I had a game on Monday where my opponent was on 2 honor and almost declared his 2nd conflict leaving no defense, which would let me dishonor him out with an unopposed Air or Fire ring. Are Conflicts broken because of this? Until then your entire stance is subjective, because you have not given us an objective reason as to why we should care.
  14. No, Hotaru's reaction would still resolve the ring as if your opponent were the attacking player. That is assuming you got Hotaru into a conflict somehow after it was over since Display of Power requires you to have lost the conflict unopposed.
  15. I don't get what the big deal is about 4 honor swings, much less that unlikely 10 honor swing (actually 11 if your opponent is in on the Contingency planning). You know the risks when you bid 5. You can choose to take the safe route and lose 0 (or 1 if again your opponent decides to play Contingency plan). If you're unwilling to give your opponent 4 honor stop bidding so high. No one is Mindslavering you here. The 10 point honor swing can literally only happen if you A) want it to, and B) want to lose yourself the game. Do you have a problem with bidding for cards? The same honor swings apply, as well as the same choices. Do you have a problem with Assassination? 3 Honor is at least 1/4 of your starting honor, not quite as high as the card draw/dueling ceiling but not insignificant. Do you have a problem with Toturi/Hotaru'd Air rings? Gaining 4 honor is just shy of 1/3 of the way to winning the game for Crane and Lion.