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  1. I must be over looking something. What is the best way to export files from the Character generator to upload them to fringer?
  2. The AT-AT would target the PC directly in one of two ways during the Battle of Hoth. 1) A lightsaber bearing PC is stand in a proponent position, communicating on an open come link, insulting the AT-AT commander and uses Influence on the commander to target them. 2) Like any good first person shooter it is the end boss for them to kill before escaping the planet.
  3. Some of the old republic era novels introduced a Jedi Auxiliary. They were force sensitives from Non-humanoid species that the temple trained and others that chose to leave the Jedi Order.
  4. I have been thinking this about this Campaign Idea and have a few thoughts for you. 1) Use duty mechanic. The rewards would be increased security clearance, rank and/or bonus pay but, not gear/Ships. 2) You should non-human/Non Droid PC. However the closer to human they are the less hassle they will get. I cannot see an imperial army commander getting picky if the alien can fit into a Stormtrooper Armor. Of course they would be sent on the most dangerous missions possible. The Noghri and the Chiss weree the most supportive alien races of the Empire. 3) The Empire will not allow the PC to mod gear/ships/weapons that are issued to them.
  5. Got my Answer: Hello Todd, The length of time that an astrogation check takes is set by your GM. Technical Aptitude can reduce that time (as long as your GM approves). Hope that helps! Sam Stewart RPG Manager Fantasy Flight Games The information contained in this electronic message is privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the recipient named above. If the reader of the message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. On Jun 11, 2017, at 11:31 PM, no-reply@fantasyflightgames.com wrote: Message from: Todd Freyburger Rules Question: How long does an astrogation check take during combat? How long does an astrogation check take normally? Does the Technical Aptitude affect this time? My group cannot fine this answer in the Edge of Empire, Age of Rebellion or the Force and Destiny core rule books.
  6. How long does an astrogation check take during combat?
  7. How many time did the Ion cannon fire of the SD when Luke was in a speeder? My point that star destroyer most likely took a bunch of hits before it appears on screen.
  8. The old West End Games version of Star Wars gave the reason as the cost of the Fighters. The Empire can buy a squadron of TIE Fighters for what a X-Wing costs. There is dinfentaly a phlophify shift what kind of fighters should be bought for the navy between the old republic of the clone wars and the Empire. The same thing happens in the real world. Nations go buy a whole Squadron of new Russian fighters for what they can buy a new F-16 for.
  9. Are there any modifications or ad on to a star ship to increase sensor range?
  10. Is there any equipment/Cybernetics or other mod to make a droid appear like a normal human, other then lots of synthskin?
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