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  1. Turtlefan2082

    Shipping Now

    I will be getting my copy tomorrow
  2. Turtlefan2082

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    I'm waiting for the updated starter deck lists
  3. Turtlefan2082

    Arkham Novellas

    Strange thing is they have all been updated to Shipping Now status.
  4. Turtlefan2082

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    Yes, let's hope
  5. Turtlefan2082

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    How do you do that?
  6. Turtlefan2082

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    I am a man of my word. I do apologise for the scare. I still bitter as **** about having to wait one more year before I can even think about getting my hands on a new copy of To Fight the Black Wind.
  7. Turtlefan2082

    Return of the Awkward Shaped Box

    I find them great for storing entire campaigns. As for the player cards, I am sticking with white boxes for the player cards.
  8. Turtlefan2082

    Release Schedule?

    I hope not. I have bilps to pay. Next month would be better.
  9. Turtlefan2082

    Release Schedule?

    Apparently, they (FFG) don't do jack with the upcoming page.
  10. Turtlefan2082

    Unreleased investigators

    It is the money generating class after all
  11. Turtlefan2082

    Unreleased investigators

    I would put the politician under rogue.
  12. Even if you were to cut the cost packs in half (to account for only selling player cards), there is no way it could be listed as $20-$25. You would be looking at at least $60 dollars for an entire cycle, plus additional fees.
  13. Slight spoiler warning, but this issue resolves itself at the end of the first act.
  14. Turtlefan2082

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    I stand by my original post, and I stand by my responses.
  15. Turtlefan2082

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    Considering the books aren't available on domestic web stores, including FFG site, nor are they can be found in brick and mortar lgs, I will apologize the moment I learn Hour of the Huntress is available to order from the FFG site.