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  1. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I would consider myself a late comer to Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition. I have the conversion kit, yet the tile and figure collections are not available, nor appear to be available anytime soon. My question is this: if it is intended to cancel the collections, would the MoM base game be revised to exclude the conversion kits in the future?
  2. The only thing Injustice had going for it is that it was a separate universe. The fact was established in the first game. The comics and the sequel establishes that universe. Steve Rogers: Captain America, and in continuation Secret Empire, was set in the main universe, and thus lingering consequences.
  3. I would rather like to fight a mystical dragon wearing neon orange boxing shorts.😀
  4. In my honest opinion, the only decent thing done in Secret Empire was ending Hydra Cap. The persona/character wasn't just altering back stories, but it was cheap shock value aimed at getting the masses to talk about Steve Rogers again.
  5. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the villain in the Secret Empire better be the writer behind Hydra Cap
  6. It is possible that FFG would release replacements in one way or another. They did so with Arkham Horror through novella tie-in exclusives.
  7. I can see a hybrid in campaign styles. Deck maintenance of LOtR and storytelling of Arkham
  8. Be that as it may, nobody is saying you have to buy Hero X, but like other LCGs, you miss out on potentially good cards to add to your hero decks
  9. Each pack would have cards from at least one aspect. While you don't have a say of which cards you include of a particular hero's suite, you could, in theory, alter the hero's aspect.
  10. He is as of right now. I am sure that will change within a year's worth of released content.
  11. It's no secret that deck building will be lame with the core set alone. There are not enough cards in the box for a robust experience. I would imagine that in a year's time, after the release of 3-4 hero packs and the campaign expansion, we'll have enough aspect cards mess around with. With the modular sets, we'll have more than enough challenges to keep us entertained
  12. The internet culture war has seeped into this forum now. Can we please get this shut down as well? This kind of toxicity will only kill the game off.
  13. Each return set has space and dividers for the Return encounter sets and all the sets required to play the campaign. You need one copy of the core, the deluxe expansion in question, and each mythos pack in the cycle
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