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  1. I woul recommend not jumping into cycles as they are rolled out. Instead, I suggest you pick a cycle, and research the lore behind the campaign. Does it interest you? Also ask yourself what makes this campaign unique. Each campaign has a significant feel about it. The Path to Carcosa's narative interacts with the players like no other, while The Forgotten Age's supply system and exploration mechanic gives that particular campaign an expeditious experience.
  2. The smart move for a competitive lcg would a standard 2 player pop format with variant rules for team combat and 4 player battle royal
  3. How would that work with LOTR sphere-focuses deck building. Marvel's and Arkham's deck-building is focused around the character. Not true for LOTR
  4. So is Agnes. I will admit that I am torn between playing proper Silas over another investigator for The Innsmouth Conspiracy. I've already played Replacement Silas before.
  5. I would recommend getting what you can now strictly for the player cards. Once you gotten the missing packs, play through the campaign. Don't worry about Return for now. I never recommend anyone to play Return before playing the original .
  6. As of late, I've been playing strictly survivors, and I'm not saying there aren't interesting investigators in other classes, but I am a survivor first and foremost. However, for the Return campaigns I've decided to try investigators that I never gave a thought towards. For example, I am going into Return To the Forgotten Age with Mihn.
  7. If the graphic is anything to go by, the heroes might be SHIELD traited and the villain might be hydra related. If this is true, be prepared for Fury decks, and my guess is Bartroc for the scenario
  8. If this is just an investigator deck alone, $15.00 is going to feel like a rip off for range of 33 to 48 cards, especially if a bulk of these cards are original art duplicates.
  9. I can understand the signature scenario. That would be a good idea. I also think that it could be a custom made stand alone scenario, similar to the Lord of the Rings events scenarios
  10. I got to agree. The game is popular enough to keep in print. The fact that Dunwich scenarios are out of stock is a testament to how popular the game is.
  11. Stella being a mail carrier screams support. Could she be the support investigator of the Survivor class?
  12. I would say get one core set, and play through Night of the Zealot. If it is a game that you enjoy, then get a second core to open up deck building potential. As for campaigns, there is no correct order, just pick a campaign, and start with the deluxe expansion. From there, you will want to get the six corresponding mythos packs in numerical order (if possible). Stand Alone scenario packs are fun little side quests (with the exception of Labrynths of Lunacy which is strictly stand alone), and I highly recommend Murder at the Excelsior Hotel.
  13. March 10 brings us the announcement of a large box expansion. It is safe to assume that we will be seeing some new districts for Arkham, and possibly other locations. We will be getting new cards, investigators, and new scenarios. So let's speculate. Who do you want to see in this expansion? Which elder gods do you want to investigate? Do we stay in Arkham, or do we leave for Dunwich? Me, I would die happy if we get a scenario surrounding Hastur and The King in Yellow
  14. The deal is that competitive wouldn't just go against the nature of the card game, but of the whole Arkham Horror Files line. The closest we had to an Arkham Horror competitive game was Mansions of Madness 1st Edition, and that was more of a dungeon crawl type rpg than an actual competitive game.
  15. Overlord could work in the sense that it plays out like competitive LOTR. Having a customized scenario complete with Ancient One. It would have to be strictly stand alone. I can't see how this idea would tie into a campaign. This could offer new deck building challenges. Create the ultimate scenario and test your deck building skills to overcome the Elder God.
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