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  1. Favourite characters? Woo boy. Diala is one. Playing a support jedi was super cool! As well as being able to force push VADER like the world's most evil yo-yo and then flinging your lightsabre across the room. (Still want to play her again and get the Bo rifle. The idea of Diala snapping off a shot at a target then flinging the weapon at them is hilarious.) Tress has been super fun as well. Her mechanics give her super action efficiency, to the point I attempted a pacifist run. (No killing, but throwing people was ok, gravity hurt the stormtroopers.) Her super mobility was amazing. Verena was also super fun! Being able to do the Close Quarters into step, into Close Quarters again and again was super entertaining, not to mention the head cannon for how she managed to use a Nexu to smack someone (grabbed the tail and swung it around clearly.) Honestly, the only melee I found to not be crazy fun was shyla. And that's because she just blended everything. Not really much style, just a whole lot of KO'd stormtroopers.
  2. I really enjoyed the theme of the mission, but I agree that close confined areas are killzones for all Imperials in the game. Against the team of CT, Verena, Tress and Drokatta it was an absolute bloodbath.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, you can't actually bring dewbacks on the mission, no creatures are allowed. This bit me because I took personal flagship for Terro and couldn't take him due to the no creature rule
  4. I also finished the race for ryloth mission in our previous campaign. I was the IP and the rebel squad was Drokatta, CT, Tress and Verena. I agree, the extra move points did feel like a great help for the rebels, who effectively got a free move action. It feels that the rebels didn't have to do much thinking, just stay on the new map piece and kill as much as possible. I was playing overwhelming oppression and had the issue that my units on the board got hammered. I like the concept of the mission, I just don't think there is much for the rebels to do until they reach the final objective
  5. Strain seems to be a precious commodity for the group. Everyone of them have a 2 strain ability they want to use a lot, only Verena has 5 endurance. Trandos seem like a good choice to have, as well as bleeding.
  6. I think Tress is B to A. High mobility, but if you want a melee damage dealer, pales into comparison to Shyla and Gaarkhan. I'm experimenting with a build that forsakes damage for mobility and action efficiency with Fluidity, Gundark Throw, Ackley Counter and Aryx Variation. I think CT is one of the best scaling heroes in the game. Barrage scales fantastically well with tier 3 weapons and the ability to drop potentially 4 shots with a weapon is pretty phenomenal. Especially since his skills are all focused around shooting.
  7. So we did the 4th mission in ToL mini campaign (expanded campaign) and I ran elite heavy stormtrooper. I have fire at will agenda and running limitless arsenal. Heroes are CT Verena tress and Drokatta. Honestly, the best thing about the eheavies is the 8 health. The amount of times they took 7 damage and I had to remind myself that they aren't dead was impressive. They had one impressive turn, then became irrelevant after they got a he blast off. I don't think I'm going to run them.
  8. I suppose there are some corner case scenarios that swapping out the attack pool of a figure is better than adaptive weapons. However it does seem that adaptive weapons is a better 4xp card overall. I am enjoying Overwhelming Oppression as a class deck though. The deck with ToL has actually helped Heavy Storm troopers a lot. Between the token dumping from the class cards, the surge tokens from the 3xp cars tactical mastery, and death troopers.
  9. I'm trying to play a bit more thematically at the moment. I can justify Imperials hiring Trandoshian Hunters, or Clawdites being hidden shapeshifters in an Imperial Detachment, but I have no idea how to explain how nexu's are the Imperials primary shock units. Shame, cuz with the Loth cats being around I really want to pop evade tokens on them. Currently I'm also running Limitless Arsenal with a self imposed rule that I will only take units that I intend to deploy on the field as well. So no AT-ST parked on the Star Destroyer providing cover fire.
  10. Might have to try heavy stormtrooper in the ToL campaign. CT with the ggy weapon that stuns is making a mess out of riots. Current imperial deck is overwhelming oppression and current hero line up is tress, Drokatta, CT, Verena. Having riots seems a little bit of a Liability since they get stunned and between Verena and tress, I want to space myself out.
  11. As for Drokatta playability, I view her has Fenn with added complexity. I like that a lot of Drokatta equipment comes from her xp deck, so you don't need to kit her out with guns, use that money for the other heroes. I like that Drokatta has flexibility converting damage to surges and has a high focus on surges. I like that Drokatta is a bit more strain reliant than Fenn so needs to carefully manage when to demolish. I really like that Drokatta has a mechanic which means it's harder to play around blast.
  12. I think the scale is based on his power and efficiency. With Masterstroke and mobile tactition you effectively get 3 actions for the price of 1 action. (Use Command, get a free command, each command gives you 2mp.) Not to mention 2 of those actions can be attacks as well. Coupled with his ability to remove strain from allies to help the more strain focused heroes out, he is by far the best support on the game. I am really glad the other support heroes are more hybrids than just a pure support. Since I agree that Gideon is abysmal for fun and enjoyment. You won't be doing much, just running around, ordering and resting.
  13. Honestly I agree to the restriction of no Gideon, I tend to place an emphasis on not picking Gideon in our campaigns. I've played with Gideon in the app campaign, and he's just a character that has a phenomenal force multiplier which makes rebels incredibly efficient while being a completely unfun hero to play. I happily picked Ko Tun in our recent Hoth campaign even though I was making a suboptimal choice just because I knew I'd actually make an attack role and maybe even get a new weapon.
  14. I looked at it. It's a way to build the CC deck and while you will have to make changes (remove Right Back at Ya) it's a reasonable start.
  15. The OP was taken to build a CC deck for all of the Spectre Team in the Spectre Cell. He doesn't want to swap out Spectres for non spectres. I.E. Your team is Ezra, Kanan, Sabine, Zeb, Chopper and Hera. You can't change these members. Build a CC deck.
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