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  1. Display of Power on attack?

    So no, DoP is a defense only card.
  2. Shinjo Shono

    I think Shono is one of the best 4 drops in the game. Come on now, Border Rider is arguably the best 2 drop in the game.
  3. Community Interest

    Come to Discord, that's where all the action is at.
  4. Fuschico and characters in play

    Noble Saccing Fushicho is pretty gross I hear.
  5. Sanpuku Seido

    Bowed characters do not contribute glory at Seido for resolution. There are a couple reasons why this is, but the easiest is that: From "Count" in the rules reference.
  6. Secluded Shrine + Know the World

    http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/39310-ruling-secluded-shrine-know-the-world/ tl;dr no you cannot.
  7. Togashi Tadakatsu explanation?

    Mantras don't care about who is choosing the element, they care about who is declaring the conflict; Tada works great with mantras.
  8. New Previews

    Legion of one, Ready for Battle, Crone and Stand your Ground are all strong splashes for Crane
  9. Togashi Tadakatsu explanation?

    Strictly speaking that RRG quote is out of context. It's there specifically so that any reactions/interrupt to the rings element, attackers, type or being declared as a whole all happen at the same time. Tadakatsu doesn't actually change that so while his choice isn't simultaneous with the attackers/type/declaration colloquially, it still is simultaneous as far as the game is concerned.
  10. Fushicho has an interrupt. Interrupts are triggered immediately before their triggering condition happens, so Fushicho is still in play when it revives someone meaning you cannot Fushicho back another Fushicho. Secluded Shrine almost certainly adds 1 for the favor, assuming the Shrine'd ring isn't actually in your claimed ring pile.
  11. Duel Resolution

    No, duels aren't a separate conflict, and they don't have an action window to play cards in. The duel starts and ends without any chance for either player to play Actions.
  12. Togashi Tadakatsu explanation?

    I don't see why the logic for WotP and this hypothetical character results in the opposite conclusion. In neither case is the defender prevented from choosing Air, WotP puts the restriction on declaring the conflict not choosing the element. In the case of WotP the attacker can't declare the conflict because WotP prevents them, in the case of the "Can't participate in Air" character the attacker can't declare the conflict because they have no attackers. In both cases the conflict can't be declared, why would we back up to ring selection in one case but not in the other?
  13. Do cards "forget"

    Yes, when a card changes zones it effectively becomes a different copy of that card so its abilities are able to be used again.
  14. Master of the Spear, Finger of Jade and targeting

    Choosing is targeting. Finger doesn't care about who is doing the targeting, just that the targeting is happening when the effects initiate. Since MotS has your opponent target before the "-" in it's ability the target is chosen before the effects initiate and so you can use Finger to cancel MotS's ability. You can look at Court Games for an example of targeting that occurs after effect initiation, since the "choose a character" bits happen after the "-".
  15. Some of those suggestions on what to ban/restrict are absolutely terrible, but it make me smile that someone just put 20 random Scorpion cards as their entire list