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  1. Still far less than many other companies, I recommend the back of a hobby knife and some green stuff and they'll come out great!
  2. If I read it right, this belongs here https://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Paint_Range_Compatibility_Chart
  3. I would follow the ultramarine color scheme. Blue and gold is a long staple of color combination, add white and it's just color pleasing to the eye. Apethetic fish has a great example for this. I HIGHLY recommend using retributor and liberator gold instead though!
  4. Well done, your minis are looking great and ready for the table!
  5. I use citadel astrogranite turf and vallejo european mud, paint it on and go. Simple easy. Then you put some pva glue on the base and glue flock down and then super glue some grass tufts and done! Army painter has some great tufts and flock!
  6. Thanks @Kubernes ! I really appreciate it, I'll have them up asap! Gotta finish painting, it will probably be tomorrow but I'll get more pics up! @Back5 Yea! I agree, I think I need to add more white to the centers of the lines, tone down the whites just a little, thanks for the feedback :D!
  7. Thanks vineheart! The chest doesn't pop as well as i'd like and I added more white to the actual lighting itself. I like Sorastros more, but I'm very happy with how he came out! I'll update with pics of the rest of the army as I tackle them all down!
  8. Thanks to Sorastro, I need to touch up the white a bit, (and get a better camera) But heres the golem!
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